Double E Manual Core Cutter M70

Uploaded by TheDoubleECompany on 09.01.2012

Hi, I’m Dominik Tolson, Sales Manager for Double E core cutter and this is the M70 manual core cutter.
The Double E manual core cutter provides cost effective and convenient method of cutting cores.
It provides precise, clean cuts without excessive saw dust.
It is easy to setup, easy to use and operator safe.
Simply slide the core onto the appropriate nylon anvil.
Measure the desired core length.
Push the activation button with your left hand and pull down on the knife arm with your right hand to make the cut.
Apply even pressure throughout the cut and retrieve the core.
The M70 manual core cutter is capable of cutting cores with diameters between 38mm and 150mm.
Changing core diameters is as simple as...
changing out the adapter set...
repositioning the holder bar...
and repositioning the knife arm.
The circular crush cut knife guarantees a clean, dust free cut that is suitable for cardboard and soft plastic cores.
Cores are driven using rollers rather than a blade or mandrel for improved safety and better cut quality.
This has been a short demonstration of the Double E M70 core cutter, for more information please contact us. Thank you!