Brazil (5/10) Movie CLIP - The Moving Desk (1985) HD

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I know he would have wanted me to help you.
And I promised your mother...
that I'd take you on to the team at Information Retrieval.
But I gather that, um -
Well, actually, Mr. Helpmann, I've, uh - I've changed my mind.
I've decided I'd accept the transfer...
if I'm not too late.
Too late?
That's for me to say.
Well -Well, then, I, uh -
Welcome to Information Retrieval.
Uh, my name's Lowry.
Sam Lowry.
I've been told to report to Mr. Warrenn.
Thirtieth floor, sir.
You're expected.
Um, don't you want to search me?
No, sir.
- Want to see my I.D.? - No need, sir.
- But I could be anybody. - No, you couldn't, sir.
This is Information Retrieval.
- [ Elevator Bell Dings ] - The lift's arrived, sir.