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the mississippi is back in its banks but at what cost
and shakespeare
alive and well in the cities
it wasn't the record flood we feared but it came close to it has been a long time since
the fast-moving waters of the mississippi and been within its banks in the meantime
cities like moline and davenport have done their best to hold back the waters in some
areas and let nature take its course and others
did we win the fight against flood of twenty eleven
let's find out
joining me now is davenport alderman ray ambrose ray thanks for joining us as well as
moline municipal services general manager doug house good of you both to join us let
start with you doug
easy question did we win
i think the proof is in the fact of the let small amount of damage that we experienced
in cities in our communities locally
uh... that that shows we did a good job of preparing
and it has been amazing alderman ambrose that
you look back at davenport i mean ninety-three what is it ninety seven two thousand and one
uh... two thousand eighteen now
twenty eleven
its getting to be an old trick isn't
city davenport is a national leader
and preparing for
and we have
communities from all over the country come to davenport
and lookit
how we prepare for
for the floods we've for really become masters of
working with them river they're not letting
mother nature have a big impact from the city of davenport
well i think a lot of ways davenport allows of mother nature to take a little bit of
the downtown area leclaire park in particular the area around
uh... modern woodman also centennial park
just as the natural flow of the river you don't want to build a huge floodwall two-block
davenport's view of the mississippi
city devenport is a front porch of the state of iowa we take great pride
in our riverfront

preserve in that the way we do
a lot of people don't realize this is city of davenport's
hundred seventy fifth anniversary this year so in that time we for quite a few floods
how do you think this one went
uh... it seem like we advance planning
was there let's start with the national weather service is back in late january early february
where they were saying get ready it could be a record flood
you've got ready for a record flood
absolutely we thank the good lord that uh...
we didn't end up with twenty six foot flood
but we prepare for it
the weather we're on the north side of all weather front
for really
took a lot of
pressure off the city davenport by a slow melt
minnesota wisconsin had record snow falls this year
because of the slow thaw
we really came out
looking good
you know we if we had heard about the chance for the record floodthe river started to rise
and just kinds of stopped because up north they had another blizzard some very cold weather
did you have a feeling any point early on let's stay in march or early march mid-march
oopps maybe we cried wolf
no you can't think about it in those terms because
first few years back
we fought a flood
three weeks later
we had some significant rains up north pavan another significant flood within three
weeks so
we learn our lessons
and doug i'd have to ask you that to him and was there a point where you thought maybe
this will be as bad as it was earlier predicted
uh... march fourth we still had predictions as high as a seventy-percent probability that
we would exceed twenty four-foot that's three and a half foot
higher than we had ever experienced before
on febuary first we had a blizzard here
uh... so we were experience in heavy snow falls throughout the midwest and upper midwest
in the mississippi river valley that would contribute to these floods so the perception
uh... by public works this officials
and uh... elected officials as well was that there was a strong probability that we could
see record flooding so uh... we prepared for it so in the spring of twenty eleven right
now you were given a test
of lessons learned for whether or not to river it's even higher than this
there really was we prepared like davenport we build levels to levees to twenty-six
uh... and a half feet uh... hoping that we could hold back approximately twenty five feet was
what we thought we could safely secure you learn a lot of things about the topography
of your city and how to use that as party level system
and then we partner with all the riverfront businesses in the downtown area they had a

this year the shoreline of the river
so let's talk about the flooding moline terms it did flood then butterworth got hit
parts of river drive had to close down
we are kinda of used to that natural have been flow of the mississippi river but one of my
lasting damage any accounting we gotta clean is that we've got a clean the streets we got
a repair some landscaping
but we're not see houses that were were permanently destroyed in any way we're really not in the
in the mmoline area at all
uh... ben butterwortj parkway like with claire park one of our cities uh... major
assets it's certainly the premier park within the city as far as being used
uh... we open river drive in
after cleaning that on monday
uh... simultaneously we cleaned ben butterworth parkway park is back
open to the public now
that quickly that quickly and and that's a testament to the work of of a lot of people
in your department volunteers throughout the city as well it really is it put a lot hours
and and a great job
you think back on some of past floods in the impact of davenport as well the drama of the
uh... garden district in in ninety three
though the picture of uh... john o'donnell stadium i apologize but that's what
still so used calling where you had this green emerald among all the dirty water
the drama wasn't really there this year
the city staff
has done her tremendous job and we have
probably though
employees of any city in the country you know they're highly trained
when it comes to fighting floods
there so professional
no from the public works to the police and fire department
you know that this old hat for but when it comes to housing in the area that is
one of the greater concerns for davenport is still the garden of their garden addition
but there's been a lot of advancements made it with people moving out of that area but
not everyone has left
no and
the impact the worst impact the garden addition has
fighting the flood is one aspect but
if we have significant rains
what happens is
it begins at catch water and we can't pump it out fast enough
leave upgraded the pump systems
the garden addition where that will never happen again
and we've reinforce the dikes around the garden addition
what we reinforce your credit island
the stadium
we;re really in very good shape
eighty-foot from twenty four feet down his
you we get a free will figure it out and the city of davenport given up 0:07:40.970,0:07:45.470 on some areas i mean may be too strong a way to lets use credit island has an example
to finding the flood stage here is fifteen lock in damn
in rock island
it's starts to flood about fourteen fourteen at halftime credit island the golf course
used to have need major repair all the time
but now you've taken a really different approach to how flood should impact
at the time some of the uh... public access areas along the river
ill is very historically significant
in the quad cities
we've built a permit dike now
the facility down there which is
significantly we want to preserve it
a flood in the future
you know it's not going to be impacted
the golf course
let the golf course go to see and we build another nine hole course called red hawk
wish you know has been very very successful
credit island has
become more of our disc golf area
bicycle birdwatching and things like the and a lot of fishing
how long do you think that will take to get
credit island area cleanup all there
already that is that it
a group called the friends of credit island
there organized and ready to go lot of volunteers plus
you know that the city
parks department does an outstanding job above prepared for after the floods
it's always interesting i know a lot of people were complaining
about the figge why would you build it in that area when there's a chance to flood
but the figge is designed it for this type of high waters in the first place you
also have the doc
used to be the big center point of and the levied in this well it
these are now more historical
uh... locations rather than places are really seriously impacted
and tell me about the figge
well the figge
it would take
very very
certificate for to impace the figge
there was prepared
too so it would be impacted by a flood
that's not an issue with the figge you'll probably thirty-foot before you've
even consider
flood impact of the figge
any other big area of course is modern woodmen park it was put to the test it couldn't the
uh... the new permanent flood walls that were being built in the been put in
any less timely now agreed with her successful or public works department did an
excellent job
overseeing the project and bring it in on time sadly you guys did too good of a job in there
there's not enough damage for the federal government to help uh... foot the bill so
to speak explaining the expenses that davenport is going to face and who is going to end up
up having to foot that bill
well it's estimated that
fighting this would cost about two million dollars but what people don't realize
personal that's always been the budget
there's going to be so
business it has been addressed because of
the flood fighting
maybe some potholes
some summer programs in our parks department
all in all
the majority
of improvements we did are going to be able to
be reused dikes
the dike around credit island
and uh... one-time expenses that stated that it has bags wil be reuse time
and time again to fight the flooding and this concept has been very successful and i think
every city in the quad cities has
taking up the hest co flood fighting concept but about the two million dollars will that
means i think that that the mayor made it very clear will not need increased
taxes but it will be coming out of other areas of the budget
and i i should say two million dollars as you said involving personnel cost it'll be
significantly less is what you're saying we already budget for the personal
and we budget for
a certain amount of overtime so
you know that this not
as significant as i can have a impact
on the overall budget we're not going to be increased taxes you have to supplement because
we won't have to this it's not needed
in moline doug two million dollars is there's a huge amount of money and they didn't
even get close to that and in moline we talked about two hundred and fifty thousand
for a flood fighting efforts
uh... most of that ray indicates is in existing budgets for personnel and materials
um... either the jury's still out on whether or not fema
uh... will uh... come back in a trend reversal in the cities were doing some pre-damage assestment
post damage assessment
uh... reports now for them cuz all the time to the federal government will come in and
reimbursed mainly
for time and salaries in that area is that correct
uh... equipment
can come in in fact into effect in materials as well values based on a per capita of damage
within your community uh... over three dollars
per individual per resident within county
in their collecting the information that
it it does look at this time that uh... the the rock island county may not qualify for
that fema assistant
the governor did do
the declaration
uh... for our area
which in emergency declaration for area made other state that's available pumps and
not the the damage that's done in moline is really kind of a temporary
now the damage that we're gonna to be a temperary thing in moline
they were saying that if he were to add up any major damage we actually deal what ten
cents on the dollar
yeah four dollars expended on the levee system itself
that's pretty amazing for for for flood it shows that it was a good expenditure for the
city to protect its assets in its businesses
so where do you go from this week forward ben butterworth park it is is a pristine park
people love
run along that fish feed the ducks in the spend time down there especially with the weather
being what it has people really get back out on the park and encourage to do that
uh... where we go from here as city staff for rebar reinstalling the park benches and
uh... they're trash receptacles in those types of things also i has davenport we have
a strong volunteer base called the garden guardians
and they have seventeen gardens a flower beds down then butterworth parkway and all coming
out and get involved again in helping to restore those flower beds and once again as you said
you had the advance preparations so there's a lot of things that you did before the waters
even reached that high
we really did we got out there took this picnic tables off
took the same age down assembly informational kiosks and things were able to be taken down
before so they were damaged clear the water it isn't just like your bathtub water
ring on your equipment in
and on yours does citation structures so you really need to remove that because it can
permanently damaging
in some past years when you look at look leclaire park after the flooded gone through it look
like that grass might never come back
you've got a lot events coming up this summer yet rag dryer you have got to have
the bix of course
uh... the jazz festival we coming up as well
you have no fears right now that the city can only rebound downtown yet
talked about the flowers or part thereof
right away
the kids were down at the skatepark
passes on a bike traffic
was surprised to see some of our
beds with the tulips
bloom of you know we had a lot of colors are it was amazing uh...
five days before they were under water and now they're just
they exploded and color it was really pretty
but lindsey park they had the sprinkler system on
couple days ago you know clean it up in the grass green so woodward good shape were to
be prepared
we're working hard prepare credit island for a rag briseno we have a lot of campers
hindu exciting times as summer
well i i need to be the maze there well don't be i apologize in my role
i still remember in two thousand and eight when we had floods in the spring
and then as you were more pointing out just weeks later than
bigger flood said of course they had cedar rapids hit areas along the iowa river much
not everything disappears because the flood waters have gone back and the mississippi
the national weather service does a magnificent you know they've gotten so much better predicted
the weather
it just says we've we follow that up
that melt this year
he said packet but uh...
national weather
you might make their forecasts and we we go with that you know in order to
if that would have happen again mail it would take us
forty eight hours prepare for the flood again
we're squared away
doug you as well i mean you're saying that there are some aspects of the flood fighting
from the spring
if you'll just keep intact at least for the next couple months as
the river stays relatively high true that we're not going to take a sand bags down
for several weeks yet
uh... w use that opportunity or window to get back on some of the
uh... work has been delayed as davenport is
yeah we
in 2008 in a did u referred to earlier and we we had the heavy rains in
uh... june in some flooding as a result of that
and in nineteen ninety three we had a flood that came back on us the first initial
crest if you look at the history of the flood crest in the quad cities number one and number
two were the same year
uh... it's nineteen ninety three in one of them came in april in the next one didn't
come until i believe was july
so you have to be aware of that secondary flood because of the
the high crest secondary flood of course i was caused by the heavy rains again just to
send out of one little area
doug house alderman ray ambrose thank you so much for joining us i'm sure you both want to thank
all of the workers all the citizens all the volunteers who are really a big part
of this flood fight for twenty eleven now with the weather getting so hot you might like
to find a place to cool down
probably icy waters of the north atlantic
the putnam museum they're sending you back in time
the april of nineteen twelve when the titanic sank after hitting an iceberg during its maiden
well their recreation of an iceberg is one of the highlights of the putnam museum experience
and the actor who played captain edward james smith bernard hill
helps us relive the voyage that's frozen in time
how do you do uh... captain E J Smith
well welcom aboard the titanic
the artifact exhibition
no doubt you already wrote i've recently announced my retirement from the white skyline
the main voyage of drugs and it will be my final crossing a ship's captain
wife eleanor will clarify that
it's been many good years since i first went to see at age twelve
has a common boy at square riggin
signed on with white star pays twenty seven
since that time good fortune to traveling with many fine people with whom i admire
how best to describe my expecience a very forty-five years since the
nearly half the states being nothing out of the orindary
course there's always been the okay gail's storms along the line when a

sea trails for tantinic it took place april the second on the
lifting twenty boilers and it is reasonably team though
stirred up quite a wake up every e
this ship handles beautifully
it is designed for forms above all
i could not conceive of any vital of disaster happening to this vessel modern ship building
is gone beyond that
check out the titanic exhibit at the putnam and the titanic movie ghosts of the of the abyess
is that the putnam imax well time now though take a look at what's going on around
the town
all around the quad cities lora adams is out and about
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thanks lora time to talk shakespeare and sophocles and aristopanes these are the masters
of drama
and comedy that the Genesiu guild finds itself immersed in each summer since nineteen
fifty six greek dramas in comedies and the works of the bard
have found a quad cities home with the guild
its new season just weeks away
and joining us now as doug tschop the executive director of the genesiu guild i'm
very good for press that i was able to do that that
all all those are greek author their names he did just fine practice makes perfect
you're starting a new season as an exciting season as well is it number fifty six seventy seven
this is fifty five fifty five so we're still progressing forward at work so we're working
on it that's still an amazing accomplishment that since nineteen fifty six
that the genesiu guild has still been able to stay vibrant in the quad cities thats no easy task
absolutely um... there is a group
back then uh... long before my time of course uh...
performed in a lot of the park districts had theater contests and it performs
um... different dialogue in a kind won a contest than they were invited to come out and do
a play
uh... they found lincoln park and
that there was a structure there that uh... would have been a w_p_a_
uh... building would have been changing rooms in
and that showers and things because there's a waiting ponds there and the ponds are of course
um... for polio scare
and uh... but there is beautiful uh...
creek but looking pillars
uh... and don wooten who started of the group
saw those pillars hmm...I'm thinking I probably should do a greek play here
and that started all this and i don't know if rally exactly what exactly right
so you would read what do you like this story goes i had read one so i thought i should
write a one
would you greek play so they did that antigone
which is a phenomenal play
uh... literally started it all
did you check out just in this audience i mean i'm sure you join you knew people all
the time just to experience shakespeare as well as i mean
when you're here you're going to go to a greek drama or a tragedy it's a little dawnting
yeah i i think people are a little scared the interesting part for me
is that those greek plays actually
are the they lay the basis for everything that you see today there is nothing new
in those places in twenty five hundred years ago um...
you know dialogue was invented that people to dialogue for for granted
dialogue wasn't always out there you know people came out and they they or you did they
give a speech
and one of the authors has been created put two people out there
at the same time
let them talk back and forth
so many of the tools that we use uh... those of us at
that really love greek theater
uh... man when i watch a movie i watched television show
i'd identified the parts in there there's always somebody that does the tragic messenger
basically that means that somebody comes in and tell you about action that happened offstage
because actually battles on greek play on stage but somebody comes in in in
if in
hopefully does it well
and really explains in and dramatizes what that battle was like in it's usually about
a hero and what the hero went through in the battle
you see that every now they're challenging you'll see a every movie
and every television show that you watch
somebody serves the role so there's there's multiple tragic passengers
but they come in and they tell you about action
that happen somewhere else now i was saying that you guys get immersed in this but somebody
may not have been immersed yet and this is why we have you on tonight is that
you have auditions that are starting yes three sets of auditions tell me a little bit about
the process of who you want to see show up or see everybody show our actually
invite i did before at every play again
uh... other
lincoln park...I come out and talk a little bit about thank people but i have to talk
about the play
and many times all all invite our audience also you know you come out here and you watch
our place if you've never been on stage
you know why don't you come out then
and try for apart next year maybe a walk on part and you don't have to be on stage right now
we have plenty of others lots of volunteer opportunities to some people a little afraid uh...
mid-morning hang some posters up for me okay let's take a look at this stage start off a ride
in june with uh... shakespeare's taming of the shrew picked out why
show if you know it's one of the most popular
you know it's it's right there with romeo and juliet and and plays of people know even
if you've never seen this play
wind when somebody comes of this play it won't be done it all because the plots going to
be very familiar there and i've seen it rewritten so many times into modern shows but you also
have king lear later on in the month yet
king lear little heavier now come alive and well a lot of people are read king lear
in college some in high school on so they may have has seen the what it's like so different
actually you'll be able to see it on stage
uh... so
with king lear instead of the story so powerful
that really wasn't for performed for a couple hundred years it's also people sensibility
you know here's this this king that's basically getting ready to step down and he can't recognize
the one daughter that truly loves them
leads him into peril
may eventually you know of coarse learn the lessons from this play very very
powerful play
so when the people just have to see on stage very deep plays has well different layers
and i'm sure that's why you also picked up the great you got suffolk lease anair stop
unease as well you pick sophocles and aristopanes
those chaps why um...
sophocles were doing a ajax is a
that is one of the great heroes
um... uh... of his time
this is a very interesting story
s um... both went to uh... retrieve achilles body after chiles was uh...
ah was killed and one of them was awarded achilles armor
comment it wasn't a ajax is very upset about that such as the great story
aristophanes in a sweet there are some things play every summer
place in the nation i would guess that performs a greek comedy
every year we're at a time there's a eleven that survive one of them it's not suitable
for family uh...
and the uh... so the other ten rotate every ten years they were written to be funny in
their day embarrassed often is knew exactly who's going to be any in the audience so he
picked on
you know political uh... and social figures that people would know
well that's that's not funny today's these days we rewrite them maganda vanna white of
their stuff in east
to be funny today her political humor current social topical humor and once again you begin
the season with ballet quad cities what a way to start the season of professional ballet
company can come to the park and see them for free all the shows are free
all people have to do is show up
do we ask for donations yes it's great that people support as we do ask for donations
called but it's it's a free theater in lincoln park every summer every weekend
thank you doug and lincoln park it's such a great place in rock island to watch these
performances of course ballet quad cities wants to be starting in june the other performances mostly in july
and the genesius guild has three sets of auditions one which may work best into your schedule
is best to check out more details of the guilds website
which has a list of all the performances for the season and also a handy way you could
donate time
or materials it is at genesius
dot org
and it gave you a lot to see last week's interviews right here or watch other additions
check us out of wqpt dot org
with post each program for you to see again in tonight show
you'll see posted next week
on the web
on the air we thank you for sharing your time with us
in the cities
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