Billionaire swipes plastic to charter flight, flee Egypt

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Taiwanese billionaire uses black credit card to escape Egypt
American Express launched the 'Centurion card'
in 17 countries around the world.
It is known as the "black card"
and is the "king" of all credit cards.
Not only is there no credit limit for members,
but American Express states that as long as member requests
are "legal" it will do everything possible
to ensure it's satisfied.
Taiwan became the fifth country in Asia to begin issuing
the card last August.
Billionaires in Taiwan immediately started
applying for the card to flaunt their social status.
During the Lunar New Year holiday
anti-government protests erupted in Egypt.
One Taiwanese card holder
and with his family were in Egypt at the time on vacation.
As the situation became more unstable
he used his card to shell out US$100,000
and organised a private charter plane
to take them back to Taiwan the same day.
Those without the card
could only wait for the Taiwanese government planes to arrive.
Another two black card holders from Taiwan
used their cards to buy limited edition Lamborghinis
for US$600,000.
The spending of one card holder in Hong Kong is also extravagant.
In order for their daughter to do a paper on sea sand
he sent out a request to American Express
to retrieve sand samples from the dead sea and bring them back to Hong Kong
so that his daughter could finish her paper.
The incident became a hot topic for the whole school
Two other Hong Kong celebrities are also black card holders.
American Express says
Taiwan black card holders are on average above 45-years old,
travel often
and enjoy receiving top class service.
Wow! Makes people envious
but members must pay an annual fee of around US$5,000,
so maybe it's better to just dream.
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