Babs Johnson, part 08 of 10: "Incarceration in Nursing Homes"

Uploaded by ItsOurStoryProject on 10.07.2010

Maybe what we talk about with the nursing home industry of how this country feels like
its ok to institutionalize people in other words, force somebody to give up everything
they own except for what will go in a dresser and go share a room with a stranger for the
rest of their life all because you have a bladder problem, you know incontinence? Is
wrong and we are brought up with the whole thought of you go to a nursing home to die.
And everyone that is there, that’s how they feel. And you just lose hope after your in
there for so long, so why does this country think that’s ok to do that to people, to
incarcerate people in nursing homes for the crime of having a disability.