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There's a lot of misguided information and advice on Pro Ana and Thinspiration, so I
decided to make this quick video. I've done a lot of research and have definitely tried
some bizarre things.
But i'm going to tell you guys the things that helped me most and get the body that
I want.
Drink plenty of liquids especially water and green tea. Drinking plenty of water will help
crave hunger and make you feel fuller. Drinking green tea is great as it increases your metabolism
and the anti oxidants make your skin look great.
Sleep at least 7 hours. If you don't get enough sleep you will feel hungrier the next day.
Your body also burns calories while your sleeping, so there is a double benefit.
Exercise at least 3-4 times a week. Do high intensity exercises such as aerobics or sprints.
Not only will you burn more calories but your body will continue to burn calories for hours
after your done.
Avoid alcohol. There's just too many calories in alcohol and there isn't any nutrients that
your body needs. Alcohol can also lead to more binge eating and drinking, so stay away
whenever you can.
Everybody loves to have a snack between meals. Replace your usual snack with celery. It's
great because it fills you up and it increases your metabolism.
Eat slowly. Most people over eat because they eat too fast. It takes 20 minutes for the
body to realise that it's full, so take your time with your meals. Eat slowly and you won't
overeat as often.
Visualize yourself with the body that you really want. This is a surprisingly powerful
technique to stay motivated and will help you to stop binging on high calorie junk food.
Lastly stay away from the shakes and magic products that claim to just melt fat away,
they simply don't work.
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