How to Make Valentine's Day Gifts : How to Give Pencils for Valentine's Day

Uploaded by expertvillage on 11.02.2008

Hi my name is Lanie Evens and on behalf of expert village I'm here to show you how to
make some interesting valentine crafts. We're going to use pencils for this one so take
a look at some of the Supplies were going to use today. Some Foam hearts, some what
I like to call crazy scissors that have interesting blades on them. Were going to use an exacto
knife, a sharpie and you need some kind of surface when your using the exacto knife of
course some kind of pencil. You can use Valentine Pencils for this craft as well and then some
ribbon. Also your going to need some card stock Here I've already traced, folded the
card stock in half and traced half of the heart. I'm going to choose one of the fun
edge scissors to cut out my heart the next thing were going to do is take your sharpie
and put two cuts in the Heart. One here and one about here. They just need to be big enough
for the pencil to fit through. Okay now I'm going to prepare my pencil and take an ordinary
pencil, and take a ordinary pencil you can use Valentine pencils for these as well. They
work great. Take some ribbon and just kind of hold it around the pencil tight and these
hearts here have the adhesive back you can just peel that off and actually this will
hold the ribbon in place. So then I've prepared my pencil. Before I put this in I'm going
to line it up and figure out the little note that I can write on here. I'm just going to
write Be mine. Then you just run this through like an arrow. There's our finished product.