HerzHaft Gay short Kurzfilm German (English subs) part 2

Uploaded by mithan2010 on 07.09.2010

Has Felix come home yet?
- ... if so, give me a call, anytime! Thank you.
You are a "brave" man showing up at my door... - I must talk to you!
- There's nothing left to talk about, is there?
- He was at my place... May I come inside?
- No! Where is he??
- He waited in front of my flat... I meant to bring him home but he dashed away.
- Get lost or I call the police!
- Please, don't take him away from me! - Do you actually understand what you just uttered?
- For God's sake, how blind are you? - My son is not gay!
- You don't know anything about him. - I'm his mother!
- And I'm not a pervert! I didn't force him into anything!
- He is just a child and you took advantage of that!
- What's the last time you looked at your son? On his 10th birthday!?
- Bettina, please leave us alone here...
Follow me!
He misses him. My son is not gay. He simply misses his dad, that's all.
You are a sick man. You are into little boys, aren't you?
- Follow me!
- What's this shit all about?
- Don't ever do that again. - Are you dumb?
Did you call her?
Come on, kiss me. - I don't want to.
- What is this shit? We had such a great time together.
- FELIX! - You destroyed everything!
You bastard... I never wanted to be with you anyway! Now you can piss off, too!