Inspiring speech for a better world by Bangladeshi Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank

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uh... now we have another amazing counselor welcome to the
at this stage is going to
address on the subject of "social business" and he is professor muhammad
he is an amazing professor and he is a nobel
uh... he is somebody who founded the grameen bank, actually created
micro finance but if somebody has been incredibly incredibly activity ad saying that he's winning
who consults on many of the world's problems are other
and the macro level uh... so there's a little film to introduce him and give you a little
bit more background to unable welcome to the state professor unicef we could run the film
repeatedly joint-venture company we dunno balloons with food companies
lots of company and uh... yogurt company done on the over relax
so this is called incoming dumont company invented
i met the chairman of the
and discuss unionists anticipate what did he have been coming down on the company in
it's good to do what
i stick to produce yoga is acutely aware of the delicious
aside for this special purpose
weaken from houston
just the problem section
among the children of god
people of the micronutrients which are missing and the children
for dinner
and make it very extreme
so the risks and controls everything
millions and millions of children destroyed
exports tell us that infection strip clubs these fields right
does it
he or she may be difficult
should they be organization
person initiative
said india's socialists witnesses
might see invests
business social justice
you can't do it
but it did
infinity on windows
that people born with money
without that everything that the last minute
company continues to improve but it's not this companies that they could company districts
because it is given by the socialist
usual intensive the sample investments to me
vigilantes units the in houston phone
in the senator
he'd let me sit back and said this but it was it
let's go ahead and do it
and he created the company
just something that you heard nothing
she gets the best job supplies
condo coming down on track team
and that she felt it
we have a special program for vegas
so she might be a member of the group that has a better future and coming back typical
almonds dot gov the business
instead of doing it on the she sent to them
confirmation but tel
this particular job for the death in the open
hidden behind it you know the families all wonderfully
if you don't wish to cancel your stuff and people support her because yesterday
machines is selling something so this is a good for everybody
it just becomes successful indestructible addictive
don't have to do is to be paid this
overabundance because it's a bit wants to do within the business format
that the skies the limit you've been expended as many ways as you walk because it
once you get this
engine is stock and it never stops
demonstrates one st
and that's where the difference between strategy
and social justice
in cherokee will you be did
and archive
such an eighty dollar has only one life
if you use it
but if you can define this would be designed conspicuous or from this
that social does doesn't always and this time
the disciples stuff second for again and again
so your pledge
many more lives
and it continues ever ever
uh... it was amazing hard-headed alright life
have mike left there for fifteen minutes
thank you
thank you
private life
as you could take it out on from bangladesh
and you've been talking a lot about bangladesh
and needs to be
talked about
we have a lot of problems one
big one
at least we didn't create it
somebody else did it for us
so one quick solution whatever solution to do one responsibility as young people
you can take that uh... the kind of ur
uh... pledge
that will hand over this planet
then we found at
so once we have that ledge
everything else probably fall in place
how we do that
how do you make it safer
for our next generation
in our generation we have failed probably was handed over to your more dangerous than
then we found it
i hope we can
reverse it
from your generation
uh... this is just a continuation of what lead have been discussing
uh... the logical
uh... but uh... my work
well one thing that they can uh... fairly regularly
my special it is
little prints
that have been dictates
dictates a good to have that in mind
it always or once said
if you see something big that you feel so insignificant
in the face of the victims
to bring up the senate gave you
always he tells me
dipping this smallest possible
then you feel good you feel strong
an entrance of the smallest
uh... always go back to one person
because that's one
there you see
idiot if you can work right
if you can work with one person if you have some impact on one person
because of your work then you can
multiply for them
if you have the opportunity
so this is how all of my work began
almost at the level of one percent and five percent ten percent like that
and isn't it
i'm lucky that many of them work
sucked into bigger and bigger
period not raja numbers
as you'll recall probably those who have ah...
they did about coming back
which exceeded in bangladesh
way back in nineteen seventy six
started out giving twenty seven dollars
as loans
from my own pocket
so i didn't have to ask anybody for anything
that was good enough about seven dollars
and i gave this long to forty two people
in the fact that made
made me feel that all i can do more
he threatened you can make so many people so happy
was such a small amount of money question do you do more of it so i was doing more
instead of twenty seven i would like to do more things to go for to do it ed you mark
unskilled doing the same thing
thank you that toward more and luckily in the meantime tong
spread everywhere all around
so this is a one idea that
to that could get into actions good too
with the minimum possible
level at the minimum possible level
enacted said eighty eight in the bank
are not the banker
i never studied acting
i had no idea how banks operate
medicare data bank
it's a funny thing
but convicted
is a great listened to
if you don't know anything
don't finish interrupted about it
you may have a chance
because you can create something
on their own
if i knew banking
probably won't be able to pick them
goes out the following the rules
the reason they couldn't do it because i buy a little of the rules and it didn't feel good
about it had been alright
for some time
sometimes and not knowing
can be a blessing
knowing creates him i said in your mind
and you can't get out of
and those are the rules that
you'll get from the morning
those of the concepts that you get from the mowing
are the ones who created all this problem for us
so understand all of those rules
understand all of those concepts
we cannot get out of this mess
it's a real mess
so that's rare
you ought to ask the aids
undo things
they've been doing more of the state
to have to distinguish
without doing more of the city
or arm i'm doing something for good cause just for this sake abuse destroy it
that's not a cross
you have to have an alternative
which works for people that's why it one person to person five-person
dried up
and how do you make of the schools
just like us
let's just looking at the situation obviously work we're going to do it
if it didn't work
upset about it because i didn't know anything so i did the egg and italy it worked
in the process that pulled bank was created
i have done everything
the conventional banks do
i have done it
adult as italy
as the daily but if you have done that
they go to the rich i go to the poor
they go to a man ecuador
they go to san diego developed
they ask you to come to their office
i say i go to the people
people should not come to the bank bank should go to the people
sending it out
and it works now it works everywhere
that name
the trial microcredit microfinance every word
but this is our decided in one village
and few people
so having a small thing is not something that you should be
warning about
if it works
do you have given up the street
now all of you have to do is to
multiplied devastating there did you go and the plantation
everywhere because you have the sea
and that is much more comforting because i can do it you can do with anybody can do it
today government bank
in bangladesh has over eight million borrowers
and ninety seven percent of them are women
the extreme deportment
and the all of the bank and made sure the bank is owned by the war was
what the poor people
and will end up for one hundred million dollars
in months
in tiny loans
averaging less than hundred uh... two hundred dollars
no collateral
because banks conventional banks one poor little that's why they had rejected everybody
so we removed the bullet dot
is that trust based banking
it works beautifully
repayment it greatest ninety eight percent ninety nine percent
all over the world
so this is where
doing something new something different
is not
to be afraid of
you try it out
if ruslan doesn't work try the second one
second what does it work tried to burn one because it's too long
you have a comment about
but if one worked
you might benefit millions millions millions
so this is that that's
probably you would like to track
and don't give up
if something
doesn't work for somebody opposes
so we
have this bank
and we go to the poor people we see how
hard that work
then we get a student loans
for the children of these families
the very literate families
you want to make sure the children go to school
so make sure twenty percent of the children go to school
you succeed
not many thousands and thousands of coming for higher education
but that gets into the concert
so we give education loans
they go to
all dat education institution that you go to
you go to any bangladeshi
education institution in sudan in children standing there
again or different than
like u
that just like the state
sustained as he always come back to the same conclusion
why poverty
is it in the person
is something missing in the person
or something else
and always you conclude
there's nothing wrong with the poor people
poverty is not created by the poor people
is created by did institutions that we have built
the rules that they said to me
we follow
that's repeated election
that we stole carefully studied high schools
the e_p_a_ depart
if we fixed the concepts
he freaked it
fix framework
there's no reason why anybody from the foreperson
there is no does anybody have that packed with capacity
that packed with enthusiasm
that tactic
but that they had a wonderful
and the framework doesn't allow them to
i gave the reference so
ordered image or for a bonsai tree
i think you take the steed
all the best
best lead of the policy and put it in a flower pot
it goes on lead is big and would love it it's a tiny little thing
we love it
recorded banzai
there's nothing wrong with the cd
cindy we didn't get them out the space enough
down to
based on three distinctive m_o_
support people out of bonds i people
there's nothing wrong in his seat
simply we didn't give them the states we didn't get them to be
sf to grow if we had given them
billdesk dollars invidious
just like this
particularly question the concept of business
i said that's what we went on
there's only one concept a business out showed everybody knows that
business means business to make money
you have not heard of any other business
if you're in business in making money
and that's what a text books is
profit maximization
is the mission of the business
the whole world is busy with business and busy with making money
all of us
encouraged to go into business and
work for the business
spend i like them with the business
and help the owners of the pit
businesses make more money
and that is the question
aren't we all kind of money-making machines
this is what human being stuck here for
make money make money and then these appear
in the in the process destroy everything else because it's so focused in making money
you don't worry about the globals what do you do employees about
who gets poor you don't worry about what kind of politics you have
because it's so focused on making
that's not a good thing
i said that's where we went from premised misinterpreted press
we have much bigger than money-making machine
money-making is a part of us
but that the whole of us
only part of this
what about the rest of us just though of the part of us
money-making comes from outside of fishes
everything a stormy in business
nothing for us
today's senseless incest
simplest the sadness
what come to build a business on the basis of our selflessness
wed the business will be
aiming at everything is for others
nothing for me
and i call it social business
and edited poop bags of business in the world this is a proposal edmy
too many broader brought in this
at the picture of
economic remark
then the world will be herb more about this place
so started creating those kind of businesses social businesses
one of them became very long
knowledgeable and many others became known
the one that we did with demo demean them on company
producing your work
digestible urge children
the scope of the manana syndrome
intimidation that have been answered them
how'd the children of bangladesh of mileage
sweeper justice yogurt and put all the micronutrients which are missing and the children into the
determined i didn't see ided
which is it tremendous shorts
in the children
if child it's two cups
of your work it's week
analytically yet of eight to nine months
the child becomes a healthy chunk
seekers again though she has a game of the mac v_ pins
so that is the objective of the company
the owners of the company them alone and i mean
they have promised they would never taken a dividend out of it
they can get baghdad investment money
not dependable
and that suffer for business
you can create social business i can create social business inaudible
we created out of a company with the water
delia company and uh... fronts
what it is a big problem in all other countries
in bangladesh isolated the problem in our work
so if you did a social business tubing clean water in the religious
we just this
i started a company called i mean adidas with evidence
who believed that the port
bank now talking about adidas
we did it
we told them
location to start with their and a mission statement
nobody in the world
should go without shoes
physician company this is our responsibility to make sure was affordable to everybody even
to the poorest person
if you accept that
then the contents of a business
after long debate is discussion within the company trying to get up to date
and they asked me how much vishu should cost
to make a different note to the poorest people
as a guide on the lab official businessmen
it's good enough to know
so i read it is it ok maybe i'm not one dollar
that i don't know the market situation
this said well that's a tall order
has a good word that's why you had to guess
so now they are working on it
they'll be test-marketed this year in april
close to one dollar
maybe not under
but close to it
benefited but he loves that everybody wouldn't have been it will be
produced in large number
so this is a social business because this will be done not to make money
but who have shoes for everybody and then the fish
it is important for have gone
because many are diseases that could go on some other parasites
come because in the future
so if you can see needs of them many young people like you
begun very excited to join us
impunity designing
and maybe the competitions
designed and social business
to address the problem that you hate
drug addiction
design it
social business
how to get addicted people out of addiction
as a business
is possible
uh... how to get and unemployed people out of unemployment as a sort of business
listed vizag put it in the website have a competition of europe
the farm
you come up with beautiful ideas
and all of you have to do implement
i'd just announced recently uh... in a couple but we've got
creation of a social business park for haiti
because everybody is so
eager to help eighty
i thought this would be a good time
to create a social business pot
so that we can go and pay the cities of social business
that a young girl sitting around not doing anything
don't know what will happen to them
them any young boys to be you know
known all what happens
the whole island is bad and all of that these are gone
not because of the earthquake even before that
so if it was to have a cities of the social businesses out of the social business plan
would have ever station is a social business
would create jobs
not for making money
when you're not making money job creation becomes such a simpleton
all get the job
bulb maybe i'm stuck at the study yet
which will employ five people ten people
and the c_e_o_'s proceed would probably cost of the mcat operation
and i'm happy about it
because i created it not for making money
but to provide jobs for this ten people
and a self-sustaining so i don't have to worry about being money
to sustain and it's a beautiful pathetic everybody loves it
so you've got itself
and social business right
in holland in different ways you can do that in job creation
you citizen
and this
take the profit idea from your mind
if you had the profit idea in your mind you do not
and i going to get through
dean person at least
they turn on my investment
it not be eaten
and and
subject talk is not in your mind anymore
even if it is a zero end of the time
is one person to tell you don't mind it because you're getting your money back
so you have a series of opportunities
in microcredit
in that creating social a social business in uh...
in providing transportation facilities
all kinds of things
so weird to try it out in haiti
and we need your help
anybody from a field anybody's interested in joining us
please join us again your ideas and we need your ideas
and they're also doing a good albania anybody from albania
that he would have remembered
how do you get
five-year outlined k
safety and they may have made addict involvement but that they have been here
to do so for business
building up lots of ideas and we need novel idea issued a warrant d'andrea ideas
naga kitties
don't get upset by the kitties
we made those theories we condemn them anytime we want
just a political finished
you put it on getting to it
dawn basket
we made the dolls
waited that was
blown disabled adults
if you become slave liberals we have finished
all our hopes that law
which you bond inventing and reinventing ourselves
that's what the human beings are all about
so all the things that they're not all of this is a respected you've got a touchy this
is the lead is done
that's what the experts tell us
dole they get taken that experts
didn't do a little more than you know
this this without as if they don't want them to do
but your gut feeling is much more important
that what they see it
index blood bank that all of us know it cannot be down they are always telling us that cannot
be done
with a program to attract
come i'm going to stay with us
he still be able to stay with us all of this is not going to do that hidden dot
returned on programs in
the new york city that
program in america
beautiful program have no problem
well the big banks are collapsing
the selected evidence s flourishing baggett
repairman is given two percent
sin city
people outside too
infected by the financial crisis is with the friends of his agency
that's another were completed
so the chances
if you'll come up with lund idea
like what we did in the tiny little village
want any idea
now most of the above the study your bathroom
what is microfinance however it does it do
and social business and that idea
just doing it
it works so well
you can adjust any problem not be attending that government should have the government
should do this yes and one
girls said white we should do it took
of course
citizen status might have been the government's all the time
is not the government is a
collection a bad people government structured setting to conduct that quickly
they have to compromise many things
that so it's very important
that we individuals says we are
and changed the world
only if we act
weakened created the world that we walked
make it very clear in your mind what kind of warranty lock list of these of the quality
of the use of the future that we would like to have in ottawa
if you have made that list
fifty percent of the work is done
the rest of the fifty percent
now work for
socio you don't need to go to the extent just yourself
if you work for it
and see how many people have come around
because they believe in
you don't have to make big speeches about justly
what is being done
and we can p the world we love
we can create exif world
you can create itworld red not the sting of a human being
will suffer from the misery of poverty
we can do it
thank you very much