Na`Vi JAILED @ Sarajevo

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jun 24, 2011

- We start recording.
We are now an Intel Extreme Masters,
season 6, welcome!
- I’ m not having fun.
This is not Extreme Masters, it’s a kind of prison.
- Prison! Bars on the windows,
police watches us from the outside.
- Police…police…
I sit behind bars in prison
- Welcome to Krakowja.
- Welcome to Krakowja.
- Zero, they are sitting in the car
right now and see us filming.
- I can place it on ceh9’s butt.
Why do they guard us?
- Just come film over here – dirt, dust, trash.
- Food, which we have to take with us.
- They also told us,
that if we want to visit WC,
we had to do it earlier.
- Intel Extreme Masters,
season 6 finishes filming from the barrack.
- 14.05.02
- Oh, what has he written?
- Something in Arabic. Wow, cool,
people get deported from here.
We shall read it now.
- Ask kebab. We have rock inscriptions
here of the first people.
- Someone tried to plug-in the phone
here. Same happened with his hand
- Do you want to charge your lap-top?
Please, use the socket.
- It cuts hands.