Google+ Hangout with our online Deaf Club? Dine & Sign episode 38

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Hi, I'm Alex and this is my father. He's deaf and I'm not. Join us as we share a father-son
conversation over a bite to eat and I start to learn that he's got a unique little way
of saying things to me. This is Dine and Sign.
I want people to follow me who are interested with this show. Because I want to announce
that we will have our G+ hangout party. Before we were talking about online gathering, up
to 10 people. That will be Father's day June 17th! I want to announce! So follow me on
Twitter to talk about the show.
I think we need it.
So we can see people around. No more Deaf clubs.
Less travel. I know. The economy has changed my life.
Studies show people are more "connect", but fell more lonely, because they're on their
computer. Sometimes I wonder- I'm on the computer, not going and seeing, socializing. That's
why I enjoy sitting with you, looking. Sometimes we have dinner without cameras, we eat breakfast,
but sometimes we sit and converse. Most of the time people take their food and go in
front of the computer. Sit and eat, watch TV, separate and not connected to people.
Do you think we've lost the feeling of connection?
Really, the Deaf are far. Hearing communities are around in the local town. We can see each
other often. Almost once a week. Deaf is once in… 2 months. Because they're so far. Gathering
only once.
Yeah. Because sometimes I go to the food store, I talk with one person, or bump into someone
else and talk in the aisle. But you don't know anyone, no one knows Sign Language.
I know. It's true. I'm used to it.
That feeling of loneliness. I was thinking-
I feel like that can be damaging. You feel alone.
I understand what you mean, but, I'm used to it.
That's why I'm trying to show you technology. Google+, you can see and meet Deaf, talk,
online. Technology changes.
Yes, I'm trying.
You know instant message? I call Twitter "Instant Message with the world". You can send, send,
send, fast. You can have conversations going. I have my phone pop up- "Hi", where VP-
Is limited. Only 1 on 1.
My generation- phone calls are boring, talking, waiting. A conversation can happen over a
week. Every half hour, sometimes every minute. Sending messages, like AIM. Like we aim chat.
I like that talking, but is that better than visual? Seeing each other.
I'm still new.
Deaf clubs are no more. Long time ago, people flocked to the clubs. It was impressive. Now?
no more.
Maybe we start an online Deaf club.
Swell. That'd be great. Good luck.
Good luck, I know.
I'd be so happy. Before I tried, but I never got one.
I'm next.
Okay. I hope. I want to record and explain, discuss in the next episode, not now. After
Father's day.
We have ideas, we just need time to develop. But most importantly we need attention to
what we're doing because the Internet is a biiig world. I feel sometimes, nobody hears
us… but we find the community through social media.
That's why I feel that's the answer. Because we can connect and connect. Help each other
with our unity.
Will soon. Soon? When I die it's finally established? Make me sick.
That's why I'm looking for, a building itself? No, old fashioned. An online building, called-
wait. Watch. You will see the Google+ hangout on Father's day. You will understand the world.
People showing up with video.
I want the actual person. With a bar, drink, socialize. It's different.
We have to grow it. Like DeafNation.
DeafNation doesn't allow beer.
Right, right, right.
It's different. I want a club, same hearing clubs. People gather. I want a Deaf club.
That's limited to an Area. That one area, like Massachusetts.
Yeah! One spot. That's what I dream. Once, everyone gathers. Once a year. Or two times
a year. That's it! Good enough. I have nothing!
It's tough. I'm thinking… I wish, like hearing can meet any time. It's an open building.
People come and go, open to the public. I want one for the Deaf. The Deaf can't afford.
Because it's spread out, everyone is far. It has to be in an area, or town.
That's the answer: too far. It's not worth opening a building. Means we don't have one.
Technology gives us the opportunity to connect.
Yeah… online…
But connect so they know we have a party… twice a year… "oh!" And they can plan.
So many things required.
That's why I'm interested to see where it goes. I'm excited. Father's day! I think it
would be funny to bring you. I've been saying "The Internet Needs a Deaf Dad" that's my
goal: Bring a Deaf Dad to the world. So, that's my goal.
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