Doll Furniture 5 Lamp

Uploaded by yuniedhc on 25.03.2012

Hello, today I'm going to show you
How to make a lamp
I use a Yakult, beads, toothpick and wire
and masking tape (not shown in picture)
trims for decoration
First step, consume Yakult
Wash and clean well
Cut the top of Yakult out
Seal the top with masking tape
Use more masking take to cover the sides
Use double side tape to stick trims around the lamp shade
Lamp shade is done
Cut a piece of wire about15cm
Make a loop and let the rest hang down the middle
This will hold up the lamp shade
Thread the beads through it and insert a toothpick
If this case here, I want my bead flatter
So I sand the bottom a bit
All done
Materials: wire, old copper wire
I got these interesting bits from the bead shop
The lamp base is from the base of a Yakult
Cut a hole from base
Insert copper wire through it
Copper wire is hard enough, I can twist it into shapes
You can of course paint or cover up the base
Using the thin wire, I thread it though the different bits
and arrange it anyway I like
There's the traditional lamp and a creative floor lamp
This adds a classy touch to the sitting room
That's all for now, see you soon