Stop Lynas Save Malaysia(By activist,politicians,celebrities and writers)

Uploaded by stoplynasavemalaysia on 05.05.2012

I am Ambiga co-chair of Bersih 2.0.
I am Tang Ah Chai, and I am against Lynas.
This is not just about the people of Kuantan, this is about Malaysians, as a whole.
Let’s stop Lynas, save Malaysia...
...because our lives are more important than the profits.
Malaysia is not a dustbin of Australia.
Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka! (Freedom, freedom, freedom!)
Hi, I am Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang.
I am Roziah Ismail, EXCO of the Selangor government.
I urge all the people of Malaysia to stop Lynas and save Malaysia.
The government had mentioned repeatedly that Lynas does not pose any harm.
However, it had not shown firm evidences to assure the citizens of their safety.
We cannot accept a project that might pose a threat to the health and the well-being of all Malaysians.
We cannot risk our safety and the health of our children just for the short-term profits from the Lynas project
Hi, I am Yeo Yann Yann.
Hi, I am Danny One
I am Zheng Ying Ying, and I am from Kuantan.
I am Mislina Mustafa, and I am an artist / activist.
...and I am Hilyati Ramli. I am a dancer / activist.
I am Hariry Jalil. I am anti-Lynas.
I am having a baby soon.
I hope my children can enjoy his childhood in this peaceful clean and beautiful home, just like I had.
We have to protect our homeland.
I do not want our next generation to suffer from radiation. I do not want to take a chance at all, even if it is just a 1% probability.
Frankly, I am afraid of death.
I do not want my family, relatives or friends to die as a consequence of a ruthless decision by an irresponsible government and a corporation which only cares about profits.
… and my government has the right to save me
and if they don’t save me, then I have the right not to trust my government. In this matter, I am not alone
I am Ye Xiao, and I represent The Writers’ Association of Chinese Medium of Malaysia
I am Chok Yen Hau.
I am 黃俊麟.
I am 那天晴.
I am Echo Koh Wee Sun.
I am 馮以亮.
We, from The Writers’ Association of Chinese Medium of Malaysia, are firmly against the Lynas project.
I always have this impression, that with this Lynas project we are actually bringing terror back to our home.
I hope to leave behind a clean government and a clean environment for my children.
I hope that everyone can be courageous to stand out and protect our homeland.
Please respect the voices of the people.
Please stop everything you are doing now to do this (STOP LYNAS, SAVE MALAYSIA) that Lynas can be stopped.
Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas.
Say cheese! No, Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia.
Stop Lynas, save our children.
Stop Lynas, save Malaysia.