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Hello everybody i'm Richard Witzig for the World HIV/AIDS Music Project
also known as the plant
for the past twenty eight years of work with people living with h_i_v_ aids in
different regions of the world
h_i_v_ is an infectious disease a poverty meaning that poor people
contracted more often due to a lack of resources and human rights
though the other treatment for h_i_v_ every improved the transmission rates
are not decreasing as rapidly as required to control the h_i_v_ aids
and some areas the rates are not decreasing at all
and this is where we in the medicine and public health professions need a lot of
we've reached our limit
we need serious social and cultural assistance in order to reach people and
make them feel comfortable empowered to look after their help
which is integral to their families and communities health
and we think that music
can help
program project idea is to organize unions this hopeful however music
to help break down social barriers in statement a trustee
the fact is deputy cio d_a_'s pandemic is over thirty years old but as of yet
the lacks in organized presentation of the global social political impact of
h_i_v_-aids specific music
that his songs written and performed about the h_i_v_ aids pandemic
much of this music is positive compelling invokes emotions interval the
life experiences and can assist in the killing of individuals and communities
that's what this project is all about
the project model seeks to address critical enduring problems with the
h_i_v_ aids pandemic
lack of awareness of h_i_v_ aids and how to protect themselves
and loved ones
lack of empowerment to be tested and follow-up for treatment
lack of family community solidarity to support people living with h_i_v_
to confront perhaps the greatest challenge than a stigma against people
living with h_i_v_ aids which affects people both in general society in when
faced by destructive
bureaucratic policies
as nelson mandela points out
h_i_v_-aids is a human rights issues
and it's clear that stigma against people living with h_i_v_ aids
and their families and communities needs to be destroyed before the pandemic is
well music has tremendous formative power for individuals and community
and what is right with intelligent socially relevant lyrics music can be
one of the most carrying a revolutionary arts man
where project provides h_i_v_ specific music that one person in the
comprehensive forms
landscape empower individuals and communities
and will act as a social vaccine designed to keep peace h_i_v_
transmission from music and knowledge dissemination anywhere the website of
our map is available
which we aim to make worldwide
the h_i_v_-aids global effort these these kinds of of social vaccines
because the medical vaccine
these decades away and will not be useful controlling h_i_v_
pandemic anytime soon
by providing this best musical culture and one searchable database by year
artists title song or album musical genre geographical region and language
and providing the words and music
people will start to realize there's a whole cultural world out there that is
supporting people communities affected by h_i_v_-aids
and then they can be inspired to help break down barriers to acceptance and
work towards the revocation stigma that violates the human rights of people
living with h_i_v_
the first h_i_v_ specific songs performed in nineteen eighty five
even before the virus is named h_i_v_
this is somebody came a calypso the mighty spell from trinidad west indies
there now thousands of h_i_v_ specific songs and dozens of languages in winter
bring all of them to the world with audiovideo there is someone else
this includes songs by globally known artists like elton john
bruce springsteen queen cindy labora annie lennox blueberries neil young
two songs by less than an artist often struggling with their own families and
t_v_ stations
many musical giants have already fallen around the world aids
examples include freddie mercury from the group cleaning
was born in santa barbara within india
felker from nigeria
frankel la boheme zaire liberace u_s_a_
and offer house if it israel
it said that we stand on the shoulders of giants yes we do
we stand on the shoulders of millions of people who struggle to maintain human
dignity wall facing not only a mental disease
but also the social diseases about isolation and stigma
please love look over the website already opened aggravate reviews music
project at work
web project at work
it started with two hundred songs organize chronologically
from nineteen eighty five with complete information
and the rest of the one thousand with
it's returning finally campaign to actively information to a hundred new
so at the end of the funny dr we'll have more than a thousand song to have
complete searchable information
within three months after this funding drive whatever number of one thousand
songs with comprehensive information
respected eventually have ten thousand h_i_v_ specific songs and perhaps one
hundred mind
after the main english website itself will turn our attention to translations
of the french spanish portuguese
chinese and russians and then move on to have a question
finding decent japanese hockey league
achieve maximum dissemination
painting and other languages after
any contribution you make with a financial about providing new
h_i_v_-aids specifics on similar any language
will be permanently knowledge on the website
we're depending on our global partners provide music from their unique part of
the world
the world h_i_v_-aids music project will go as far as you can imagine
if we had she refunding call we can finish out the database of two thousand
if we go above the golden can build up the side even farther using more
languages and reach more people who need to know that the world music will
support them
picked up our but the goal is to help too
we plan to have a free felon concert experience of the influential artists
who defied conventions are right and perform positive and power and songs
about running
human child says the h_i_v_ pandemic
in reality the more back and we have been more will be able to promote the
importance of power between worldwide
from classical music to jess from pop to hip-hop
thank you from our team here in the world music city of new orleans
the birthplace of jazz are truly international music that part
incorporated beats rhythms and melodies from all over the world and made a
beautiful new new music
we can make all we can all make beautiful music together with the world
h_i_v_-aids music project
and create a wall of sound and social justice in support of our brothers and
sisters worldwide
thank you very much
he said