[Yes Or No] Tina Aom on Woody Show 2/2 with eng sub

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Some of my single female staffs cried when watching this movie.
They are very into this movie. We are really happy with them. I did not realize until recently that they are Tom and Dy (Thai lesbian terms).
Silly me, I have been wondered why they never want boyfriends. They really love you and both of you are now their idols.
How do you feel about being their idols after this movie comes out?
Aom>> We have never expected this.
We never expect this level of acceptance from the public.
While we were shooting this film, we were prepared for condemnation from the Thai public.
Woody>> Being condemned ? Why ? Aom>> Because this movie presents new aspect of lesbian love to the Thai.
The main characters are lesbians and focusing on lesbian love.
We are wondering if the Thai is open to lesbian love on screen.
Woody>> No worries, I think we can accept the love story with pure dedication, which does no harm to anyone.
Now, let's turn to Tina again. I heard that the director had searched for a leading tomboy character all over Thailand. Right?
Tina>> Yes, it is. It was not a national search but very close one
The director told me she was searching for the right candidate for Kim role from all lesbian pubs and bars.
but they could not find one. Until someone refer Tina.
The director called me and we finally met up. After talking to the director and writer of this movie, I decided to take the role.
Woody>> Yeah, the director had gone to all Thai nation-wide Tomboy gathering. (ha ha ) [WOW!!] This is a real event seriously. Where is it ? Do you know!!!
[Tina a little bit shy and Aom smiling] No.
Woody>> Ah. Sure, I know there are Tom-Dy contest, in only female pubs such as one on RCA road. [Tina and Aom laughed]
Woody>> I know because they did not let me in. (ha ha) This is a discrimination. [Kidding]
Woody>> The search team went on to Tom-Act competition and many events until they found Tina.
Are you proud of your performance?
Tina>> Honestly, I am really proud but this is my first experience in acting. I realize I did not do well.
If I have another chance, I am sure I will perform better.
Woody>> I just realized when I sit close to Tina. Tina has a beautiful and handsome face. I admit Tina is very handsome in person.
Tina>> uh hm.... [Tina is very shy now and laugh to hide it. ha ha very cute.]
Woody>> Has any man kissed you ?
Tina>> Of course yes, my dad, kissing me everyday. ha ha.
Woody>> How about women?
Tina>> Yes, my mom..
Woody>> how about your friends?
Tina>> No, not at all. But many hugs as friends.
Woody>> How about Aom? Girls or boys?
Aom>> Girls kissing me. ha ha..
Woody>> Ah ah ..Let's talk about top five favorite celeb by Tom-Dy in THailand.
Wonder if both of you and viewers think the same way.
No. 5th. Top - Pathinya (The millionaire celeb).
Tina, do you like her? Oh.. only silence. [Tina keeps quiet.] [Aom laugh very hard]
No. 4th. Sani (a singer, winning the Academy Fantasia compettition.) She is cool.
Aom>> She is talented.
Woody>> I am not saying any of these celebs are lesbians but they are just loved and voted by lesbians in Thailand.
No. 3rd. Zee, the handsome female pop singer and song writer. The latest update she is searched most often via google.
No second. Puh - Anchalee (veteran singer and church advocate) I miss her so much she should come and sing for us this X'mas.
No one is Aom - Sunisa (famous DJ.)
Woody>> At last, would you like to say something to the fan ? Tina go.
Tina>> Hope you all support Yes Or No, So I love you. It is my first movie. We dare to create this movie, so I would like you all to dare to watch it.
Today, the movie plays in theatres in Bangkok for the first day. Please support.
Aom >> I would like to ask all viewers to support Thai movies. This is another step of Thai movie producer that we dare to produce this lesbian film
and we would like you to help support it. If you are open your heart to our pure, honest love story, I am sure it will make you happy.
Woody>> It is another movie to keep an eye on.
These are the two books, we talked about. We also have gifts, Yes Or No T-shirts. You can get it by just call us after this at this no.
Woody>>Thank you so much Aom and Tina. Tina + Aom>> Thank you kha.