5.1 RefWorks Output Style Preview

Uploaded by ProQuestRefWorks on 30.05.2012

Previewing RefWorks Output Styles
If you want to create an output style but don't want to do it all from scratch
You can select a style that is close to what you need,
Save it under a new name, and edit the style to meet your needs exactly.
But If you don't know which existing style to use as a foundation for your new style
You can use the Preview Output Style feature to find one.
Select Preview Output Style under the Bibliography menu.
This allows you to see how different styles will format citations and bibliographies.
You can either see previews using actual references in your account
In which case you will see examples of the reference types in your account only.
If you use references in your database
Keep in mind that if your references are missing needed data
They may appear incomplete or inaccurate here.
If you uncheck this box
You'll see previews of every reference type using dummy data and field names
The preview includes bibliography entries and in-text citations
And it will also show previews of citations in footnotes or endnotes
If the style is set up to include them like this one.