Gönülçelen )) Episode 13 - Part 3/9 [English Subtitles]

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do you think he can win?
they can but there are other competitors who work hard..
like Nazar for example. She studies day and night
how do you know?
I can hear her. She's staying at our house
so many things have changed since I've gone..
(Berrin shows Nazar as a substitute in case something happens to Hasret)
(Ethem doesn't approve Nesrin doesn't either but she still supports her more than Hasret)
you can buy a house from around here It'll be an investment for you
no no. I've to go.. how can I get back to the warehouse?
It's a bit complicated
I really have to go
come and have a tea
Hasret will be waiting
we'll call her here. Come have a cup of tea
was there no other house in the neighbourhood for Nazar to stay?
what's wrong with that. My mom wanted her to stay She was living on the streets
and you jumped at the chance cause you are such a guardian angel
what??! are you still sleeping at the coffee shop?
I stay home sometimes
yeah I stay home but I'm not sleeping in the same bed with her..!!
why are you asking me all this? You've been staying at some man's house for months
I'm studying there
yeah right. Study my arse. Does he bring all his students home? No? But he keeps you there
I haven’t seen you properly for months. I always think of you
What is she doing? What is she eating? I can't sleep at night thinking of you
Are you aware? No! But when it comes to Nazar you're jealous
What are we Hasret? Are we just 2 neighbourhood's friends? Or 2 jealous lovers?
I don’t know
you don’t know cause that man has got you confused
You can't even answer my question
I got my answer
don’t say a word because I know it'll be a lie!
sister? Are you ok?
oh what are you doing here?
I came to listen to Kadir’s group.. look at me? Have you been crying?
I'm not crying..
what happened then?
you know the woman Cobra brought. She robbed him Took all his money and his car and left
oh are you upset for Cobra?
I'm not upset for him. I'm upset for myself.. Why can't I see the truth..
why can't I leave him alone? Forget him? Hasret? Why is cobra such a bastard?
I wonder where Hasret is?
she'll be here in a minute don’t worry
How is work?
does she sing well?
of course she can look at her teacher
I'm sure he taught her a lot but she 's been singing since she was a kid Cihan played the clarinet and she sang
yes they used to hold hands when they were little
Cihan used to have a stick and he acted like it was a clarinet
And Hasret used to have a rose and she acted as if it was her microphone
yes.. I wish I could see them get married. I want a grandchild
It'll happen in time
I don't want to wait. I want them engaged and married as soon as possible I want them to have a baby
you never speak teacher? You're a silent man aren’t you?
It's because we talked so much. He didn't have a chance to speak He's bored
what's your favourite song?
my favourite song is tent..
it dripped on my tent.. it dripped on my tent..
It rains on some people but I don't get a drop of luck or intelligence
Cobra can't find someone as great as you. If he does he would be unbelievably lucky
see I'm happy that the woman left and Cobra is here
But on the other hand I'm angry he's here cause he has caused me nothing but grief
now it's not important what you do. It's important what Cobra will do You'll have to be patient and wait
I should wait huh?
(The police arrive.. Murat hears that the police have gone to Gülnaz’s house)
(the police is looking for Kadir and a missing keyboard His step father has been arrested for stealing..)
apparently he gave one keyboard to a kid named Kadir
I thought Cihan bought that for you?
Have you all been lying to me? Shame on you
he was going to give it back..
I swear I didn't know it was stolen
I can't win the competition if I don’t have a keyboard
what will happen to this man?
he'll be in jail maybe for 2 years
I'm finished..
don’t be so hopeless. I'll arrange a new keyboard for you
Hurray.. you're the best teacher
stop stop I want to get off here..
Cihan Cihan.. stop.. where are you going?
Why are you so angry?
stop pushing me.. I am angry..
Why are you more supportive of Nazar?
I don't care about Nazar I just wants Hasret and Murat to be apart
see you later
see you later
what happened? You look moody?
I'm fine..
It's just that so many things have changed since I was gone
Cobra got robbed. Nazar is staying at Cihan’s house
yes so? At least she has a place to stay
Yes and Cihan sleeps at the coffee shop usually He only goes home sometimes usually for dinner
so.. no problem then? Anything else?? You're still thinking?
no.. I guess I've missed my neighbourhood. Where are we going?