Os Barbixas - Entrevista no Programa do Jô - Parte 2/2

Uploaded by Barbixas on 20.09.2010

Get out! You always want to show off on TV!
- Thak you. - You're welcome!
I'm here with the Barbixas!
Did you already have goatees before creating the group?
Or do you have it because of the group's name?
The problem was me, Jô.
I always wanted to have the circle beard. Moustache and goatee.
But I never got to complete this little thing, see?
You know that beard that completes the circle beard?
- Yes. - I never had it.
And a moustache alone, I think... Kinda ugly. Sorry if anyone has a moustache...
And I grew only the goatee! So we were forced to do it,
Anderson has to shave every minute, Elidio is kinda normal
and I only have the goatee, so that's why we're Barbixas.
- It doesn't grow anything there? - It never grew!
Why don't you grow it here, comb it down, glue it...
All my experiences were disastrous.
I'd like to apologize to Chiquinho...
Chiquinho has the jazzman soul patch, from the '50s,
just here... That hideous thing.
For soup droppings and stuff.
- I was joking, of course! - He was joking. I wasn't.
But it was all for the group's name.
You wanted to have it. Did you already have?
- Yes. I liked the circle beard, and in a meeting...- But it wasn't like this.
- Just a circle beard... - It was the full circle beard, which Daniel didn't have.
- Now it's a paintbrush. - It's related to laziness.
You know, the most annoying part to shave,
except for this one, is the chin.
The guys will agree, the chin is annoying to shave.
- So the group's name is related to this... - No one thinks that.
- No one? - The annoying thing is to shave everything.
It's annoying to have to shave.
I think it's annoying here... Now it's peronal.
Here and the chin are annoying. It's related to laziness.
- Because you have to do like this? - I have a butt on my chin, you can't see it.
- That little butt? - Yes. I have two buttocks.
- My butt even came with... - With hair. A hairy butt.
I was going to say "asshole", but I'd rather not.
Listen... You've just said it.
Oh, darn!
You don't have to exaggerate.
Well, let's see a video that's... Not an improvisation.
- No. - It's also based on my family.
- Your family is an inspiration source. - An introduction.
- The car, coming and going... - There's a small introduction.
Introduce it.
Hello. Faith. Mountains. Dynamite.
Jerky. Airplane. Random words while I walk on this virtual set.
Tonight, on 60 Minutes tonight, we'll talk tomorrow
about how families may be communicating in the wrong way.
Look. They are disturbing and shocking images.
- Dad, I'm taking the keys and the car's registration, okay? - Okay.
- I'm going out with my friends. - All right.
I'll go to the station to fill the tank.
- I don't know when I'll be back. - Sure.
- Where you're going? - I'm going out.
- Who are you going with? - With my friends.
- Did you get the registration? - I did.
- Did you get the keys? - I did.
- The car keys? - I did.
- Right. Bye. - Bye.
- Go to the gas station and fill the tank. - I was already going to do it.
- And why are you not going? - I'm going.
- All right. Don't come back late. - I don't know when I'll be back.
- Did you tell your mom? - Tell me what?
I'm going out.
- Now? - Now.
- Did you get the keys? - I did.
- Registration? - I did.
- Who's going? - Who cares?
- Respect! Look at your son! - Yeah...
- Who's picking you up? - No one, I'll drive.
- But why will you go with two cars? - No one's going in two cars.
- Are you taking the car? - Yeah!
- Fill the tank. - I don't get it why you'll need two cars!
- No one's going in two cars! - I heard that Carlinhos is going by car!
- He's going by car with me. - So why two cars?
- We don't need two cars! - But why a second car?
- There won't be a second car! - That's what I'm saying!
- So... - So!
- So, what? - I'm going out!
- Grab your coat. - I won't need it.
- You will, so you won't get cold again! - I won't get cold, it's hot!
- You're going out? - That's what I'm trying!
Take the registration.
- Where are you going? - I don't know.
- How come you don't know? - I don't know, we'll see that now.
- Why don't you call them and decide here? - Why would they come here?
So you don't decide these things out in the street, son!
- How will they get here? - Carlinhos could come with his car!
- And where will he leave his car? - Duh! He'll go out with his car!
- But why would we go with two cars? - You don't have to go with two cars!
- Exactly! - But why it must be our car?
- You're using our car? - Yeah!
Because I said so, because we had already agreed to that!
- Fill the tank. - Bye!
- Son, son, what time are you coming back? - I don't know.
- How come you don't know? - I don't know, mom! Damn!
- All right... - Bye.
- Son, son! - Yes!
- Are you taking, well... - What?
- You know. Condoms! - Mom!
- What's the problem? - I probably won't need it.
- But if you need it, you will be out! - Are you going out?
- You may get someone pregnant! - Did you get someone pregnant?
- No! Not yet! - But you will.
- No! - Fill the tank.
- So why did you say "yet"? - I was just saying!
- Take your cell phone! - You won't be calling me!
- Just so I know you arrived well, son. - I'll call when I get there.
- Really? - Really!
Swear to your mom that you will call when you get there. Go.
I swear I'll call you when I get there.
- You always forget it, I'll just call you! - I won't forget!
- Give me Carlinhos number so I can call him. - Mom! Bye!
- Bye, dad. - We'll have to see that...
Son, come back here!
Amazing. You play a spectacular mom!
- That's because Andy's mom is also sexy. So... - Hey!
- Did I say it out loud? - Yes!
- Sorry... - He's the foul-mouthed of the group.
- Yes. - I'll stop talking now.
- Have you ever performed outside the country? - Yes.
We went to an improvisation contest in Bogotá, Colombia.
At Ibero-American Theatre Festival, we got into
a contest called Catch. Like professional wrestling? The costumed fighters?
They had an improvisation style based on games like that,
in which they have two costumed doubles,
and they fight for the audience's approval.
Using improvisation games too.
So we went to Colombia without speaking spanish... And we won the festival.
- Do you have it here? - I think so.
- We have an extract. - It's pretty scary, okay guys?
Regardless the video quality, let's see it for journalistic purposes.
Yeah... Miss Tocineta is me.
And Miss Pujo is Daniel.
Long story short, those hot babes are me and Elidio.
- Then say it! - I want a raise.
- More! - I want two raises!
- I want more than two raises! - Much more!
I want much more than two raises!
- More! - More!
I want all of your company!
Didn't you hear me firing you? You want a raise?
- Yes! - You're going to hit the road!
- I won't! Because I know the truth about you! - Less...
- I have a vague idea of what you've done... - Less...
I almost saw you doing something that may cause you...
Take it out!
Let me ask something. Did you have the "change" thing there?
- No, that's another system... - Is it an improvisation?
Yes. The Catch's referee asks us to do more or less.
- "Mas" and "menos" - It was wild, like real wrestling,
the referee ran through the audience and they all screamed, it was crazy.
How was the scene that you tried, or achieved, I don't know...
To review the scene in the restroom?
He's laughing before it! It must be great!
We had this scene, which we still play it...
It begins with Daniel playing a guitar, and the first line is:
"Oh, this guitar..."
I say that, is a matador scene.
- A matador scene? - It starts with a spanish guitar,
and I come in saying "Oh, this guitar..."
So we went to do this in Teatro Crowne Plaza, which is currently closed,
and we had eaten something that... Anyway...
We had lunch together and we were not feeling very well...
- Now that's an understatement! - We were sick! It was in São Paulo!
- We needed to review the scene... - What did you eat?
- I think it was sea food. - Shellfish.
- Holy cow. - No cow. Shellfish.
We needed to review the scene, but we were sick,
so we went to review it in the restroom.
Each one got into a booth, and we started the scene.
Then I began with "aaaaahhh..."
- Then they started to laugh their asses off... - Literally!
Then we coudn't review anything more.
The worst thing is, when he did that, we heard
my laugh, his laugh, and a third person's laugh outside!
So someone heard Dani doing...
Someone else had eaten seafood.
But he was in another booth and we didn't know.
He was like your entire audience!
Good thing that never happened to us.
- Never? - No.
We have a...
What is Improvável?
Improvável is our current show, an improvisation one,
in which we have two guests who play those games with us.
In the beginning, when we taped for Elidio to make deliveries,
we realized it was a lot of work, and Elidio had no gas money,
so he said "let's send the internet link".
"We'd like to perform in your theatre, here's the link."
And one day, YouTube showed us in the spotlight.
The we started to get a lot of hits, and we said:
"We have to turn this into a product."
So we are currently YouTube's most accessed channel in Brazil.
And we upload a new video every week.
- Every thursday a new video. - Amazing.
We got pretty lucky,
because is a virtual word of mouth advertise.
People see the online video, then go watch us on stage,
where we record more videos and it feeds our channel.
Being an improvisation, there's no problem to show our videos on the internet
because when people go to the theatre, they will see a different thing.
Speaking on improvisation, I won't resist to ask you
to do another improvisation here.
Derico, say any word.
Car dealership.
- We could do a... - Is that just one word?
"Cardealership." Right?
Just cars, then.
We will do an advertising following the alphabet sequence.
We'll do a car dealership. Say any letter, Jô.
- "A". - Perfect!
We'll do a scene in a dealership...
- And we'll run all the alphabet. - Does it have the "change" thing?
No. This is another system, where we follow the alphabetical order.
But you will do the change thing later, right?
Right. Do the dealership. Let's go.
Attention, customers, it's time to buy a new car!
Beautiful! Let's buy that new car! Where can you buy it, Elidio?
- Cars are us! - That's here!
Doing this, the player gets out of the improvisation!
Early Christmas is here! Tell them our car prices!
"Five" thousand reais!
Guaranteed satisfaction!
Hey, today we'll have a promotion!
I bet we do! What's our promotion?
Just now we reduced our price to two thousand reais!
You can't miss this opportunity!
Look, we have only a few units. How many do we have?
Million units only!
No way, that's a lot of units!
Oh man, you don't know how many orders we already received!
Pardon me, it's a lot!
Question: Do you still have cars?
Right away, sir! You can buy one now!
So, what colors do you have?
U want turtle color? Do U?
Very strange... I'd like to take a look!
Washington, New York, Sorocaba, come to us!
Ten thousand cars for you!
In roman numbers! Ten thousand!
Yes! I want to buy it, yes!
Zero taxes!
All right!
There's another act I'll ask you to do, the Vowels.
That's right, Vowels.
Vowels is about a soccer team we made up
and the fans can only say vowels.
Kinda like with Corinthians' fans, where you can't scream "goal" too soon,
or else they will kill you. Here you can't say consonants, they're bad luck.
- The vowels fans! - Only talking vowels.
Oh, fuck y...
The Barbixas!
To finish our chat, I'll ask for a Quick Change...
We still have time! Can we do another Quick Change?
We'll do one where we are gonna say "change" to each other in the scene.
- All right. - All right?
- Can we do it on the stage? - What?
- Can we do it in that stage? - Do wherever you want!
- Should we do it up there? - Okay, do it up there!
- Really? - Sure you can!
- I was going to do it up there... - Won't you do it up there?
Up there!
- Do I give the word now? - Give us the theme, Jô!
I'd like for you to give us a word based on the syllable "jô"!
"Jô..." Make any word with that.
- Jô... - "June" bug!
June bug! Perfect!
June bug is our theme.
Did you find anything?
- I still haven't found anything, boss! - Change!
- I still haven't found shit, boss! - Change!
- It's exactly what I was looking for... - Change!
- It's almost what I was looking for! - Change!
Look harder, you bastard!
- Boss, if we find it, will we do the research back in the lab? - Change!
- Will we do the research... Back home? - Change!
Enough with those researches. I'm tired of them...
No, we won't do researches!
But what if the lab director finds out we stopped doing researches?
Holy shit, he's here!
It's raining a lot here today...
- Oh, mister director... - Change!
- Oh, holy director... - Change!
Oh, cute little director...
- Kiss this foot too. - Change!
- Kiss this knee too. - Change!
- Kiss this knee. - Change!
Kiss the belly button, the belly button!
- What do you have here, director? - Oh, my God!
- Oh, my goodness! - Change!
- You're a traitor, I always suspected that! - Change!
- You're a traitor, I suspected in last July! - Change!
You're a traitor, I suspected in June bug!
You left the june bug in your belly button so we wouldn't find it!
- Yes, and he's with me! - Change!
- You're with me! - Change!
- Jô's with me! - Change!
- Derico's with me! - Change!
Miltinho is... Sleeping, poor guy!
The Barbixas!
Congratulations. The Barbixas are performing every Thursday at 9:30 PM
at Tuca theatre in São Paulo. Congratulations, you're really great.
We'll be right back. Bravo!