Marcha LGBT Lisboa - Porque é que eu sou ativista pelos direitos LGBT?

Uploaded by marchalgbtlx on 23.05.2011

Why am I a LGBT rights advocate?
Whilst we keep looking at colour, race, gender or belief; whilst we let ourselves be blinded by madness and pure greed,
our lives will always be guided by tradition, superstition and false religion. Therefore, I’m an activist to be who I am,
without any ties, to show my face, to destroy fears, to liberate masks, because the LGBT movement fights
for the most basic human right of all: the respect and appreciation for diversity. Always!
For me, standing for LGBT rights, just as standing for sexual and reproductive rights for every person,
is of utmost importance because these are, most of all, human rights. As long as our society is not an inclusive one
that integrates the rights of people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, we in fact cannot say
we live in an open, inclusive and democratic society, therefore open to diversity of LGBT minorities.
Thus, standing for LGBT rights is of great importance because they are, above all, human rights.
Being gay I could simply go to the places, have fun, lead a good life, enjoy what LGBT activism does.
Twelve years ago while I was studying in Spain through Erasmos, I decided that I didn’t want that,
that I wanted to participate, that I wanted to be an actor, often behind the curtain, but I wanted to be an actor of activism,
I wanted to be an actor of social change. At that time I started out in Spain, later in Portugal. I wanted to be an actor
of that change, of Portuguese society’s need of change. That’s what LGBT activism is for me. It is one of many ways
that my citizenship is present in society. It is one of the ways by which I am a citizen: to fight homophobia,
to fight transphobia, everyday in small moments, in big causes, in big things.