Machinist Calc Pro Right Triangle Math How To Calculate

Uploaded by CalculatedIndustries on 06.05.2011

Now let me show you the right angle solution keys built into your Machinist
Calc Pro. These keys will give you quick right angle solutions for sine, bars or
any kind of right triangle needs. All you've got to do is enter any 2
and you can solve for all the rest.
Let me do one I know you know off the top of your head. 3 inch is my x,
4 inch is my y,
our hypotenuse is going to be 5 inches.
Our angle is going to be 53 something. The adjacent, or complementary, angle
is going to be 36. You can enter it in any units or backwards or forwards. Let's say you knew your
angle only. 53.13
is my angle and I knew I measured a 5 inch hypotenuse. Let's go calculate
the leg lengths. There's my 4 inch leg, there's my 3 inch leg.
Real handy to do
any kind of right triangle solutions.
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