PUB2ID v3 Microsoft Publisher to InDesign Converter

Uploaded by markzwareTV on 08.11.2010

Hello, everybody and good day!
My name is David Dilling,
and on behalf of Markzware, today I'd like to show you our new Pub2ID
Pub2ID v3, or Markzware's
Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign conversion plugin
for InDesign CS4 or CS5,
will convert Microsoft
2002 to 2010 Publisher files
right into Adobe InDesign.
Well, without further ado,
let's go see a live demonstration of how this works.
Alright, you see we've got some
.pub files in. A customer really wants us to output these and we really want the job,
it's a
big university and
yeah, we want to help them out.
The problem is if I double-click it, I can't open it in any
application and I don't have Publisher
on this Macintosh.
Well, we want to work with this file.
That's where Markzware's Pub2ID v3 comes in.
Available for Macintosh or Windows,
it will allow you to open
and use
these Microsoft Publisher
For more information on Pub2ID v3,
simply go to Markzware's webpage.
Alright. So, we've gone over to
and there's our main product page, our main, here's our main webpage and
you can see all of our products that will scroll by,
and you can also go to our Product section and simply choose Pub2ID
You'll see all of our other products, like PageZephyr for
extracting and allowing you to search text within Publisher, as well as InDesign and
Quark files,
and many of our other conversion and preflight tools, like the popular FlightCheck,
a stand-alone tool to
pre-flight your Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Publisher, EPS, PDF,
pretty much, you name it, type of
desktop publishing files,
for errors before you output to the internet or
to print.
In this case, we choose Pub2ID v3
and we will get a full overview
of the features and functions.
This movie, of course, will be embedded, as well,
as well as system requirements for the Mac or the Windows version.
Please read this carefully.
On the right hand side, you'll see information, such as the manual, and
more technical information to help you get started quickly, although, as you'll
see in a moment, the process is very simple.
If you're going to buy multiple seats, we have tremendous discounts,
and for now, we just want to Buy Now.
So, we can get started and convert this Microsoft Publisher
2010 file right into Adobe InDesign CS5 or CS4.
Right. So, we click Buy Now and that'll get us started. The installation is quite easy.
The activation
does require internet access, but is also straightforward.
Installation is simple.
Simply copy and paste the long license code
from your email you got from the online Store
or from the reseller who sold you the product,
and then choose either Setup CS4 or Setup CS5 file and double-click to
install Pub2ID.
Actually, you should read
your installation instructions
and some of the other information,
if you have any questions or before you get fully started.
It is quite simple, but there is one important area to really watch out for
and that's at the very end of activating the license,
which does require an active internet connection,
and that is, quite simply make sure you click Finish and not Next, at the end.
Right. So, here we are in Adobe InDesign CS5.
And up top in the menu item, to the right-hand side, you'll see the
Markzware menu item
and this is where all the action is going to go down, in this case.
Let's take a closer look at that item.
Alright. So, here we are in the Markzware menu item,
and you see some of our other products, like
Q2ID, which will convert QuarkXPress documents also right into
and some other stuff we're working on
but Pub2ID is right here, in the middle, in this case.
Here are products I've purchased from Markzware.
And if we choose
Convert MS Publisher Document,
that's how easy it is, in effect.
The Pub2ID Updates is where you'll get
linked to our web page to the latest version.
And the License Control is where you just were when you activated the product. Here you
can deactivate or
adjust your license.
So, we want to convert that Publisher file.
Simply select Convert MS Publisher Document
and we get
the next dialogue.
Alright, so we get the dialog, Open Publisher dialogue, and if we
one of the files,
one of the Microsoft Publisher
files we're trying to open,
we can simply select it and
choose Open,
and the work begins.
Markzware's conversion technology is based on our readers,
which make the job of converting extremely easy for products like Pub2ID,
in this case. Markzware's years of experience in preflighting, with FlightCheck,
in multiple file formats, as a stand-alone application,
has led us to this ability to also convert, extract, and even search content
in some of our other products,
all without opening
the native application.
Here, you see we're opening a Microsoft Publisher file, without even having
Publisher on our system.
Once opened, you'll see we have a completely editable and
usable layout
right within Adobe InDesign CS5.
even extracts the images
from within the Publisher file, embedded deep within the file format.
Thus, you'll be able to reuse those images
in your new layout in Adobe InDesign.
Let's take a closer look.
Here, we see the file,
quite a complex file,
lots of images and diagrams and
over here, we see links to all the different images used.
And on our desktop, we have the Images folder,
and if I click that open, you'll see
all the images
used in the file
are right here within
the Images folder, where they were just extracted
by Pub2ID.
Now, with any conversion, we do recommend, of course, that you do a complete
check over, a pre-flight, if you will,
preferably with FlightCheck stand-alone pre-flight.
Easy to use. You don't have to
fumble around with confusing terminology within other built-in,
you know, sub-quality
pre-flighting systems.
FlightCheck will let you know, really quickly, what's going on.
What you see here is the
amazing ability of the Markzware conversion tools,
the, in this case, Pub2ID v3
InDesign Cs5
InDesign CS4 for
Macintosh or Windows.
Yeah. You saw how great it was, but don't believe me.
Go check out our web page again,
and this time,
check out down here in the right-hand side,
you'll see Pub2ID links,
and you'll see, in particular here,
Pub2ID reviews and testimonials.
Click on there
and there you can see all the informative articles and information,
user testimonials, user stories on
how well Pub2ID worked for them.
As this customer said, a plug-in for Adobe makes
the end product painless and beautiful.
Well, I don't know if we can make it any more beautiful than what you've designed,
but Pub2ID will certainly help you
migrate from Microsoft Publisher right into Adobe InDesign.
Our handle over there on Twitter is simply Markzware, @markzware
as they say,
and you can stay abreast of all of our latest information that,
what we've been up to, and what others are saying, as well, with a lot of customer
interaction over here on Twitter, a really unique tool for
printers, publishers, and designers to interact with each other,
often in real time.
And, of course, don't forget our YouTube channel
or our Facebook page, as well. Come to our communities and give feedback and
we really appreciate that.
So, thank you, again, Markzware, here signing off.
Have a great day!