C & S story 28 - w/family - ENG SUB

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-I need it finished by Friday at the latest. The owner's back on Saturday, so -
-Back in a minute.
-Hey. You alright?
-Friday night. It was - -Excuse me.
-I was beginning to think you were avoiding me.
-Not answering my text at the weekend. Cutting me dead in the street earlier, not at work.
-Can I leave you to unpack this lot? Only, I've got a meeting, so...
-So, you had a good weekend?
-Yes, thanks. Amira and I had a very good weekend.
-About Friday night - -Syed?
-In here princess.
-My mum's volunteered for Amria to help you out.
-It's just this afternoon. See you later.
-I'm all yours.
-What does that man look like?
-I thought you were supposed to be helping?
-I'm on a break. -We've only just started.
-What d'ya think of this?
-Ooh, not my colour.
-So, you and Syed. Do anything special at the weekend?
-Yeah, it was nice. We went to Bond Street.
-Wow. D'ya get anything?
-Just window shopping. And dropping hints. How was your weekend?
-Started with a bang.
-Yeah? -Got off with someone new.
-He nice? - Well fit.
-Seeing him again?
-Dunno. Gone a bit cold on me now. -Really?
-Sent him a text, didn't reply.
-Maybe you should try playing hard to get. Worked for me and Syed.
-Maybe that's your man now.
-Jane! Hi. You're back? I'll be right over.
-You're gonna have to look after this place.
-But I don't even work here!
-Sorry about the mess. Wasn't expecting you back 'til Saturday. So how was the holiday?
-About the Caf. It was a chip pan. -How did it happen? -Look, no one got hurt. So that's good. Isn't it?
-Why didn't you tell us?
-I didn't wanna spoil your holiday.
It's not as bad as it seems, alright? I've got everything in hand. The police reports, photos.
I couldn't find your insurance papers, but...Look, I knew you'd want me to crack on, so I
gave the builders a couple of grand from my savings account to get started.
-Your personal account?
-Ian, I've done everything by the book, alright? Detailed spec, three quotes, followed it up with references.
I really hope you're gonna like my designs, but if not, there's no worries. Not to late to...Look! Modern retro.
It's very, er...I've got the plans here alright. I haggled with the builders, I got them down to twenty grand.
Take a look?
-You did all this without consulting us?
-Or getting the go ahead from the insurers?
-I told ya babe, I couldn't find your papers. -You're supposed to get the green light with them before you do anything!
-I didn't, alright. But they'll pay up.
-I got you a really good price.
-We saw the tandem outside. -It's good to see you.
-Cool skirt dad. Where's Bobby?
-Look, his head teacher rang. Want you to make an appointment to go in and see 'em.
-For keeping Bobby outta school?
-Apparently there's a letter in the post.
-Glad you're back. Bathroom's well minging. -I'm the only person who can clean it, am I?
-Er, how was the holiday?
-Your father got saddle sores. -Yeah and a filthy beard too. Hope you're gonna shave that off, it's disgusting.
-You know when I called last week?
-Why didn't you tell us about the Caf?
-Did you get us any presents? -Peter!
-I said that we shouldn't bother you.
-Bother me?
-Dad? Pressies? -The luggage isn't here yet Lucy!
-Please tell me this isn't real.
-Chill dad. I mean, the new cafe is gonna be so much better than the old one. -I like the old one!
-Babe, I was only trying to help.
-That's the van with the luggage. I want details, Christian. I wanna know everything that happened!
-OK Ian, I'm just as shocked as you are. But it's only bricks and water, it'll be fixed soon.
Lucy could've been hurt, but she wasn't. No one died.
Don't you think you're overreacting just a little bit? What's this?
-Insurance document. Have a look.
-D'ya wanna get a table? -Sure.
-It was due for renewal on the 20th of December.
-Can you remember that far back?
-You cancelled Christmas. Because you were worried about money. But buildings insurance?
-Yeah, I...I mean all these years, I've never made a claim, I mean not once.
Have a look at that premium, alright? I knew it was a risk -
-How could you be so - -What? So stupid?
Doesn't help Shirley's giving away all out profits as well. I really should sack that woman.
-The Caf isn't insured. How are we gonna pay the builders?
-I don't know.
-Not much of a party.
-Well, you could introduce me round.
-I'd rather go back to yours and watch telly. Eat popcorn, hold your hand.
-Alright then.
-So, come on. What's been happening since I've been gone?
-Nothing much.
-Did Christian tell you? He got lucky on Friday night.
-Well, that's what he says. But I haven't got a name from him yet. It's just a matter of time.
-Are you hungry at all?
-I could do with something to eat.
-D'ya wanna make yourself some toast?
-I might get some chips, actually. That OK?
-D'ya mind eating them outside? They make the place smell.
-I won't be long. -OK.
-So there was nothing you could call talent out there. -Shame.
-Yeah, so me and Amy just stayed in the villa most of the time, y'know? -Yeah I bet.
-I'm gonna join a nunnery. -Wicked.
-You're not listening to me! -I am.
-Are you gonna tell me what's wrong? -Wrong?
-Christian, honey, if your face gets any longer it's gonna hit the floor.
-You ever tried to play hard to get?
-Thought not.
-Is that what you're doing?
-It don't come easy.
-Have you had some action whilst I've been gone?
-Well, at least one of us has!
-I'm out of here.
-Christian Clarke, wait! You come back here and talk to me!
-Christian! Christian! -See ya!