Behind the Scenes - BTS#8: Social Slayer & The Gielinor Games

Uploaded by runescape on 06.07.2012

Behind the Scenes Gielinor Games and Social Slayer
Welcome to RuneScape: Behind the Scenes
this week we've got news on Social Slayer
but first, it's time for a first look at an update first hinted at in 2011's RuneFest -
the Gielinor Games.
From goblins to gnomes, the races of RuneScape have come together to compete in Gielinor's biggest ever sporting spectacle.
.It's probably the only time that so many of Gielinors inhabitants will come together without bashing each other's heads in
so it's certainly a time to rejoice.
All players are eligible to join the games and have a go at getting onto the rostrum and members will have extra chances of going for gold thanks to some additional member and monster only events.
I don't want to give too much away but we have events such as the CheeseWheel rolling event
where players will frantically chase down a hill after a rolling sphere of dairy product
avoiding obstacles, trying to get as far as possible, trying to compete against other players playing at the same time so it will be nice and frantic.
Players will also be able to get XP from this as a reward and also other things as well.
There are 5 different events in total from the creator of the Fremmenik Sagas and Herblore Habitat, with some wonderful rewards for those who shine.
But, you'll hear more about those in a BTS closer to the update's launch later in July.
If you can't wait for the Gielinor games and want rewards now, then don't worry,
Social Slayer comes to RuneScape next week.
Ever wanted to train you slayer with a friend?
Well soon you can by teaming up with others and completing Slayer tasks in groups to earn Slayer points and spend them on cool rewards.
You'll be able to create a Slayer Group using the Slayer Gem and then once you've teamed up, go and get a task from the Slayer Master.
Don't think you can just sit back and let your friends do all the work though.
Whilst you will earn co-op points for each task completed, your actual Slayer Points rise with your kill count
so get stuck in and kill some bad guys!
You'll then be able to grab yourself some cool rewards such as this Baby Aquanite!
Social Slayer comes to RuneCast on July 10th.
That's all from Behind The Scenes this week. Join us next week for more news on what's about to go on in Gielinor.