Dr. Amy Chasteen Miller - Associate Professor of Sociology

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I decided I wanted to be a professor fairly early because I really liked being a student
and I thought I'd like to be a student forever and I was in school, in high school, I started
college. I loved every minute of college. I was the kid that just really enjoyed every
class that I took and I thought I just want to do this forever. I teach a lot of classes
that I like teaching. I enjoy teaching them all for different reasons I think. I enjoy
teaching the 101 classes, the introductory classes, a lot because they are frequently
students who know nothing about the discipline and I get to introduce them to the discipline
and get to watch them get engaged and get excited. I definitely take a traditional lecture
style to some degree but with a lot of interaction between me and the students. I call on them,
they ask questions, and so on, but I do a lot of mentoring with students where we sit
down together in the office and I help them do their projects, do their own independent
research, write papers, and basically go where they want to go. Primarily through the Honors
College but also in the major of sociology to some degree, we have been able to take
our students off campus to try to engage them in the community. I do teach courses that
involve active learning, service learning projects where students are part of the community
and engaged with the community to meet their needs in order to learn the material and also
to be of service. Everybody is learning outside of the classroom every day. It's just a question
of what people are learning. My goal is to give them tools and concepts and new theories
that will then help them to learn in a different way when they're not sitting in class and
also to help them be more engaged when they are sitting in class. We consider it very
important for our students to do their own independent research, and we see our education
of the students as not just about us giving them information but about us helping them
want to learn and to engage with their own understanding of the world. I do enjoy sitting
down with the students one-on-one and talking with them and helping them sort out what they
want to do with their lives and that's really the highlight of what we do is to get our
students independent and engaged in their own learning process.