Alejandro & Diego - Part 38

Uploaded by alegoTV on 07.09.2012

How paranoid.
Why do you wipe your lips every time I kiss you?
Look ... I have to go.
I told Nora I was going home and ...
it's getting late, I don't want her to get suspicious.
I wonder if this is worth it, Diego?
Maybe that's the problem.
You think too much about everything.
I feel bad because Nora is my friend. - And she's my girlfriend.
What do you want me to do?
This is ridiculous.
I only exist when you have a few drinks.
Look Alejandro ...
I have not taken any drinks.
I told you I wanted to see you for a reason.
Diego ...
You're playing with me and with Nora.
You have to make up your mind.
Don't ask me to do something I'll never do.
Diego, you're playing with fire.
You are like those men who marry women ...
and then go meet men in secret.
Diego, that can't be.
I'm not up for that.
No ... Ale ... Ale ... please!
As we all know, Sebastian Aragon is moving to Washington with his mother.
Today, we'll work on a farewell exercise.
Everyone, pick a partner. Come on.
Imagine you're seeing the person in front of you for the last time.
Share something very intimate with that person.
Allow your feelings to flow.
What I hate most about leaving is ...
not seeing you again.
Sebas, I'm going to miss you a lot.
Rodrigo's suicide was always like ...
like a shadow between us.
I hope my brother ... wherever he is ...
forgave me for falling in love with you.
And ...
Before I leave, I have to tell you that ...
Diego is lying to you.
Diego ... don't worry about Sebas, he's leaving.
Worry about us.
Last night when you drove me home ...
I couldn't sleep thinking about what we're doing to Nora.
This isn't the time nor place to talk about that.
Last night was last night. Today is a new day.
It'll always be like that?
In hiding?
Only when you have a few drinks?
What do you expect?
You want us to get married by the church?