Rani MV ( Jolanne & Walker ) - It's Not Goodbye

Uploaded by chloemvids on 05.01.2012

My dear love
I know you're still mad at me
since you're not answering to the letters
I wrote to you for two years
Of course
I would avoid this
if I had follow you to Madras
But it wasn't possible for me
and I don't deny the decisions I made
My only and painful regret
is not to be able to see you anymore
to hear you
to kiss you
There is nothing left between us
since that's your choice
Lo and behold
seems like someone found her memory back
Oh Walker you're the only one I loved all along
and I'll never love anyone else
I'll be yours Craig Walker
for the rest of our lives
but later
Go to hell
Jolanne de Valcourt
since it's the path you chose
but you'll regret it
Walker you're crazy
I want to stay with you
As long as this war lasts it cannot happen
It's up to you to decide if we'll emerge defeated
or victorious
My love