Kpop Music Mondays - G-Dragon "That xx"

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This week's Music Monday will ********
with G Dragon's 'That XX'
I have to admit it, I'm torn about this song
It didn't speak to me like other G.D songs
but I can't deny that it sounds really pretty
But still it just didn't grab me
I have to say that I love his voice in this song
he did a lot more singing in this song than rapping
and it had a lot of high notes, and used different voice ranges that I haven't heard him do lately
So I did appreciate that
but I'll tell you one thing that I can't appreciate,no matter how hard I try
Ayo, it's a bit chilly in here
so I'm gonna support my neck with some warmth and
I quite frankly love the video
Not particularly I'm fond of the acting or GD himself
but that because I think this is the first time that the video
is just not contributed to the meaning of the song but actually enhanced it
And given a different meaning that I wouldn't have thought of
if I hadn't seen the video accompanying it
In a shock of the lyrics of the song are guy telling girl
that her boyfriend doesn't treat her right
and the guy wants to treat her better than her boyfriend does
because the boyfriend is basically a jerk
and a gigantic a fart sucker, simple enough
But the video adds a whole new element to the song
I couldn't understood before I actually watch the video
In the video, the guy looking through out the window
peeping and creeping on the girl with her boyfriend
Now how do we get access to a bedroom to begin with
I don't know about you but my friend sure doesn't have keys to my house
Sure you might be asking yourself but this is actually really important point
because, in the end, it turns out that this other guy
this scumbag fart sucking boyfriend is GD himself
As a result this becomes less matter of GD looking at an other guy being jealous and feeling alone
but, now, because of the video
GD looking at himself, recognizing how bad he treated his girl
and having another part of himself thinking that he wishes he could treat her better
So, he's not torn about jealousy and loneliness
instead he's torn up by guilt
More of the story, GD has just confessed tot her world
that he is a FART SUCKER
Otherwise, I think it's really cool that GD named the song 'That XX'
and whenever you hear the song he beeped out what he actually say it
Even though, I thought the beep was annoying
but I still thought it was really cool that GD named the song 'That XX'
and actually bleeped out the word and he actually kept it in
Because even in a light in Korea getting more stricted in censorship
I have respect for GD going to Junsu and going whatever the F**** he wants to do
Censorship be damned
For those of you who don't know
'The XX' should have been in Korean 'Gaessaegi' which
we can say it on the show without censoring ourself because we speak in English
Come at me the ministry of banning fun things in Korea
I ain't as-cured
So the song should be called 'Gae ssae gi' which in Englihs would be roughly translate something like
Advocado **************
And I had to bleep that out
except for fruits and vegetables parts because produce isn't concerned profanity
Please, i ask you.. kiss and touch me and rubbing my banana
Please touch me and rub my bananas
I'd like to be tracked former sentiment on produce,
Junsu you can make anything so nasty
The video itself actually was really beautifully shot and we enjoyed the use of filters
and I really like the hard lighting on GD when he was like "Bad GD"
I really like videos when it uses editing to enhance the feeling of the video
rather than just clutter it with lens flares
But there was one thing that we found it off
I use a land lay phone and I don't know how many years
I could be wrong but that is rather ridiculously a huge phone
or that girl has the TINEST HEAD EVER
And also, I know land lay phones aren't really popular in Korea
I pretty sure that you have to plug it into the wall for them to work
And lastly, i don't know but I find it a bit weird right around 1min 23sec mark
GD rummaging through all of her photo and there is one nice artsy portrait of her
but if you look at her rest of her pictures...
they are....all....white people
That's kinda strange...
Don't you think?
But you know, since we are having a habit of showing pictures now
I wanted a lot of people to see our wedding photos which we have never revealed before
Here's the first sneak peak of how our wedding photos look like
Actually I lied, those aren't our wedding photos
There are our engagement photos
I've changed a lot since then
[The Dance]
This is a little awkward
I don't know why the dance section came out here
because clearly there is no dance in this song
I figure that since this is the last making Music Monday in this apartment
we should send it off with a dance
I don't think that's really necessary
Bubble Pop style
whooh~~ you so nasty~
Is it now out of your system?
[The English]
As for the English for this song, I'm gonna say
5 out of 5
Now, there's been a lot of English used in this song
and besides GD normal hip-hop pronunciation
it's all totally fine
We like how he used English in this song because it's not just thrown in one word format like
He used English to represent this whole internal dialogue his having
the words that he wants to say to his girlfriend
But in the end, he just doesn't say out loud
Quite nice, very good use of English
I give you 5 out of 5, G Dragon!
[The showdown]
Last week we asked you, which animal edition you would preferred
GD's 'One of a KIND'
or TVXQ's 'Balloons'
and...TVXQ's 'Balloons' won and we are pretty sure that can we anything
so the next time we use TVXQ's 'Balloons'
we're gonna put it with super dooper deep powerful video
so see if you can somehow put vote for it then
For this week's showdown, we're asking which GD's comeback song you preferred
'That xx' or 'One of a Kind'
Both songs are quite different from each other
Both songs totally different meanings and totally different videos
Leave your votes in the comments or on our Facebook pole
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