Brent Mason's clean tone with EP Booster & RC Booster

Uploaded by XoticGuitars on 28.09.2010


It's got that Telecaster...
...if you're talking about "Hot Wired."
It seems to be the trademark song for me.
You get that rhythm on.

I got a little fuzz there from the bag.
How's that?
Anyway, I'll play a little bit.
I'll kick a little of this on.
You made reference to the clean sound.
You said "clean sound was so good."
It has a compressor.
PCI: What's the most important...?

PCI: Good sound.
In the "Hot Wired"...

So, that's very clean.
Sometimes, just to give it a touch...
That's a little too... You can dial back a bit...
...if there's a little too much crunch for that.
There's always that happy medium tone.
There's not too much crunch.
Just enough.
There it is.
You know, so you got that...

That's what's great about this pedal.
Just gives you a little bit of overdrive but not too much.
Works good.
That's "Hot Wired."
I think that's what you were referring to.

I always try to set a unity on the Gain.
To give yourself just a little bit of...
About there when you kick it on...
Just a little bit.
These can have little more for solo.
Naturally, your solo volume is gonna come up.

Also, there's something I didn't mention.
When you want a little bump but not too gritty...
EP Booster.
Still clean, jumped it up a bit.
So you can still do that...
I find myself when I'm playing live a lot, I go...
"Oh man, I wish I could turn that amp up a little bit."
Reach back and... But you can't stop playing...
...when you're doing all this fast stuff.
So when you are playing and...

See. It jumped up.
You don't have to reach back and find your amplifier...
...and screw up your song.
So, EP Booster is a great...
I can't explain it technically but...
Whatever the circuitry, it's very advanced.
It's something that I'm using a lot.
I find myself using it more and more.
Even in studios.
For doing fills or something.
It seems to increase the low-end a little bit too.
You get little more "in your face"...
...through the amp with that thing.

Caption: Yumi Adachi