IGN News - Justice League Movie Plot Details Leaked?

Uploaded by IGNentertainment on 14.12.2012

The Dark Knight movies were grittier, more grounded takes on Batman than previous film
adaptations, and the upcoming Man of Steel seems to be taking a similar approach with
But if a new report is accurate, Warner Bros.' planned Justice League movie looks to be going
in the complete opposite direction.
The superhero fans over at Latino Review -- who usually turn out to be right about these things
-- say their sources have tipped them off about what comics inspired screenwriter Will
Beale's script for the JLA movie. Namely, Justice League of America numbers 183-185.
This three-part tale dates back to 1980. Here's the DC Wikia synopsis of the storyline:
"On their way to their annual joint meeting, being held this year simultaneously on Earth-1
and Earth-2, several members of the Justice League and Justice Society are abducted via
the Transmatter to New Genesis, home of the New Gods. The New Gods seek their aid after
the [remaining] populace of New Genesis has been kidnapped and enslaved by the minions
of Apokolips, the evil world that is New Genesis's counterpart, and they reveal that Apokolips'
new allies are the members of the Earth-2 Injustice Society. The heroes split up into
teams, composed of one JLA member, one JSA member, and one 'New God' each, and speed
to various locales to undo the Apokolipsians' evil, only to discover that their ultimate
plan is the revival of their late leader, Darkseid."
So Earth-1 and Earth-2, Transmatter, the New Gods… That's some cosmic-level, real old-school
shit -- and not at all the tone of the Dark Knight and Man of Steel.
Of course, it could be that a lot of the more out-there elements will be scaled back in
the movie, but that the core story will be utilized. And Latino Review had previously
reported that Darkseid would be the villain…
What do you guys think? How comic-book-y should the JLA movie get? Let me know your thoughts,
and for more on the Justice League of America, stay tuned to IGN.