[ENG SUB] 110112 Kim Junsu Interview YTN News and Issue Part 2

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Subbed and Translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
Einstein. Albert Einstein.
It is ok to ask you a question right? JS: Yes.
During the Mozart Musical, despite the fact that there wasn't enough time to practise, in just 2 days, you memorised all the songs and lines completely. There has even been talk that you are a genius.. What is your IQ?
JS: IQ? Announcer: Yes, let's start by first asking about your IQ.
Firstly, I don't think my IQ is that high..
Because, well..if I were to give an explanation now.. when I take IQ tests, I have never taken them properly before.
I just did it with a child's mind, the way I liked it, half-heartedly.. so I really don't know my IQ.
From my viewpoint, I think I am lacking in deduction skills. But I think that I am someone with a good memory. [Ah, Junsu, me too! ^^]
You did well in your studies when you were in School right? JS: I did well in the subjects that required memorising.
Isn't it called last minute cramming? [Lol I did that often too~^^] For those subjects, if I cram for 1 or 2 days, I can get over 90 marks...
Did you have such thoughts too while memorising your lines? JS: Yes. I have confidence when it comes to memorising~
Ok. I understand. You have answered those questions which couldn't be avoided very well.
As we announced a few times that Kim Junsu would be appearing, our twitter was overflooded with tweets from everywhere.
It is also the first time for me.. to receive so many questions from others on my own personal twitter.
Now, let's looks at the twitter images and answer the questions.
The tweets sent to @ytnpeople came with photographs too. There are questions about Mozart, questions about cats..
Tweet Trans: Out of the 6 cats, which is most similar to Junsu Oppa? As expected, is it leader Tigger, who receives Oppa's love fully?
Do you keep cats?
JS: Yes, I keep cats. Announcer: How many? JS: I have 6 cats.
How did you end up rearing cats?
At first, cats didn't really attract me.. I liked dogs.. I didn't like cats but one day, JaeJoong Hyung came back with a cat.
And it looked really cute. And I started thinking that "Ah. so cats are so cute.".
And above everything else, one of the main reasons is that since young, their excrement can be properly separated.. so for someone like me who goes out often to work, it is convenient to rear them.
There are really many questions sent through twitter. It is difficult to choose. Well.. there are questions about the concert too.. Let's look at another question~
Ah there is this question. You have many Japanese fans.
Tweet Trans: There are also many Japanese fans who are waiting for Asia's Star Kim Junsu. ^^ There are many fans who are worried that perhaps you might have forgotten Japanese...
...Please say something in Japanese~~ Please promote Tears of Heaven using Japanese.
Announcer: Ah. this will be difficult. JS: Now? Announcer: Yes, Because there are fans who are worried that you have forgetten Japanese, will you try? [Junsu looks nervous~ ^^] Please look at the camera in front~
Good Afternoon~ It has been a really long time since I last used Japanese.. The Tears of Heaven musical is heartwrenching. As it is a huge production that is created together with creators from all over the world,
Everyone too, please listen to it lots, please try to watch it. Thank you~
Announcer (M): I have no idea what he is saying... Announcer (F): Because international staff will be participating, please anticipate this work.. This is what you are saying right? JS: Yes.
Ah. I see.. I think the Japanese fans will be very glad. Lastly, let's look at another one.. Let's look at the twitter questions.
There is a question about movies too.. What was the most recent movie that you saw?
JS: Ah.. I watched "Hello Ghost" starring Cha TaeHyeon. Announcer: Was it enjoyable?
At first, I went with a light-hearted attitude to have a good time watching it, but at the end I felt a surge of emotions and was really touched. It was very good.
Wait... this is a fan's question..
Tweet trans: Junsu Oppa~ Angel Xiah ❤ Shoot ^.^ Please do it today again as a memory for 2011 ^.^
I really don't know what this is about. Junsu sshi.. Is it ok to do it? What is this asking you to do?
JS: I am really embarrassed~ Must I do this? Announcers: Since it is a request from the fans and not from us...
JS: But doing it on the news is a little... Announcer: Look at the camera and do it once... JS: I think all of you will be surprised.. ah no.. well it is not that much of a big deal.. One, Two, Three...
Ah.. though we made a difficult request.. JS: the fans are really amazing...
Because there isn't much time, please just answer 2 questions briefly.
Firstly, the music essay which includes your self-composed songs and essays will be released. It has already reached Number 1 on the bestseller lists. Why did you decide to release this essay collection?
Firstly, our self-composed songs were first introduced to the public at our concert in Korea last year. As we have not been releasing any Korean albums, everyone is waiting and that is also one of the reasons for preparing this music essay.
Also it will contain 6 tracks, and these are songs which we composed ourselves.
I think that has a deep meaning. and above all, the reason why we are releasing this as a book is.. our words.. and the lyrics we wrote, these are not normal lyric compositions, but lyrics which are similar to how we feel
The lyrics wriiten express the current situation.. and we thought wouldn't it be suitable? and so we specially prepared it..
There is a question which I do not want to miss asking.. There was a fan who requested that you sing a little.. Is it ok to request that of you?
Nothing too complicated.. just something from Tears of Heaven which you like.. JS: Ok.
"Everything has changed.." "모든게 변한거죠"
"Because of you.. This world has changed completely." "그대 때문에 이세상이 모두 변한거죠"
"If you look at my face, lf you look at my lips "내 얼굴을 보면 입술을 보면..."
"Till now, I have never loved like this before." "지금까지 난 한번도 이렇게 사랑해 본 적 없죠"
Wah.. As to why Kim Junsu has so many fans.. after listening to that, i can really understand.. ok, the PD is saying that there is really no time left.. please briefly tell us your wish for this year~
Through the musical Tears of Heaven, I am greeting you for the first time this year. Because we prepared it with the best staff and actors, please really anticipate it and come to watch it~
Subbed and Translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
I hope that this year will be a year where all the dreams and wishies you wish to fulfill will be fulfilled. Let's be happy together. Thank you~
Till now, we have met Kim Junsu, a really distinguished man. Thank you. Thank you~