Ken Ham's Biblical Glasses

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"Let me explain it this way"
"Let's use our Biblical Glasses"
"We are going to put on our Biblical Glasses"
"OK? Like we talked about in other lectures"
"We're going to look at the world through our Biblical Glasses"
"We're going to look at the world through our Biblical Glasses"
"We're going to look at the world through our Biblical Glasses"
Are you impressed by Ken Ham's erudition?
Do you wish you shared his level of confidence?
You can but admire his ability to stand resolute against the mainstream scientific consensus
But perhaps you feel your faith faltering?
Do you have trouble staying focussed on your beliefs?
Are the meanings in the Bible not always clear to you?
Is the line between Creation and Science sometimes blurred?
Then you need Ken Ham's new patented Biblical Glasses
They are a breakthrough made possible only by the rigorous application of Creation Science
Our team of top Christian Scientists at CERN
The European Nexus of Circular Reasoning in Switzerland, which is in France
Have spent the last few years accelerating fundamental problems round and round in circles
In the hope that they would discover a way to better defend their faith
For the better glory of God
And it would appear that their prayers have been answered
These bible brains have discovered that,
just like all the other fundamental forces of God's nature,
Good and Evil forces are polarised
A short explanation of this might be helpful
You see Good forces are polarised vertically
Whilst Evil forces are polarised horizontally
These forces, Good and Evil, itinerate through the universe as polarised waves
At times they interfere with one another, come in to conflict if you will
And the result can be partially polarised waves
Neither fully vertically (Good)
Nor fully horizontally (Evil)
Ken Ham's patented Biblical Glasses are polarised to allow only the vertical (Good) waves through 36 00:02:11,000 --> 00:02:18,200 But, in keeping with God's design, partially polarised waves will also partially propagate through the lens 37 00:02:18,200 --> 00:02:23,200 This ensures that some evil gets through for the purposes of temptation
This illustration more clearly shows how the interaction of the Good and Evil waves creates a complex free will vortex
And it is within this vortex that we exist
God allows us to align ourselves with Good and Evil at every turn
But also allows us free will to choose
All evil ideas and sinful thoughts are polarised by evil and are therefore horizontal in nature
Whereas all blessed ideas and Godly thoughts are polarised by good and are therefore vertical in nature
You have seen here how Biblical Glasses help prevent the Evil in the world from passing through
Provided you always wear them as prescribed 46 00:03:07,500 --> 00:03:16,333 Buy your Ken Ham Biblical Glasses today and you can be sure that Evolutionism and Darwinism will never bother you again
Any contradictions you thought you had found in the bible will disappear
And you will no longer have to try to reconcile 2000 years of scientific progress in areas such as...
Genetics, Cosmology, Geology, Biology, Archeology and Well any of the ologys
Because the polarising filters of your new Biblical Glasses will do all the work for you
Get your Ken Ham patented Biblical Glasses today
And keep the glare of reality out of your eyes