The Hammer Golf Swing : The Best Golf Swing Tip!

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.04.2008

This is the final segment on the hammer swing and the title is "Forget the Fundamentals."
In other words, there are so many golfers who when they hit, "Keep your back foot straight!
Bend your left knee out! Bend! Switch! Put your left hand down! Put your right hand down!
The V should point here. This V should point here! When you bring the club back low to
the ground, shoulders turn, top of your back swing, now top the center of your weight,
top the center of your weight, come into the ball, knees, hips, arms, shoulders! Same position
as when you addressed! You move into your follow through, shoulders are facing the target,
hips are facing the target, and most important of all, don't think about anything when you're
hitting the ball!" There are people that think about so many things during their swing! Forget
the fundamentals. This is what I've been talking about for this entire series with the hammer
swing. Let the nail and the hammer produce your swing. That's the only fundamental. If
you could do is complicated to make things simple. It can't be simpler than that
and it makes everything work automatically. If you could truly believe there's a nail,
truly believe that you are the hammer and not a golf club. And, truly believe that you
are not a golfer, you are a carpenter, and you need the job. See that nail. See that
hammer. Try to hit that nail straight in. And forget the fundamentals. I hope that this
hammer swing works for you. Thanks a lot for watching.