Jambers - ongehuwde boeren (unmarried farmers) Part 2.

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On the other side of the forest lies the picturesque 18th century farm from the brothers Onnoree and Andre Slok.
The two elderly brothers are still active in the farm.
At this farm time stands still.
Good day!
Come in.
You are Onnoree?
Yes? And you are?
Andre. - Andre?
Good day!
How is it here?
Is this the ancestral farm?
What do you say?
Is this the ancestral farm, are you born here?
Yes. - Yes?
We are here from '13 and '16.
13 and 16?
Always lived here?
We always we run the farm here.
When did your parents die?
Mother died in 1951. - 1951 ?
And father in 1959.
And since that time my brother and me have been together.
Did you change things in the house since your mother passed away? Or is everything still the same?
Nothing changed, everything is the same. - Everything is the same?
Everything is the same as in 1951, nothing changed. - These are all from your mom?
No, these were still from our Grandmother.
Since recently, Onnoree must do all the work alone.
His brother Andre got very weak, and stays inside the house all day.
But Onnoree still has the strength and energy to keep working.
Every year he paints his own farm, in the typical red colour.
The brothers are proud on their farm, but next to their ancient farm now runs the highway E40.
The traffic got busier every year.
but the farmer ploughed on unperturbed.
Did you never get married?
No. - the both of you never married?
How come?
We were unable to find a wife.
Could not find a wife? I can not believe that?
No, we could not find a wife. - Why not?
I had to take care of my mom for 5 years.
She lay sick in bed, for 1 1/2 year, she had bone cancer.
And she could not take care of herself.
Day and night we took care of here.
And you also never got married?
Why not?
They did not want me. - what did you say?
He said they did not want him. - Why not?
I don't know.
You never had a girlfriend?
Yes, I did have a girlfriend.
We were always arguing.
Did you have a girlfriend also?
I never had a girlfriend.
I always was home on Sunday.
He still is home every Sunday.
Where did you get those pictures?
Lot's of people come here to take their pictures here.
And who come here to take these pictures?
Lots of people
They come here to take their wedding pictures.
This is not family of you?
They came from Gent.
They just come over to take their pictures.
And here we have a cow. - Yes, this was our last cow.
And when was that?
Last cow?
In '70 it was if I'm not wrong?
And what was the name of your last cow?
I don't remember, what was the name of our last cow...
What was her name? Therese, yes.
And here those beautiful girls, what is that? How did they end up here?
To publish in books, to be send to America.
Did you treat them well here?
Yes, but they did not want to spend the night here.
Unfortunately they went home.
Don't you regret that you don't have children?
No, and that I don't have a wife I don't regret too.
I don't regret it at all. I'm so old already.
The Lord needs all kind of people, they say.
Our Lord needs different kind of people.
So you will stay here until the last man?
When you are left alone here, it will be a lot different.
Yes, when you are left alone it will be sad. But now we can still chat with each other.
...and we still can do everything.
But when you are left alone here it will be terrible.
It will be dangerous to be left alone here.
Jambers: on 31 Augustus 1995 is Andre Slok, 82 years old, deceased.
This we heard later from his brother Onoree, but still his brother approved the broadcast of my show.
Onnoree is left alone in the winter of 1995 in the parental farm.
Look at the teeth.
Then we can see how old she is.
Yes, she calved 3 times.
The cattle trader is bidding on one of the cows of Charel.
but the farmer does not accept the bid right away.
We don't have a deal. You say 50.000, I say 45 (Belgium frank)
I don't do it for that. - you are the boss.
Charel has 60 cows, authentic pull horses, and 40 acres of land.
With that he may be one of the richest people in the region Aalter.
But he does not show off his wealth and is quite down to earth.
He lives now alone, and does do everything on the old fashioned way.
Mr. Declerck, who always has to work. - Yes?
There is always something to do.
I would like to trade places with you.
Just to be able to walk around a bit and sit with the hot chicks.
Can you still handle the work all alone?
Yes, but I'm already 65 and it gets more difficult now.
Was it not hard in the past then?
You should slow down and enjoy life still a bit. - yes yes, that's easy for you to say.
But what would you do? You're now a journalist.
You are used to be with people all day.
But I'm always working, and I long for people around me sometimes.
What would you do in your home?
Do you like it to be always around other people in their homes?
People are always fighting. And if you to look at the hot chicks, then they get jealous.
That's the drawback to be a single guy I guess, they come everywhere to go to look for woman?
and do you know what I know?
If you have enough money then they like to see you coming, he?
Yes, you are right sir.
Let's go inside, then I'll give you a treat. - yes.
See the rest in part 3.