Estilos Robados - La Diva ha Entrado a la Sala (Episodio 2)

Uploaded by OldNavyLatino on 20.10.2011

For example, I just found out that they’ve chosen the new female lead of the next prime time novela.
And surprise - it’s not you.
No, no, no. But, the owner of the network promised that I would be the star.
Well no, it doesn’t look like it. They are meeting with the producers and the director right now – and the new lead is about to sign the contract.
“Really?!” “Yes.”
No, no, no… I have to choose the perfect outfit. When they see me, they’ll change their minds.
That role is mine and I won’t let anyone take it from me - or my name isn’t Isabella Reyes!
This is a private meeting.
So it's true. You promised me that the next leading role was mine. How could this be?
She does not even know how to dress!
Love those jeans.
Thank you.
You must tell me where you got them.
Old Navy.
Okay – so you dress much better than she does. But what does that have to do with this role?
I’m always on the “best dressed” list and it’s vital for the lead in this novela to be a fashion statement. No?
No matter how badly she dresses...please sit down. She’s a pro and doesn’t trash anyone.
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Your last assistant –
the one you humiliated on-set
gave a 4-page interview in which she tells how horrible it was to work for you.
She also told every detail of the horrendous things you had to say about your co-stars, your directors,
and pretty much everyone else you worked with.
No, no, no... That’s a lie! That's a lie, I would never...
Isabella, please...I think it’s time for you to leave. We’ll talk privately - later.
Very well then...
Am I really badly dressed?
Yep – but don’t worry. We’ll pick your wardrobe anyway.
Thank you – so glad you understand me. Thank you.
Did you read that article?
Yes, I did. That’s why I didn’t get the part in the novela.
Diego, you have to do something – my career is over. What am I going to do now?
I don't know. We need to do something to clean up your image. Maybe a benefit ... rescue a few animals... I don't know!
Esteban, what are you doing?
"Me?" "Yes..."
Eating the cookies Angelica gave me. They’re delicious...
Look, I pay you to take care of me – not so you can pick up guys.
I’m sorry Ms Reyes – I was only trying to be helpful. Please don’t fire me...
Go get something to clean that up – hurry!
Can’t you tell you’re “driver” is trying to make you jealous?
Be careful with those tantrums – your assistant could notice you have the hots for him.
Why is everyone against me? No one lets up on me, and I’ve never done anything to anyone.
Diego, I just want to be me – is that so hard to understand?
Am I interrupting anything?
You will not come in again without knocking. Get out of here.
Isabella, I have great news. C’mon, get up. You have to get dressed.
I just got a call from an important film director. He wants you for his next film.
Forget television, honey ... you’re on your way to Hollywood!
Why would that director have asked me to come here, alone? He must be one of those eccentrics – I love it!
There has to be some mistake. No?
Was this the right address? Let me call...
I have no signal. Well then..I have no signal. I have no...
My car? No – this can’t be. My car was stolen? What am I going to do now?
Hands up! And don’t turn around!
Isabella’s in trouble!
Which accessory should she risk everything to keep?
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Choose her outfit, choose her fate.