The First Lady Volunteers With Toys For Tots

Uploaded by whitehouse on 21.12.2009

Unidentified Speaker: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the First Lady,
Michelle Obama.
Mrs. Obama: It's Christmas!
And we brought toys.
It's so good to see everybody.
I want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of this;
the Marine Corps, in this effort,
and effort into making sure that kids all around this country
have something wonderful to wake up to on Christmas morning,
that's what America is all about.
So let's get to work; we've got work to do.
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Sgt. Gordon: I'm actually the coordinator for the Toys for Tots program out
of Quantico.
Here, we basically bring the toys in while working with local
community, the businesses, as well as getting the toys out to
the families.
Toys for Tots is something, actually --
puts you in touch with the community that's out there,
where now they can actually come in, talk with the Marines,
work with the Marines, and going out to the community,
collecting the toys up and basically getting them back out
to those families that are underprivileged.
Mrs. Obama: One of the challenges that this program has is really finding
toys for the older kids.
And there's still time to just ask people,
as they think about donating that they really focus on some
of the older kids, 11-14.
We are just so proud and so grateful for what you were doing
for this country, what you've done for this effort.
As long as I'm in the White House,
we will be continuing to help this effort.
So I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Sgt. Gordon: If you're out there and you actually want to help this
season -- Toys for Tots, by basically going out for every
boy, girl, child in the world to get them a toy.
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