Ohio Romney Rally - Interviews with Supporters

Uploaded by NewLeftMedia on 01.11.2012

Government workers, but that's not going to get the people of America working again in
the private sector. I saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state,
Jeep, now owned by the Italians, is thinking about moving all production to China.
I want to get our country back. I don't want to see our country go down the tubes.
Bush was a -- I thought was a very good President and Obama isn't.
He paints anybody who opposes him as a racist. We're the laughing stock of the world right
now. We need to change. We don't need four more
years like we had. Barack Obama -- a lot of the people who are
voting for him is so they can continue to get their handouts and that's not what America
is about. Mitt Romney -- tell us why you want to see
him become the next President of the United States.
Because he's the guy to get it done. Romney's a business guy. He's got a good head
on his shoulders. I can't think of anything about Mitt Romney
that I just don't really like. He's a family man. He's a Christian. He doesn't
believe in abortion. He doesn't believe in homosexuality, and let me tell you -- I believe
in God, and God is going to make sure Mr. Romney wins.
I'm never going to be able to pay this debt off. What did he say tonight? $50,000 a piece?
Do you have $50,000? No.
I don't either. How do you see Mitt Romney getting the deficit
down? Well, you know, he's got some plans. I'd still
like to see really what some of his ideas are out there.
Tell us a little bit about the Romney plan -- what you hope he does given a chance to
be President. Changes. Lots of changes.
I don't know what he's wanting to change, you know. Every President I know says a lot
of stuff, but it never follows through, so I don't know.
What's Romney's plan? Um, he just -- I mean, I think he believes
in all classes and how -- I mean, he likes it to be not just one class is superior to
the other classes, and just how he likes to keep it all in the same -- it's just a big
change. It's a bigger step up than what it would be with Obama the last four years -- way
better. You were just talking about he's for all classes.
You might have heard of the video tape where Romney was overheard saying, you know, 47
percent of the public don't take personal care or responsibility for their lives. That
doesn't sound like he's for all classes, does it?
You see -- I mean, that's just what people say.
In this case, it's what Mitt Romney said. Right, I mean. You know, it could be just
to get the upper -- maybe he's going for the upper-class, middle class, whatever, just
whoever he wants them to vote, get more votes. He might just be saying it to get more votes
but then again. Whatever the population for the upper class is, if it's bigger than that,
maybe he did that, just he's just got strategy going on and he's obviously doing better than
Obama if he's got smart strategy like that. So what do you think -- should we give the
President another four-years? No.
Tell us why. He's had his chance, and I didn't vote for
him -- yeah. I didn't vote for him the last time. I see a lot of socialism.
He hasn't been Presidential and he's -- too much anger.
He didn't cut the deficit. All he did was spend more money that our grandkids have to
pay back. That's just really what upsets me is my tax
money being thrown all over the place Yeah.
And nothing is really being benefited from it.
What are some of these areas that you say it's being thrown at that you don't want it?
Um -- normally I know this stuff. If the news media that normally tells us how
good Obama is -- if they would look into some of the things that are out there so that everybody
would know. I mean -- What are some of those things?
Well, like I said, he's been known to be affiliated with Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright.
George Soros, Bill Ayers, Rahm Immanuel, Valerie Jarrett. They've all got a past, but you never
hear about that. What about Valerie Jarrett? We don't hear
about her a lot. I don't remember everything about her. I just
know that she was involved with stuff that she shouldn't have been involved with. I don't
remember exactly what, because I got so much in my head.
Bad stuff? Yes.
He's trying to convince people that he didn't go to that church for 20 years. He was a member
of that congregation. I think he's acknowledged he went there.
Not 20 years. I've heard some different excerpts from him
-- how much he loves the Muslim religion. I think he's got a soft spot for the Muslims.
He's a Muslim. He has a Muslim father. That's his background. And he reads the Koran.
You talked about him going to Reverend Wright's church for 20 years.
Yes. But you also think he's a Muslim.
Well, he is a Muslim. His father was Muslim. His father was an atheist, and his father
was a communist. Was his father a Muslim or was his father
an atheist? He's all three.
Obama is a weak leader. He is a commander in chief failure.
He's the only President that I haven't really seen make frequent visits to our troops.
I don't like the way he goes around apologizing for the United States. I think that's ridiculous.
The nation was saw him on TV apologizing. We are not more respected around the world.
We are weaker and they've taken advantage of us.
Internationally, people view him as a very weak person that they can abuse.
Yeah, do you think him having killed Osama bin Laden is an example of that, or would
that be -- Um, I really think that he doesn't deserve
any credit at all for that. He isn't a good president.
Yeah. He isn't an honorable human being. I don't
believe that he's a good American. I don't believe he really cares for my country. I
care for America and he doesn't. And not only that, he's dividing America.
He promised to be uniter. He had such an amazing opportunity as the first black President to
bring this country together and he has failed miserably. There's so much hate, so much division,
and it's just sad. It's really, really sad that he blew that opportunity.
Do you think one of the troubles that he's had in trying to unite the people is that
people are calling him dishonorable and a bad American who doesn't like his country?
I think so. I think so. It seems like it's really hard to unite people
if your opposition is accusing you of not liking the country.
I don't think he does like America. I have never been in the political agenda
in my life, but I think that in 2012, this is the most important election in the history
of the United States. I want our freedom back. I want to change
the last four years. What freedoms do you feel like have been taken
away in the last four years? I don't even feel like I can go outside without
someone watching me. I mean, we saw a little drone flying around checking things out. It's
just everything feels like we're being closed in and there's no -- we just -- I don't know.
We just don't have the freedoms we used to. Once the freedom of religion goes -- and it
starts in little steps -- then you start losing all of your other freedoms. That's the first
freedom, and then it'll go downhill from there, and just little things like when you start
picking at small items at a time, people don't notice. Then all at once, your freedom is
gone. This land is born for the freedom of everybody.
We welcome anybody in our country, which is great. But with that we're paying the consequences
because we're letting them tell us -- you're going to follow my religion because I don't
believe in you -- Who are them? You keep referring to them.
All the Buddhists. I'm not -- they're there. You think Buddhists have come into the country
and are taking our freedom of religion? From sea to shining sea.