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SHEENA DIMATTEO: Jimmy Fallon breaks it down on Saturday
Night Live, Mobbed brings an online friendship together,
and The Original Tyler reviews Kelly Clarkson's latest video.
This is Just Dance for December 22, 2011.
Hey, guys.
It's me, Sheena.
Happy Hanukkah, and we're only days away from Christmas.
I took a break from all the holiday shopping and the crazy
tourists and found a peaceful corner of New York City to sit
here and tell you what's going on in the dance world.
Saturday Night Live hasn't really been the same ever
since Jimmy Fallon left.
But this weekend, I got my fill when he
returned and hosted.
Not only did he do an awesome job on all his skits, but he
danced three different times.
And I'm going to say he got his dance on.
Those were some smooth moves, Jimmy.
My favorite was Jimmy Fallon as Justin Bieber, as he did a
holiday duet with Michael Buble.
Also, he tap danced atop a piano in a
1920s holiday party.
And finally, in a hilarious spoof of the Broadway play and
movie War Horse, Jimmy brought some pretty awesome hip hop
moves to the role of the war horse.
Let me know below what you though Jimmy's best dance move
was, and were you happy to see him back on
Saturday Night Live.
You guys may remember me telling you to send in a flash
mob video to kellyclarkson.com so that you can be in her new
video, "Stronger." Well, the video was just released, and
there are tons of flash mob clips in there.
It would be awesome to know if you were in there.
Kelly looks amazing in the video, this is another
empowering track, and I loved seeing all the dancing all
around the world.
Let's turn it over to The Original Tyler for his
thoughts on Kelly Clarkson's latest.
THE ORIGINAL TYLER: I think that "Stronger" is a really,
really great song because we all have hardships.
We're all going through something that tests us,
something difficult to deal with.
And every negative situation teaches you something.
You become smarter.
You become stronger.
And that's the message of the song.
And I just think that it's really great.
And the video is pretty good to show that no matter what
you're going through, you can be stronger from it.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Another episode of Howie Mandel's show
Mobbed is set to air pretty soon, and I'm pretty excited.
I've been thoroughly enjoying this show and all the hot
dancing on it.
Plus, the personal stories are always pretty cute.
The next episode is focused on a man named Steve who wants to
take his online relationship with Dana to the next level.
They've never met in person.
What better way to meet than through a flash mob?
Let's check out what Napoleon and Tabitha are planning for
this first meeting.
And don't miss it when it airs January 4 at 9:00 PM on Fox.
TABITHA D'UMO: Steve and her have this
common movie, Big Fish.
We're really trying to recreate the scene for them.
MALE SPEAKER: Frozen in position.
TABITHA D'UMO: And it's all hinged upon a mob that freezes
precisely on time.
MALE SPEAKER: Our girl is going to come out of that
elevator, and this whole mob comes to life.
DANA: Oh my god.
Oh my god.
What is happening right now?
Shut up.

SHEENA DIMATTEO: Glee: the 3D Concert Movie just came out on
DVD and Blu-ray this week.
The show captured the live 2011 tour that swept the
nation and featured some show-stopping choreography by
Glee's resident choreographer Zach Woodlee.
If you still need to buy a gift for that special Gleek in
your life, this is the one.
Sometimes during this season we get so wrapped up in the
holiday bustle, we forget to just sit back, relax, and
enjoy the holiday.
And one thing that I love to do during Christmas that makes
me really feel like it's Christmas time is go see The
The Nutcracker is now playing at Lincoln Center by the New
York City Ballet with tons of George Balanchine original
Definitely go and check this out, and you'll feel like
you're in the holiday spirit.
Now I'm going to turn it over to Sarah for some fun tips.
SARAH DUSAULT: I'm Sarah Dusault of SarahFit.
For all of you aspiring dancers out there who want to
increase your flexibility so that one day you might be able
to dance in The Nutcracker, I'm going to show you one of
my favorite flexibility sequences.
Take that foot, the left foot.
Come down into a lunge.
You're going to come on down to your knee, and you're going
to grab the top of your right foot.
Take your front left foot, and you're going to open it, kind
of like a book.
Press that left knee away from your body.
Then, you're going to inch that left
foot over to the right.
And you're going to come into a pigeon pose.
So you want to line up your left foot with your right hip.
And you're just going to sit up and then fold down and just
feel the stretch right in that left hip.
Then you're going to come on back into a plank, walk your
way back, stand up, and repeat on the opposite side.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: The Radio City Christmas Spectacular,
starring the world-famous Rockettes, is now playing at
the iconic New York City Theater until January 2.
This year, director and choreographer Linda Haberman
is bringing us all new numbers, new choreography, and
even a 3D video game event.
NATALIE REID: The 2011 Christmas Spectacular is
really absolutely unreal.
There are so many new elements to the show this year.
We have a new 3D live scene that absolutely
enraptures the audience.
The entire theater is filled.
You can see amazing scenes that come out, and it just
feels like you're inside the actual show.
It's fantastic.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Wim Wenders' film that pays homage to the
late choreographer Pina Bausch is finally hitting the United
States tomorrow.
I've seen some of the footage for this movie, and Pina looks
absolutely gorgeous.
The dancing in it is phenomenal, so emotional, I
wouldn't be surprised if it was nominated for the Best
Foreign Film Oscar this year.
Pina takes the audience on a sensual, visually stunning
journey of discovery.
It follows the dancers out of the theater into the city and
the surrounding areas of Wuppertal, the place which for
35 years was the home and center for Pina Bausch's
Click here to watch the trailer for the movie, and let
me know below what you think.
All right guys, that's it.
Next week, I will be bringing you a very special episode of
Just Dance, our nominees for the top 10
dance videos of 2011.
So meet me here next Thursday, where you can cast your vote
for the number one dance video of the entire year.
Until then, enjoy the holidays.
Enjoy your family and friends.
And I will see you next week.