Summer Total-Body Circuit Exercise

Uploaded by ACEfitness on 05.08.2009

Jessica Matthews, ACE Continuing Education Coordinator: With summer here, a great way to add variety to your workout program
is to take your training outdoors.
This 30-minute circuit will blend strength-training exercises with cardio segments to combine a complete, total-body workout.
Before we begin our circuit, we'll perform a warm-up period that consists of five to 10 minutes of some form of cardio activity,
followed by a dynamic warm-up that includes things such as neck rolls, arm circles, and leg swings.
Moving into the circuit itself, we'll complete the exercise for the duration or repetitions designated and follow that with 30 seconds of rest.
Moving into our anaerobic cardio segment, we'll perform exercises such as jump rope or running in place for 30 seconds
and then again follow that with 30 seconds of rest.
You can modify this circuit to your ability level by increasing or decreasing the rest periods.
The first exercise of our circuit will be the forward lunge.
This exercise targets the entire lower body, including the thighs and the butt.
Following this, rest for 30 seconds, jumping jacks for 30 seconds, and rest for 30 seconds.
Our next exercise, Superman, targets three areas of the body: the back, the shoulders, and the butt.
Run in place for 30 seconds.
Moving on to side plank, this exercise effectively targets the glutes, the abdominals, and the side-lying obliques.
Jump rope for 30 seconds.
Our next exercise is the bent-knee pushup.
As you can see here, Michelle has a narrow grip, which changes the emphasis of this exercise from the chest to the triceps: the back of the upper arm.
Butt kicks for 30 seconds.
Half-kneeling hay balers that use the external resistance of a medicine ball, are a great way to strengthen the abdominals.
Beginning at the hip, the emphasis of this exercise is driving the medicine ball upwards above the shoulder.
Jumping jacks for 30 seconds.
Moving through the opposite motion, half-kneeling wood chops also use the medicine ball and target the abdominals.
The emphasis of this exercise is on driving the medicine ball downward, towards the hip.
Run in place for 30 seconds.
The side-lying abduction is a great exercise to target both the butt and also the outer thigh.
Jump rope for 30 seconds.
Following the side-lying abduction is the next exercise, which is the side-lying adduction, which effectively targets the inner thighs.
Butt kicks for 30 seconds.
Moving on to our next exercise, the lateral raise using dumbbells, effectively targets the shoulder.
Run in place for 30 seconds.
After completing the circuit, be sure to leave time for a proper cool down
that includes static stretches such as downward-facing dog and cobra.
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