Wasu aur Mein- Episode 3 (With English Subtitles)

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Wasu this money that I will give you...
What will you do with it?
I thought hard last night...
I said to myself- let's go to Bangladesh!
What have you done Muji? You must have told him to go to Bangladesh!
If he says Israel tomorrow, will you take him to Israel?
Tell him to go to Dubai.
Just in case, we submitted all of Wasu's documents and details in the passport office.
- So you only want to go to Bangladesh? - Yes.
Why, do you have an objection Waja?
Wasu's needle is stuck on Bangladesh.
Now the question is- will we go with him or not?
Set up a meeting for me with this fair girl
- I'll try. - Try.
Her hand?!
Hello. Hello.
Hello. Assalam-o-alaikum.
Look at this Biryani- its hideous. You call this Biryani?!
Is this how Biryani is made??
Look at this- is this what food looks like??
Tell me something- whose house is this? All these cars are parked here.
His name is Zulfiqar Mirza.
Arrange a meeting with him for me.
How can I arrange a meeting just like that?
No, no, no appointment. I want to meet him right now.
How are you sir? Thank you so much
How are you?
Just a little while ago, I got a call that there is no record of Wasu's family in NADRA's system.
None of them has an ID card.
The man who I thought was a history teacher,
political worker
and god knows what else...
Could he be a suicide bomber?
Or a terrorist?
Or a spy?
I'd been roaming around the whole city with him,
making him meet important people.
And now... I'm seriously worried!
For the sake of this show, what have I done?!?
Suicide bomber? Spy? Terrorist?
We assume all kinds of things about a poor man from a remote area.
And I made this same mistake.
Wasu was none of these things.
He is just an innocent man, a poet.
Actually, the photograph we had taken for his passport was not matching with the photograph on his ID card.
Now everything has been resolved and we are going to Bangladesh!
- Photographer? - Yeah!
Waja, do Bangladeshis hate Pakistanis?
Waja, who tells you such things?! This is absolutely not true.
Waja look, you find me 5 men who say that they love Pakistan.
It's no big deal, finding 5 men. I'll just ask our driver to say it.
Brother can you say that you love Pakistan.
Waja these people don't understand Urdu. Tell him in English.
Hey, I can speak Urdu.
Waja there is so much checking here. Do the guests bring bombs?
No no there are frequent security threats in big hotels. That is why they have checking.
Waja then let's stay in a smaller hotel.
No no we'll stay in the big hotel. Come on!
Is this the key Waja?
Look for yourself.
You aren't joking are you?
No no this is the key! The conventional key isn't used anymore. They now have an electronic key.
You slide this inside and the door opens. The computer reads it.
I'm exhausted. The flight was short but when you go to another country, you get exhausted anyway.
Yes of course Waja! How will you not?
Go freshen up. Then I'll freshen up. Then let's go out and see the city.
You're not too tired are you?
How're you doing?
All good.
What's the plan? Where's Wasu?
Wasu's been in the bathroom for quite a while now.
I thought about knocking but I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable.
There's no sound coming from in there. God forbid something hasn't gone wrong has it?
No what problem- should I knock?
Knock and see.
Should we call room service?
What if there's a problem? Let's call room service.
Should we?
Wasu, my brother! What's happened? Open the door.
If we call security from downstairs, there'll be a problem. Wasu, open the door!
- Should we call them? - Yes.
- Coughing? He's coughing! - Yes, he's alive. He's alive!
Open the door!
Let' see the impact. What is the impact on the people here. They have completely changed the paradigm-
What is this nonsense Wasu?!? We've been knocking for so long. You didn't-
We'll have time to listen to songs later. The time that we have left...
...let's go see Dacca for a little while. Yeah? What do you think Mujji?
Let me just change clothes in the bathroom.
Why're you going back Wasu?!?
- Don't listen to songs! - Let's play loud music so he doesn't do it in the bathroom.
Waja how much did he give us?
Waja then that means that the Taka is worth more than our Rupee.
Yes Taka is worth more than our Rupee. We gave Rs. 1000 and got back 800 Takas.
Then....with us....
Before they would say 'a man worth only 2 Takas'. Now I will not say that.
Now I will say 'a man worth only 2 Rupees'!
Yes! Yes! This fact I will-
Waja these double decker busses are standing here. Are we going to see Bangladesh on foot?
No, no. When we turn the corner, there is a cycle rickshaw there.
Waja, is there a motorcycle engine attached to it?
There is a person attached to the front!
This is very inhuman Waja!
It is inhuman but they get wages out of it but-
Brother, how are you? Doing well?
How much money will you take? How much- 20 Taka? 4 Taka?
Waja, ask him something.
- 400... - 400....Taka? Taka.
Come on, should we go?
Waja do they have donkey carts here?
Waja, there are no donkey carts here. In 2006, the guide told me they imported about 20 donkeys.
So donkeys are well respected here!
Waja, are there no beggars here?
Beggars are in Pakistan as well as here. They are always there.
There shouldn't be beggars. The government should do something for this.
Waja, it is necessary to have beggars. Otherwise if we don't give charity, we will go to hell.
What kind of an absurd...what kind of an absurd idea is this? You mean there should be beggars?
Yes of course!
Nobody should have to beg Waja.
Waja people have to beg, we have to do charity in God's name. Only if there are beggars-
You are a king Waja!
Look, the Bengali language is written everywhere. They all have one religion, one faith.
You're right!
In Pakistan, somewhere its Punjabi, somewhere its Pathan, somewhere Sindhi, somewhere Baluch.
- This is why we have problems in Pakistan! - You're right Waja.
Waja, these double decker busses standing here- are they owned by the government? Are they for the public Waja?
They are the government's. They aren't private. The government runs them.
We don't have so many double decker buses in our Pakistan Waja.
In our Pakistan, there isn't a single double decker bus!
- And we don't have cycle rickshaws either Waja! - You're right.
Waja, he doesn't hate us, does he? Say 'I love you Pakistan'.
I love you Pakistan!
- Say it again! - I love you Pakistan.
Look Wasu, we found at least one. Don't worry, some people here love us as well.
Don't you get tired cycling all day?
- Yes, yes. - You get tired...
Waja this is the rainy season. Won't we get drenched?
It hasn't rained yet. I don't think it will.
If it does, all the cameras will be ruined...
Waja then we will also be drenched- we are sitting on a cycle rickshaw.
Stop it on the side. You Wasu are....
Waja what is this?
This is a statue of their national leader.
Waja they don't have a statue of Quaid-e-Azam, or Allama Iqbal, the man who first dreamed of Pakistan. Why is this?
These are all those people who persevered, worked hard, oversaw this country. Otherwise look-
Waja look at him- he's smoking a hookah!
Now what could I tell Wasu, that this is the only Pakistani to have received a Nobel Prize.
Pakistan may have forgotten Dr. Abdus Salam, but the world has remembered him!
They can't pronounce the letter 'z'
I was taking a little time coming down in the morning. So I thought our time was being wasted.
But our chief director didn't waste a second!
Shoot all of this.
Shoot this.
Long live Cyrus! Long live! Record all of this.
From here! From here where I'm standing. From here, from here, from here.....yes!
Yes my brother! May you live long.
- Did you have fun at night? - Fantastic. I had a lot of fun.
- Have you put on his mic? - Yes, yes it's on me.
- Really? - Yes....okay!
Waja, this area is very green by the way.
It's very green. Looks like Islamabad.
Yes it does look like Islamabad.
Look at the chain of hands.
- What? - Waja, that is a chain of hands.
- You're right! They are holding hands, is that why? - Yes, yes.
Look men and women are all standing together.
They don't have that here. They all fought for freedom Waja.
But there should also be photo of Baba (Quaid-e-Azam) here, because he was the one that freed us.
He was the one who drove the English away. The foreigners.
These people also made sacrifices, that's true. I accept that
I request the Bangladeshis that they should also put up a photo of Baba.
What a great idea!
Waja what is this?
These are the heroes who won Bangladesh her freedom.
Heroes? Like a film hero or something kind of hero Waja?
These are not film heroes. They actually freed Bangladesh.
This place is called 'Oporajeyo Bangla.' meaning undefeated Bangladesh.
So the people who freed the country, their freedom fighters, this is their statue.
Waja who is called the 'father of the nation'? The one who wins independence the first time or the second time?
'Father of the nation' is the one who wins independence the first time...
...which was Quaid-e-Azam. But the second time, these people also worked hard.
Waja are there statues like this in Karachi?
I can't remember seeing statues in Karachi. Maybe they are deliberately broken, that's why no one makes statues.
This is part of a country's heritage! How can anyone break them?! Look how we enjoyed seeing them right now.
Yes you are right. They break them like they do in Afghanistan...
...they break them in Afghanistan. But you are right- there are no statues of people in Karachi.
Over here, they have statues of everything! I've really had a great time...
Looking at the statues?
By the way, it really is strange that there are no statues in Karachi. People break them. I remember no one makes them...
Waja, what is this?
This is 'Shaheed Minar'. The guide just told me this is called Shaheed Minar.
Waja, is this like in Pakistan where we have monuments and gardens named after men who sacrificed their lives for the country?
No...this is for a movement that was based on language.
When it was a part of Pakistan and negotiations were underway, they said that Urdu should be the national language.
They said no it should be Bengali because there were more Bengali- speaking people here.
So this is why they started a movement for this and now they've made this monument to commemorate that.
Urdu should also have been spoken here Waja.
Waja this is a tricky issue. There were more Bengali- speaking here but...
Look they have Bengali written everywhere. Have you seen the car number plates? They are also written in Bengali.
In our country, the regional language is spoken at home. Then they speak Urdu in public.
Then when they write official letters in their office, they write it in English. And they pray to God in Arabic.
Waja is this a Sardar's (feudal lord) home?
No there is a great Nawab here- this is his house. They don't have the feudal system here. They don't have Sardars.
Waja then how does this country function?
They don't have the feudal system- this is exactly why the country functions!
If they would have the feudal system, how would it function?
One second...I'm getting a call.
We are sitting outside a Nawab's house. Recording the program.
Ok fine. Ok Khudahafiz. Alright. I'll talk to you later. Ok bye.
Who was calling?
That was my wife calling from Pakistan.
She was asking where I am, what I'm doing.
Your wife has passed away right?
She passed away in 1992.
- You didn't remarry after that? - No I didn't remarry.
So does anyone ever call you from home?
Yes, the kids call me. But without a wife, there's no fun.
My heart says that over here I should....get married.
- Over here? - Yes.
With who?
You know these great Nawabs, when they marry into another country, it increases their friendship.
- So when you marry like that it will increase our friendship? - It will increase our friendship.
- And what if it doesn't increase? - It will increase Waja. How could it not?
- It looks to me like- - If there is a familial relation, then it will increase.
- I think you just want to get married, that's why you're saying this. - No, no.
- It has nothing to do with Pakistan and Bangladesh's friendship. - Their friendship will increase!
- Really? - Yes, yes.
- How will our friendship increase? - It will increase since 2 countries are marrying each other...
...so their friendship will increase. She will come to my country, I'll go to hers.
Our friendship will increase!
I thought that Wasu was joking. But maybe the ambiance was such that Wasu couldn't resist.
Wasu's inner Baluch lover had awakened! But I was afraid that in Pakistan the news would spread that...
...Shehzad Roy and a Baluch were caught teasing not a girl, but a woman!!
Waja so how was...did you have fun today in Bangladesh? Has your fear subsided?
Waja, I had a lot of fun.
So that's great. At least your fear is gone.
We met her when we were checking in.
Waja should I sing a song for her?
Very good!
Waja will she marry me?
Wasu, you suddenly asked the front desk manager. What if she understands Urdu? You messed up...
I sang her a song Waja. She got happy, started laughing.
Why'd you ask her to marry you?!
Why'd you ask her to marry you?!
I'm not married. I think that if there is a marriage between Bangladesh and Pakistan, then they will reunite.
I will come to Bangladesh, she will come to my Pakistan.
Waja but you can't just suddenly ask someone to marry you.
Ever since you've come to Bangladesh, you want to sing a song for everyone and then marry them!
There are so many fair girls roaming around here. That's why I thought I should marry someone.
You always sing about driving out the foreigners, pushing them out, about how they are bad.
Then why do you love fair skin tone?
I said that about the fair-skinned men, not about the fair-skinned women!
- Fair skinned woman are okay? - Fair skinned women are terrific Waja!
Get me married to a fair- skinned woman Waja.
- Now you want to marry a fair-skinned foreigner? - Yes of course!
- So there can be friendship between America and Pakistan? - No! Between Bangladesh and Pakistan.
The fair- skinned girls....the girls are roaming around here are fair- skinned. I'm not in America, I'm in Bangladesh!
Just look around. There are lots of fair- skinned girls roaming around here.
You've completely confused me!
- Where are you lost?? - Yeah Waja.
What are you thinking?
Waja why is this country called Bangladesh? Why isn't is called Bangalistan?
- What's wrong with Bangladesh Waja? - Waja, it's a Hindi word.
- Which word? 'Desh'? - Yes.
What difference does that make? There's Hindustan, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Hindustan is not even a Muslim country...
..but they still call it Hindustan. This has nothing to do with language. There's no issue here. You're misunderstanding...
Waja even their script is like Hindustan. There is definitely some involvement of the Hindus Waja.
What is their involvement?
The West is doing it, the Hindus have done it. Making such conspiracy theories is the problem with us Pakistanis.
And Wasu also has the same problem!
Some university students found out that I was in Bangladesh. So they expressed a desire to meet me.
I thought this was the perfect opportunity to prove to Wasu that no one was poisoning the Bangladeshis against the Pakistanis.
How many of you can speak fluent Urdu?
- I can speak a little bit. - Okay. And who else can speak?
First tell me if you are Muslims. Yes?
Why is there no education in Urdu here? Instead you are speaking the language of another religion.
Agreed, you should also speak that language. There should be education in English. But why is there no Urdu here?
Secondly, you all tell me why cycle rickshaws run all day long in your city.
This is inhuman for God's sake! Do you earn money or...
...do you not have any money? Is there no money in your country? Tell me this!
First tell me if you are Muslims. Yes?
Why is there no education in Urdu here? Instead you are speaking the language of another religion.
Secondly, you all tell me why cycle rickshaws run all day long in your city.
This is inhuman for God's sake! You all give me the answers to these 2 questions.
If you are asking why we don't speak Urdu-
No, no not speaking. Why don't you have education in Urdu? What is the need for speaking in Urdu?
If you have education in Urdu, only then will you be able to speak it.
Yes. You are right! I promise that I will spread education back home in Bengali. Bengalis are our brothers, why not?
Okay, well at least we have one agreement.
Give me the answer to the cycle question.
Why is this cycle...is this for you to earn money? Or is it due to poverty?
We'll set up an appointment for you with the government so you can go talk to them about it.
Okay one question I would like to ask all of you. And each one of you can give their own point of view.
Does the youth in Bangladesh....I'm not talking about the generation above you.
But the youth of Bangladesh, do they have negative feelings towards Pakistan or Pakistanis...
over everything that has happened in the past?
I'm very happy today and I would like to thank all of you. .
We got the opportunity to talk to all these college, university students.
And I heard your point of view.
Youth in Pakistan, in fact anywhere in the world, always favors humanity, loves humanity.
We would like to request you to present a song.
Like there is a sea flowing between Bangladesh and Pakistan.