Classical Vocal Training for Singers : Neck & Vocal Chord Massage for Classical Voice Training

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.02.2008

Hello, I'm Nina Mikhailova with Expert Village, and I'm teaching breathing techniques. I named
this exercise, "The Smell of Fire". So, you smell fire; right, left, right, left. You
do it like 10, 16 times, and then you do it from one shoulder to another; right, left,
right, left. If you feel like you have too much air, just let all the air go, and start
from the beginning. And then up and down. And every time you imagine like you smell
the fire; is it here, is it here, is it here. So your whole neck and all the neck muscles,
they will be relaxed, and with every breath you're massaging your vocal cords. So the
next exercise will be the opposite, you concentrate on the exhale, and you do this; like you're
trying to get rid of the smell of fire. Do it 10 times. Each one of them you do it 10
times, and you'll feel like you're already warmed up.