Team Jamis

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Blake: Mountain biking
is awesome,
you get to go biking on some of the best trails, you get to go places
that no one else usually goes
Rotem: I feel at home when I'm biking in nature,
when I can be around trees and around rocks.
Jason: I'm surrounded by other activites and I'll do them, but ultimately, I enjoy cycling.
Blake: I grew up in Austin, I went through high school and through college.
I would get up to race and go biking and go training
and I still love doing it and it brought me to some great places and I've met some great people
and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.
Rotem: I was still biking through the military and after the military
I accomplished everything that I could have done in Israel cycling.
I was Israel champion for many years and I wanted to look for another challenge
and that's where I found Fort Lewis College, which is a program that combines cycling and academics.
I came over here to visit the place in 2007 and I fell in love and since then

I have been biking and I'm about to graduate soon.
Jason: When i was at university,
I was a pro skateboarder and you couldn't skate on campus, so I bought a mountain bike.
I didn't know anything about cycling or anything.
We had a friend that was a collegiate runner and he told us about a mountain bike race.
I went out there in skate shoes and cargo shorts, they said go and probably five minutes later
I was vomiting on the side of the trail from losing all my energy too fast and
it unfolded from there.
Rotem: Each one of our team members
have a different schedule. Everybody is doing other stage competitions
or Enduro or Cross Country so we don't get to get together at races that often
throughout the season,
and when we do, which is probably once in a few months, it's great, it's like
a lot of dynamics combined and everybody is having an amazing time.
Blake: Our team is awesome in terms of
personalities and dynamics and they have all evolved so much over the last couple of years.
Jason: It's a family and we've got all the dynamics of a family and the
messed up dynamics of a family.
What I like about Jamis is the relationship that we have with the company and the people there.
The bicycles you see at bicycle shops, the bicycles that we're using, that's a direct result of
what we want, what people use.
So when I have an idea, I'll send a text, I'll draw it on a napkin, it's as simple as that
and we present it to
the product manager and the bicycles that we are using are the bicycles that people want.
Blake: It's cool to see the evolution of the product.
someone asking you,
"do you like the product? do you not like the product?"
"what would you change? what would you not change?" And in terms of a sponsor, Jamis has been awesome.
they have facilitated us to go all around the world
Jason: The highlights of the team,
we have had great results at a lot of stage races with
stage wins and races like Trans Andes, BC Bike Race, races in Puerto Rico, we've had a lot of
podiums. We've got the validity of guys that can win races, guys that get into the top 10 in the
pro XCT's, but we also want to
find events that are
inspiring for us, otherwise, if you get third or seventh position,
it's all the same and worthless if your not having a good time.