Gönülçelen )) Episode 26 - Part 4/7 [English Subtitles]

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It's started to rain. We should go before it pours down
are we going back before saying good
what do you mean?
I don't know... we came here, inhaled the lovely air..
we ate the food, we drank from it's water
So we should now give something back to this lovely place
like what?
Those eyes are
even more distant to me than before
This love in my heart
is an ongoing pain
the sorrow of my soul
filled my eyes with tears
I cry in sorrow
I do not know what happened to me
My best friend
is the night that hugs my soul
Look at who I have been committed to
I am crying secretly
Levent: you sang so beautifully..
Look the sky is crying..
ok. Let's go or we'll catch a cold
Stop stop..
we are already wet I don't need your jacket
Still I want to look like a gentleman.. run run run..
Are you ok?
yes I am
- good evening - good evening
we need two rooms to get dried and continue on to Istanbul
Sir the road to Istanbul is closed due to a big accident
oh no..I can't believe it
sorry sir they said the road won't open until morning
So I guess you have to ne our guest for tonight
Is there no other road we can use?
No there is only one road and that's where the accident is
there is nothing else we can do I guess.
so it seems
shall we just get our rooms.. get warmed up
and then maybe the road would be opened by then?
- come on then.. - of course.. go in
Nesrin.. you are not ready.. we're running late
I've something in mind
well tell me on the way
we're not going to Bahar’s house
but Murat will go alone
what are you planning again?
it arrived from the dry cleaners
Oh you look so nice
Nakye I had this jacket for several years now..not the 1st time I wear it
well this is the first time I said it looked nice
are my mom and dad ready??
I don’t know they have not called me yet
Nakiye where are you?
there you have it… I'll see if they are ready
they are coming down…
what happened?
I've got a migrane coming on.. can you get my medicine Nakiye?
I'll get right now
maybe we should go to the hospital and you can get a shot..
No no I'll sleep a little
let me call Bahar and tell her we won’t be going
but she must have cooked all day..
It'll be rude if none of us showed.. you should go
you should come too dad
I can't leave your mom alone in this state
here have your medicine
set it on the table
No drink it up now. Come on...
go on mom drink it.. Come on..
did you really drink it?
Of course I did.. because I had to drink it to get well right??
you should go Murat
ok. See you later
Oh and you can call if there is an emergency
- it won't.. it won't - Hhhhh
Nakiye can we have tea?
for migrane?
no, just normal tea
I will never forget this day
I prepared everything meticulously
First I put the candles on the table
I bought his favorite wine
I cooked the beef stroganoff myself. His favorite dish
I wore the black dress he gave me as a present
And finally I put on his favorite scent..
we had a very nice night
I remember every second of that night
and I am sure Murat would remember it too
He can forget everything but
I'm sure he would not forget our happiest night together
Hasret! Hasret!
there is still a pile up.. a lorry has overturned
I guess we really have to stay here tonight
I'll be in the next room.. call me if you need me ok?
you've finished me.. Drained me Gülnaz
I did nothing of the sort.. you just bought what we needed
you should be grateful they were all cheap
what are you going to do tonight
what do you mean? I'm gonna go and sleep
No I mean Won’t you be scared all alone at home tonight??
I don't know
I had never stayed alone at night
Do you think I will be scared?
Kadir is working the night shift. Hasret and saime are not here
I can't leave you alone tonight
I will drop off Jafer’s shirts and come back here
no no there will be gossip.. tongues will wag..
I'll be back
- no no don’t come back - oh just go..
don’t come I can't let you in
Oh it's ok Mrs. Nesrin.. your health is much more important.
let it be like this this time
But next time I promise I'll come
of course you can come whenever you want.
Murat will be there in a minute.. have fun..
thank you..
you're so kind.. thank you
would you like a starter before dinner?
no thank you
I thought you lived with your parents
they're out of town.. abroad
- my mom.. - they like travelling…
you speak first..
no no go ahead
mom says sorry she couldn't come
I spoke to her on the phone before you arrived
so what were you going to say?
I can't remember..
where is this guy??
this is Cobra.. I was worried where you are..
call me when you open your phone.. by.. see you..
so will you be staying there?
just for one night
Until the road is clear.. don’t worry..
I'm in my room
I was getting worried and expecting you back
are you ok? Did you have fun?
yes thanks for forcing me to go.. it was very nice.. we had fun
ok. Say Hi to levent.. we'll talk again.. Bye
- kadir? - hello
is my sister here?
she won’t be home tonight?
So I am finished..
what happened? Is there a problem?
long story never mind
I have time
If you want to tell me
are you sure?
of course.. I would like to know what made you upset..
actually there is not many things to eat. Just Beef stroganoff...