Eighth Moon and Kala Bhairava Meditation

Uploaded by DattatreyaSivaBaba on 08.08.2008

I haven’t done a video clip for you since the Grace Light. I am now back in the ashram
and I have been compelled to do one for tomorrow which is the 8/8/2008. This is a very significant
time and what’s going to happen is there is chance for the renewal of this world tomorrow.
The renewal will be for people to wake up to a spiritual reality. Our problem has been
all around too much focus and dependence on material reality. Material reality is so dumb
and we have glorified it and then we don’t even know that there is a spiritual reality
beyond the material reality. 8/8/2008 symbolizes time. 8 is a very very important number, number
was given to us by the divine in order to organize ourselves, without the numbers the
world will fall apart. We cannot get anywhere even our so called science, material science
is based on numbers and who gave us the numbers, it is the Divine. We understand numbers only
in a very limited scientific and mathematical sense. Beyond mathematics there is the mystical
aspect of the numbers, 8 particularly is the most important number. The Yogis in India
know the significance of it. 8 is the number of time, 8 is the number of life, 8 is the
number of Saturn, 8 is the number for wealth, 8 is the number also for introspection, and
8 is also the number of death. So it’s a very complex number and there is a heavy concentration
of this energy on this 8/8/2008 and in the Hindu calendar or the Indian astrological
calendar tomorrow is the 8th moon and the 8th moon is also for the God of time, the
Chronos, Kala Bhairava. There is some one up there in the universe who is called the
chronos in Greek mythology but in the Hindu tradition he is called Kala Bhairava which
means the God Bhairava who is in charge of time. He has his own universe and what he
does in that universe is create time units for different universes, he is creating time.
So you can get in touch with him to change your time. Changing your time is changing
your destiny, So tomorrow I want you to take advantage of this great opportunity unfortunately
since our consciousness is so limited; we cannot see what’s going on in the universe
how our life is reorganized even in a second, we cannot catch up with it because we are
so engrossed in the material reality so it is the time there is a quantum leap that can
happen that you can completely leave your material logical mind and then go into a quantum
mechanical mind in which there are all kinds of possibilities and that possibility can
happen tomorrow 8/8/2008. That’s why I decided to do this video clip and this is the gift
from the Yogis who want to give us a better life not a life of this meat body which is
subjected to disease and death but a body of light. A body which belongs to the Angel
whom we really are but by mistake we have embraced this. I have come only to teach this
science, that’s why I started this Grace Light movement which will as we proceed with
time will grow all over the world and tomorrow is another significant date and I just want
to give you a mantra, a sound that you need to recite over and over again for tomorrow
that is: Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hrime Hroum Ksham Kshetra Paalaaya Kaala Bhairavaaya Namahaa.
Keep on listening to this, and then you will be in touch with time itself. When you are in touch with time itself which
is represented by number 8 then you will master time, when you master time, you’ll master
your consciousness, you’ll master your thoughts and that is a great liberation. I know it’s
very late for all of you to receive this video because I am just going to upload it only
on the mid-night of the 7th but anyway you will be getting it at least in the morning
of the 8th and make sure that you send this video to your friends and relatives or your
contacts so that it quickly goes to the people on time.