CGRundertow NFL FOOTBALL for Game Boy Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 22.01.2012

Well lately I've been taking a look at some old Game Boy carts, and I'd be amiss if I
didn't cover any sports games. Let's face it, if you take a long look back at sports
simulators in general, you'll definitely notice that such games have come a long way from
slow and pixelated to as close as it gets in the days of EA Sports and Madden. When
it comes to classic football games, words like Tecmo and Konami might come to mind,
as they set the bar ever higher every year. In the year 1990, the bar was still considerably
low, especially for the low-fi but fan favorite Game Boy handheld system, and you only have
to take a look at Konami NFL Football to get a gauge on the progress of sports simulators.
One of the first games of its kind to score an official NFL license, NFL Football features
all the teams from the 1988-89 NFL season, although the game was not yet approved by
the NFLPA, meaning no names for the players. Still, I'm not sure the Game Boy cartridge
had such capacity, and primitive graphics notwithstanding, I don't think it would have
been expected of the game anyway. Being so used to the fast-paced and realistic simulators
of today, the contemporary gamer will realize all too quickly that this game moves pretty
damn slow, starting with kickoff and its accompanying sound. Your playbook is uniform throughout,
and since you only have two buttons to work with, you'll only have two receivers and no
running plays, unless you want to do your best Randall Cunningham impression. Like Tecmo
Super Bowl, if you match your defensive play with the corresponding offensive play that
your opponent has chosen, nine times out of ten, the opponent will lose yardage or throw
an interception, which is actually incredibly easy to come by in this game. You'll have
to remember this when you're throwing to a teammate on offense, because if your receiver
doesn't make the right moves to catch the ball, ie zigzag to get in front of the DB,
it'll most likely end up being intercepted. The key to winning in this game is to first
of all have patience, especially with the repetitive music and overall unimpressive
gameplay. Once you get into a rhythm of short passes, you'll start to move those chains
and eventually march into the end zone. Yes, the genre of sports simulation had humble
beginnings, and few humbler than NFL Football for the Game Boy. Now, where'd I put Super
Mario Land?