Crackovia - Puyol, un contra un [ENGLISH SUBS]

Uploaded by totalBarca on 22.07.2010

What's the best thing of playing in Barça?
The salary
Fulfilling a dream
Yes...fulfilling the dream of earning a 6-zeros-salary.
A song that motivates you?
"Te esperaré" [I'll wait for you] by Shuarma
I prefer the shawarma sandwich
What do you talk about in Barça's changing room?
We speak about everything; it depends on the day. We speak about the news of the day.
Yeah, sure. We read the newspapers and discuss the news of the day...
We speak about girls and football! Like everyone does.
How do you call Keita?
Yes, but you have to say it with energy, like this:
Do you like your Crackòvia's character?
Yes, I like it so much. Not only my character, though, I think the whole programme is so good.
Yes. In fact, I know how to do all the Crackòvia characters, look:
We can't afford it [Núñez]
Pim-pam, pim-pam, pim-pam [Guti]
The truth is that...[Iniesta]
The only character I don't really know how to imitate is Cruyff:
What's the matter, Charlio?
Your favourite insult?
Well, I don't know...fucking, dummy, silly, idiot, stupid...
Now it's children's programming hours, so it's not the best time to say insults...
You're right, dude, I'm sorry.
Fill the blank: "Being famous is..."
A real bitch
But didn't you just say that it wasn't time to say insults??
Fucking Puyol...
Your favourite drink?
I don't know, a mixed drink made of...
Puyol: water.
...water! Yes. A mixed drink made of water.
Who do you get along better from all the Barça players?
Piqué and Iniesta.
Mostly with Iniesta.
Get out, Iniesta, they're recording me! or I'll have to hit you!
We get along so good.
Who do you get along worse from all the Barça players?
I get along with everyone but Queca doesn't obey me that much lately...
Get down from...! Put your feet away the sofa!
If you score again in Bernabéu, how will you celebrate?
I'll show this T-shirt [The fucking "crack"]
I don't know...the truth is that I don't think about celebrations...and I don't score many goals neither.
But I would love to score again.
And when do, I'll show this T-shirt.