Thanksgiving 2009

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00:04,00:06 >> M: Can you explain how the drawing game
00:06,00:54 >> O: Ok, here's how it goes, I'll erase this
and tell you. So first somebody draws a scribble or something. Ta dah! AND THEN somebody else
draws it into something. This will be a froggie see it has the little eyeball. And then, like
that little thing, it's a piranha, yeah see how it has a little fishy tail? It has a little...
AND THEN these are the fishies scattering all below it, the tiny eeny weeney fishies
and they go below the piranha because they don't want the piranha to just go like in
front of them , so they will be below him, get it?
00:54,00:55 >> M: got it.
00:55,01:01 [Background tv sound]
01:01,01:09 [Fast forward voice sounds, not understandable]
01:09,01:40 >> O: K... I'm done.
>> M: Ok let's see. >> O: This is a guy who has a mustache and
this is his umm mouth. He's happy. See? >> M: Is that, Is that his tongue? He has
a plaid tongue? >> O: No that's, that's his teeth. That's
his tongue right... >> M: OHH! And he has a,, OK I get it, I get
it! >> O: Then here's the nose and that's the
eyeballs and these are the little wrinkles on his nose
>> M: Very nice, OK. >> S: Ta dah.
[Background tv sound]
>> O: So you can see it a little better. So this used to be a big scribble. That's a little
shark under there. That's the sail, that's the top like the head thing. And then there's
that's the reflection, by the shining. There's the man steering the ship. He's got a big
nose. That's his nose. So I'm, this is mine. That's the big wave in the background and
then it's by me. I'm going to write on the back.
>> M: OK... Remember to use the other pen so it doesn't ...ruin your picture on the
other side >> O: Yep
>> S: I have a boyfriend >> M: I heard you have more than one boyfriend
>> S: Six hundred >> M: Six hundred?! How do you keep them all
happy? >> S: They just be happy every time.
>> M: Yeah? Don't they get mad at each other and say, "I want to be the ONE
boyfriend." ? >> S: Yeah and I'm marrying, and I'm marrying
umm someone else than Grant because Grant is my...
>> O: Grant is greedy, right S? >> S: Yeah 'cause he loves me so so much.
>> M: Yeah? >> S: And he wants me to marry him. Sometimes
I have to take some time off though AND he says "I don't like you." And I get
some time off. >> M: Everybody needs their alone time. There's
nothing wrong with that. >> S: He always...
>> O: She started a fight, didn't you get in a fight?
>> S: Yeah I got in a fight with Grant and Logan and Logan said...
>> O: Logan is one of her boyfriends. >> M: Oh.
>> S: And Logan said, "I wanna to marry her." And Grant said, "I wanna marry her. I
wanna marry her." Then they were fighting over ME! I'm only one person so they can't
marry me both, but I can't have a double marriage. So I'm going to marry both of them
then. >> M: Sure, why not?
>> S: I don't know. >> M: If everybody's happy why not?
>> O: I was mad that thinking her faking one marriage.
>> S: Yeah. >> O: So it doesn't end up like a rainy day.
Like this picture. >> M: Ooh!
>> M: Hello Jacques PŽpin. >> D: Do you have any Grey Poupon?
>> M: No. Whatcha got going on here? >> D: We're smoking a l3 lb turkey and baking
one traditionally. >> M: Excellent. If you eat turkey.
>> D: And the turkey of the year is...
[Fast forward voices]
[People talking off camera (about kids in class...) ]
>> D: Hey Morgyn how about living in the moment and turning the camera off for a
second? [D laughing at his own joke]
[Fast forward voices]
[Instrumental relaxing music ( also people talking off camera about house hunting.)
[Fast forward voices]
>> JW: You don't have to eat what you don't like.
JR -You want bread?
M- Whatcha say? O- I've got moves.
G- Yes she does! She's got moves! C'mon She's got moves too!
(Extra fast forward voices and music)
JW - I gotta do it again? fYou sure you don't want coffee now?
M - Pumpkin pie spice!