Crackòvia - Iniesta and Pique visit Cesc [ENGLISH SUBS]

Uploaded by totalBarca on 22.06.2011

meanwhile in London (note: episode is from 2010)
translation and subtitles: doris86pl for
Cesc?! Cesc?!
He's not here
Listen Gerard, can I ask you something?
the answer is: yes, this is my natural hair color
No, I want to ask you, is this true what some say...
that Cesc wants to leave Arsenal, the club which loves him,
and come back to Barca, the club which sold him for 4 pesetas
Sure Andres, Cesc is more cule than Guardiola
and more Catalan than pa amb tomaquet*
Sweet Lord! Guys, what are you doing here?
We wanted to visit you before game*
maybe we can drink someting together...
without alcohol
and than we can go to nice club with beautiful girls and ...
or we can play scrabble in my room
sorry guys, but I have to eat supper at 7 and go sleep at 8
bloody hell Cesc, what's up with you?
You're turning into Englishman or what?
no, no
oh my goodness, it's five o'clock!
A cup of tea?
with sugar please
bloody hell, what are you doing?
I was explaining Andres that you're true Catalan, old school cule, great player,
patriot, guy who got goose bumps when hear anthem of Barca
I understand but the thing is
they treat me very well here, I'm captain here
sure, but I bet you miss Fuet de Osona (Catalan sausage)
and Mediterranean climate
and Catalan girls
and El Teatro-Museo Dalí in Figueres
I'm coming back home!
besides, president of Generalitat is for sure more entertaining than politicians here
attention: players of FC Barcelona don't speak about politics
but this gag is like a possibility that Real Madrid will win Champions Leauge this season, pure fiction