Detoxing - Fundamentals - Klinghardt 4of12 (german and english subs)

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... we know it is always reverseable if put out of those ppls
OK. What we else got?
Nightly sweating,
yes, strange unexplainable smyptoms
within the nervous-system
more then else paraestisines
that are strange feelings, we touch it
and it feels like wrong. What is it, numb? Is it not numb? We do feel but it is kind of strange.
Like numb - but not as numb ..
That is mercury within the sensory-nerves.
Chronicle-pain-deseases and almost e4ything
belongs to it - like migraine, back-ache, shulder-ache
neck-ache, sciatica, - not that all cases
are caused by it, but the difference between acut ache
gone within weeks, and the ache that lasts longer than weeks and is still there
after years, not gone but worse - that is the mercury in the nervoussystem.
And that is something which i tryed to publish but until now noone was brave enough to handle that
hot iron - because too many ppls ar making
there money with selling their products
with drugs, that are lifelasting.
pain-products are lasting through life. anti-rheumatica are lifelasting.
a heavymetal-detoxification last a few mounth, maximum of 2 years, and is over then!
And within only a very few ppls made money with it.
And that is something of what u need 2 know:
That those ppls standing for a sensibly
detoxification from mercury - are
stepping on the feet of a whole industry that today
showes up - and with that in regard one may understand
that less money is provided for good studys
research on a scientific base, like ours
and so there is a great unbalance
so that if some ppls have still doubts and may think
"So what - if this is so great, we got to have heart of it jet!"
It is realy as simple that interests are
stored differently in that case ..
I suppose it to be equal in Europe than in the USA
Then we got chronicle (side) kidney desease - if just those don't work - chronicle fatigue,
loss of appetite and underweight,
overweight we find equaled to underweight -
both happens regarding to the pre-genetic-factors
it runs into different ways
hypoglycemisis is another symptom. ..
OK. That as a small listing in relation to mercury.
Now, I will show u the most important book
regarding to mercury contamination
It is published by Astrit and Helmut Siegel, of the
swizerland institue of anorganic chemistry,
called "Inorganic Chemistry".
That is known to be the best book to mercury worldwide.
Out of ur wonderful country! :)
And those 2 are no dentists, they're scientists
Just a moment regarding to 'science' ..
There are mounthly published in the whole world
over 9.000 scientific pubications
and they get judged on their qualitys, by US-courts and by the WHO(world health organisation)
and under the first 1.000 places there are no
dentalist science-magazines at all.
In the last 10 years the papers
that published how dangerous mercury is
have all been under the top twenty.
Within the first 1.000 there's no dentalist one -
and the dentalists magazines are the only ones
haveing published that mercury is not dangerous at all
and that, not because of studys - because of 'professional opinions'!
There are 2 ways to do science: The first is a controll- study where nothing is given, and one where given -
and then u look what happends over a long period of time. The another method,
that is till today only used in Europe, that is when a few professors come together, and make then
expert opinions, like: "in my experience,
mercury is not dangerus, because,
it is used since 160 years and
we do still live and we as humans do still exist.
Look at us how good wr're doing!" ... ;)
And that - is then the expert opinion.
And they are the only one's that -
OK - there are no scientific papers at all, showing mercury to be hramless.
Those do not exist - I did the researching. Belief me me. U can safe ur time.
Spent a lot of money about it - there isn't an article worldwide.
Just expert opinions saying that mercury is harmless.
But, there ar some over 10.000
good, scientific, peer-reviede publications
that show mercury to be poisioness.
And not only to sensitive ppls - to everyone.
U got to ackknowledge - there is scientific
research - and school-medcine plus dentailstic-medcine.
And school-medicne and dentailtic-medcine, have developed parallel to scientific research,
they're using parts of it from time to time
but in grounding facts, they did not come along to those scienctifics.
It takes always 40, 50, 60 years till things get implemented.
In opposite - there is money to make with it.
OK? This is the sad turth. And I am not here to
be a politician - just for the understandability
for those not taking part in science, it is important to just emphazise these things.
Good. And now, from out the book a few
lines that state the apparent out again:
very short, as introduction, im useing mercury as
a 'pars pro toto' - similar facts go along with
with silver and tin - the other 2 parts of fillings
that are poisioness.
Just shortly, to lay down a few arguments
Mercury-fillings: When a diameter mouth with 8
amalgam fillings, during a day 15-17 µgramm
mercury get absorbed into the body.
For every approx. 15µg get free -
and thereby an 1/8 is getting absorbed
into the body.
At the diameter amalgam-mouth that is 15µg daily.
Where amalgam, ops sorry mercury-steams
get remoted into the brain, the nerv-system
and other tissues.
About 2µg the body gets out of the air
food and eating fish.
Saying, because earlier we were like:
"Ah ok, someone with a lot mercury in the brain. -
Doen't it belong to al those fish and the enviromental
cirsumstances, car-pollutions, ect. .."
Today we know ca. 2µg come from that enviro- mental's - and 15-17µg from teethfillings.
Thats means u can - here in the 'west' - not if their are mercury pollutions,
like in 'Mian Marta' in Japan -
U can rest assured that enviromential
pollutions can be left aside for the moment.
Yes? - And the discussion, about what to do with the heavymetals and where it comes from should focus
on the fillings in teeth as a polluting source. ..
Though there are two main sources for mercury in the human body: the first is the teeth-fillings,
and the second is the mother.
A mother uses the growing body of the fetus as
a garbadge waster for her mercury.
Great amounts of the mercury from the mother
go to the fetus, cause it goes through the placentian-barrier.
And also in mothers-milk, there are great amounts of mercury.
And the causes of mercury at a growing baby are:
slowed down growth of braintissues,
a smaller brain, a smaller weight
an incomplete immune-system,
so that these children
- which we all are in this room btw, with a few exceptions our mothers all had amalgam-fillings
we were all born amalgam marred and grew never up to the potencial that originally was available.
Through advancements in nutrition,
less stress, and the advancements we have in
our evolution came across with
kids developing today have a much better chance
to have better teeth then we had
there happen to be mothers nowerdays, which
never had amalgam-fillings within their teeth
and the after-effects stay for about 2 generations
that means mercury is on one side handed on
to the kids through teeth-fillings, and also
through the fillings in their teeth.
the father's amalgam is important too, to the genetic-harms caused by mercury.
Oh, yes, mercury appears to be in the body in three different forms, for the biochemnists here, the first is HG0, metallic mercury as seen in thermometers, ...