Love You Ten Thousand Years (Eng Sub)

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Is it that girl?
Do I do this?
No, like this.
Like this.
Answer the phone!
She made the lunch boxes for the past few days.
Aren't you a little too cruel?
Let's do one...
Beginning of a dream.
Alright, alright
One, Two...
Did you... fail your interview again?
I see...
It's okay.
You don't need a job anymore.
You already have a great job.
Didn't I just charge your phone?
Why doesn't it work?
Dad, Mom, meet Qifeng, the man I told you about.
This is my dad, and my mom.
What a suave boy.
My daughter's shoulder reminds me of you.
I heard you charmed her with just one song.
Let's hear it.
I don't sing that song anymore.
Come on, let's hear it.
Your job is to be my wife.
My string chords... broke. I...
I need to go get some chords.
Wait, Mikan.
Mikan, why are you running away?
Qifeng, wait for me, hey!
Mikan, Mikan
Mikan, Mikan
Why are you running away?
I know this is reckless,
But we have been together for three years.
There should be a result.
Is it that hard to sing a song for me and my parents?
Is that too much to ask?
We broke up for three months already.
But we still live together.
Even if we don't share the same room,
Everyone thinks we're still together.
We are through.
Let's break up.
Let's break up.
Break-up Seminar
What people call " love ",
Is basically a chemical call G nR H...
That the brain hypothalamus releases.
A process that releases the hormones.
When we are in love,
We would humble ourselves to all kinds of humility,
Put up with all kinds of shame,
In exchange for a lovely moment.
But once the passion fades...
We start to see the true colors.
I have to stand by for her commend all day long.
Always invading my privacy.
Before we dated...
Who would have told us that...
We would have so many differences.
Even if we hated each other,
We are bound by obligation, moral, and habit.
We have to compromise.
She tattooed my name on her back.
Have you begun to compromise in your love life?
Breaking up is usually super awkward.
Sometimes these things can ruin your reputation.
We are just looking for some innocent love...
But why do we end up hurting each other...
Every time we break up?
The next time we break up,
Let's make sure we do it by the expiration date,
How's that sound!
Excuse me, the chairman is in a meeting.
Please leave your name and message,
And we will return your call later.
Please translate this.
Who are you...
Phone number?
The president is busy.
I 'll... hit you...
I 'll hit you up.
Aren't you a Chinese major?
I think she's the best today.
Oota Yuko is your fellow classmate?
She said you really enjoyed her performance.
Grin Monta (Green Mountain)
If I hire you two...
I have to send you two off to Taiwan,
To learn Chinese three months before you start.
The company will pay for housing and tuition.
At the end of the training,
You two will be hired as employees.
We'll send you off to Shanghai.
Will you accept?
Of course not.
Yuko's family already agreed to let her go.
With two of us, we can take care of each other.
Stop doing things that would worry me.
Taiwan is a far place.
How would I be able to relax?
What if you meet some bad guys?
Ignore him.
Dad, I wasn't fooling around in my Aikido classes.
It's not like you haven't fought me before.
I 'll let you go if only you defeat me.
Just ignore him. Go.
Stop here.
This is what you do if you meet a pervert. Got it?
Mikan, email me.
Yuko, please take care of her.
Good luck, Mikan.
We're going now.
Don't drink tap water.
If you meet any bad men, you beat them.
Take care of her, Yuko.
Take care.
Be safe.
You can cry if you want to.
Tears that fall because of separation
will make us grow.
We have to treat this trip as our rite of passage,
Finally I can leave home and live outside.
What do I do... If I meet Mr. Right over there?
This is too much.
Separating everything in half means that...
Love will go more easily.
Thank God you don't have pets.
-Yeah. -Or else it would be too cruel.
How long did you waste on Vivian?
81 days.
What about Yiling?
64 days.
And then Kaiying?
57 days.
You've never fallen in love for over three months.
The expiration date for this squid is three months.
True, true.
You have to think...
For me a little.
I'm willing to love you.
For less than three months.
You guys are annoying.
I'll never sing this song again.
Okay, let's move the stuff.
Hey, you settled yet?
I'm warning you,
Ride slow.
I will, I will.
Even though I am the fastest rider in Taiwan.
What's with you?
What's with the face?
If I didn't do it, would you ride a motorcycle?
You should let him lea rn the bicycle first.
Where are you going?
You shouldn't let your past traumas affect you.
Welcome to Taiwan.
I am Little Bear.
I'll be looking after you girls in Taiwan.
Please don't hesitate to ask for help.
I'm an amateur magician.
Manager Huang.
Manager Huang, they're here.
I am Mr. Huang?
Pressure to meet you.
They speak a little Chinese.
You should have told me. How are you?
When I was in Japan,
Your boss, Mr. Yamamoto, took good care of me,
So now,
I'll take good care of you.
Manager Huang.
Two beer promotion girls...
Are taking leave tonight.
Do you have time tonight?
Good luck!
Here's your beer.
Those two boys are so cute.
What about the lead singer?
I don't like mustaches.
They sting when you kiss.
But mustaches are stylish.
Send eight mugs of beer to that table, OK?
Humped back, messy hair, ugly way of walking,
Jeans with holes, self indulgent sloppiness...
All the traits I hate in a guy.
He's handsome. Isn't he your type?
Yuko, someone stole the beer.
These are my Japanese friends in Taiwan,
Let's have a drink when we finish work.
Good luck.
So many people.
Those three are over 90 points.
You're kidding.
Good work.
To celebrate your first day at work,
I'll perform a magic trick.
Guess if it would fall,
Or not.
It won't fall.
3 2 1
You don't drink?
She's not good at drinking.
And she turns into an octopus when she's drunk.
That was before, I won't anymore.
Since you're in Taiwan, you've got to try the beer.
Okay, but only a little.
Bottom's up! Welcome to Taiwan.
123, " Electro Monkey Boys ", Go!
Hello everyone, we are the " Electro Monkey Boys "
Greetings, everyone! I am...
You know what?
I dated Tamio for almost three years,
Only the first three months felt like love.
One time, we passed a jewelry store,
And he was interested in a ring.
I kept thinking, please, no!
I did not like that ugly and expensive ring.
It's too noisy here. Let's go talk in the back.
Anyway, he still bought it.
So, when I saw the ring on the cake,
I made up my mind.
Hey... where are you going?
Too much noise.
I put up with Tamio for two years and nine months.
I had no sense of self in those days.
All of my habits, personality,
Changed to match his methods.
I want to have a short term relationship.
Let a heated relationship light up my passion.
Miss, are you drunk?
If you're drunk then get lost.
Speak slowly, my Chinese is bad.
I'll help you. First you apologize to me,
Then to the audience here.
Why do I have to apologize?
You guys suck and your music is noisy.
It's so loud I can't even chat with my friends.
How can you be the lead with such bad taste?
Don't you know you have a hole in your jeans?
And what is that hairstyle? It's so hideous.
Get lost, what's wrong with you!
Sorry, she's drunk.
If you can't hold your drinks, then don't drink.
You hear me?
What did you say?
Wow, what a terrible band.
Learning Chinese... is a pain shared by many.
You may spend a lot of time memorizing,
But when you really need to use it, you stutter.
Even mistaking " hot girl ",
To be " hot gruel ".
But don't you to worry.
So long as you are diligent,
I'll make sure that you speak fluent Chinese.
Today is the first lesson.
Let's make our introductions first.
We'll start with the hung-over one who was late.
Hello everyone,
I am Sakura da Mikan.
I am from Shiga province, Japa n.
I am Oota Yuko, please call me Yuko.
I am from Kyoto, Japa n.
Greetings, sir, greetings. I am Piccolo.
My complete name is #@#%%^**
... The third. You can call me Picco,
And I am from Morocco.
Where are you?
You have no sense of direction, can you make it?
No problem, I know how to get back.
I want to learn how to ride a bus.
Maybe I 'll meet a cute guy,
You think too much, there's no cute guy on the bus!
What's wrong?
That terrible guy from last time,
I think he's getting on my bus.
Oh! Hurry up and hide.
You'll get killed if he finds you.
What? Say that again.
You say my wife is cheating.
With a man who looks like a loser.
That's impossible?! What?
I don't believe it!.
You've got a photo.
Okay. Send it to me right away.
I have no money, what are you, Dementor?
It's okay he hasn't found me yet.
Hey, I'm really poor okay.
You think it's free to fix guitars.
No money? That's got nothing to do with me!
Who told you to dump Vivian,
Now I have nothing to eat.
I don't care if you go rob a bank or a bakery,
Just bring me food.
That treacherous couple!
Get off! No more rides today.
Hurry! Hurry!
Hurry up! Get off!
The driver is yelling something, I can't understand.
My god...
Hello? Are you on the bus?
Listen to me, new discovery in physics...
If you stick your hand out the window now,
And let your palm feel the wind...
Did you feel it?
Feel what?
It's probably that the car is not moving fast enough,
When the car gets to 7 0 kilometers you'll feel it.
It feels like a D cup.
How about it?
You feel it?
I think I do.
It's about B.
Faster, faster, how about now?
It's about C.
Hey, driver, please drive faster.
That kid.
He should have told me this earlier.
C cup.
What a pervert.
Come on.
This is what I love about you.
I'm coming.
You liar!
Your husband?
He's a big guy.
Don't move! You shameless woman.
I'll take my leave now.
What... What are you doing? What are you doing?
Don't run away.
You wretch, what is that you're wearing.
Don't run away.
How can you have an affair when you are so ugly?
It's because you don't cherish me. I'm still a woman.
Don't you move.
Come back.
Come back.
What are you doing here?
Hey! Hey!
Subtitles edited by: Cgem
Why are you running?
It hurts.
I 'll pay for the guitar.
Hurts. Hurts. Hurts.
Chinese chiropractic technique.
I feel the breasts.
The shoulders are comfortable.
It must be a C cup.
This is awkward. I should say something.
How long have you been in Taiwan?
Why am I so nervous?
Seven days.
I'm affected by him.
Man, I'll break my arm!
Oh no! I've gained weight from all that eating.
Stop. Stop. Stop...
There is a bicycle here.
I hate bicycles.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I actually asked the question.
I see.
I've got a chance.
My god.
I should have said I just broke up.
Now I seem desperate.
Actually there are a lot of places to visit in Taiwan.
Has anyone shown you around Taiwan yet?
It's really pretty.
Want to come down and take a look?
What's up?
The breaks are broken.
Oh no.
Why'd you bring me to such an artistic place?
No reason.
I came with Yuko the other day.
I liked it.
This one is made from a single piece of jade.
Isn't it beautiful?
It's okay.
Come, come look at this...
It's a skull!
Doesn't it look like something a rocker would have?
It means life can end,
But love is everlasting.
What's this over here?
I... broke your guitar last time,
So I got you a new one.
Thank you.
You like it?
The sound is awesome.
You have to write a song for me next time.
Follow me...
Hello. It's been so long!
I'll have the regular stuff. What do you want?
Boba milk tea.
Boba milk tea.
She's Mikan.
Hello Mikan.
Please come back often.
What's inside?
Milk tea, plus boba, less sugar, and no ice.
It's so strange.
Would you like to try?
It's great.
It's great?
It's great.
Did you consider dating someone when you arrived?
I did,
But I've got to go back in three month's time.
Do you want to date someone now?
I do,
But all my relationships don't last over three months.
What good will it do me to lie to you?
Then... Do you...
Believe in fate?
I don't believe in fate,
With fate, you have to wait. I don't like waiting.
What do you like then?
I like you.
Me too.
Come, come.
Take a look at my cute little garden.
From now on, you can BBQ, watch the moon,
Take in the scenery, drink tea, whatever you like.
Take a look inside, it's pretty too.
Just look for me if you have any problems.
I live right down stairs.
Don't call me madame,
Call me Ms. Judy.
Ms. Judy,
I like this place very much,
can I stay for only three months?
Three months?
But regular lease contracts last at least half a year.
You know what,
Since you two are so cute I'll let it slide.
You've got a deal.
When will you move in?
Preferably today.
... Okay.
Even though it's just for three months,
But to avoid future disputes,
We should probably...
Put it all in ink.
If you guys are free,
Come and chat with me,
I live alone downstairs,
And it gets lonely.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm startled.
Is the air conditioner fixed?
What are you writing?
Our contract.
Even though it's just for three months,
But to avoid future disputes,
We should put it all in ink too.
Why are you copying Ms. Judy?
What are you doing?
I'm a rocker, I can't put on lipstick.
You're messing me up.
No matter what happens, we have to break up on 1 0 / 3 1.
No extensions, and breaching it means a million TWD fine.
A contract that limits the liability of our love.
A three-month contract.
I don't get it.
I really don't.
I do.
Yeah right.
Japanese girls are really liberal.
You serious?
Just imagine,
It's like the last encore song,
On the final stage of the world tour.
An unknown band...
After countless applause and boos,
Suddenly found out that they are invited,
To perform at the Budoh-Kan.
Do you know that feeling?
I do, it's something like...
The irony of not having time when you need it.
Something like hit two birds with one stone.
A little off.
You're kidding.
we're really sure that...
We're not destined to be with each other.
Then why would you date each other?
Dating on the pretense of breaking up.
Applied to life,
Is like living on, knowing...
That you'll eventually die.
Get it?
We get to enjoy the best moments of love,
Without having to carry the burden of separation.
Isn't that great?
I guess you could say that,
-So, how far are you guys - Have you guys done it already?
-into the relationship? - Have you guys done it already?
You're kidding.
The moon is really beautiful and circular tonight.
After the dumplings, it's the dance.
Are you ready?
A I U E O.
I'm in love with you.
Shake! Shake! Shake! Shake!
Please don't make out all night.
The rooster crows in the morning!
After the porridge, it's the dance!
Are you ready?
Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko.
I'm trapped in love!
Shake! Shake! Shake! Shake!
Please lower your voice.
The bells at lunch, Dang, dang, dang, dang.
Eat fried rice for lunch, let's dance!
Are you ready?
Sa Si Su Se So.
No one else in my heart,
Shake! Shake! Shake! Shake!
I'll shoot you out if you make out again.
The setting sun is red, shining on youth,
Finish the snacks, let's dance!
Are you ready?
T a Chi T su T e T o.
I won't let you go.
Shake! Shake! Shake! Shake!
It's so hot.
Our top prize is :
Round trip tickets from Taipei to Tokyo.
- It's fake. -And our second prize is :
An air conditioner suitable for small rooms.
-Air conditioner?! - It will keep you
and your other-half nice and cool.
Instead of being hot and sticky,
-You'll be full of love. - Really?
Our challenge next week :
Love : Cross- Nation Style.
- Let's register. - No matter if you are married or just a couple,
As long as you both are of different nationalities,
We welcome you to the challenge.
Wu Qifeng.
Come in.
What's up?
Your... faucet... the nose.
You have to press it down.
What nose?
The nose of the faucet...
Oh... this,
Sorry, sorry.
Like this?
Oma sumi?
Oya sumi (Good night).
We can turn off the lights tonight.
Still scared?
A little.
A hug then?
Beginning of a dream.
Always with that song, can we do something else?
New song? Don't mess up.
You're the one that needs to watch out.
We'll see. Not coming?
Hello? Mikan?
Nothing, just thinking of you.
No, we're practicing.
I see.
Yesterday, yesterday. You still remember?
What's so great about Mikan (Orange)?
Tangerines are cuter.
And peaches are sweeter.
True, true.
There is 450000 liters of beer in here.
A lot.
You can fill an average swimming pool with it.
Swimming inside beer.
I want to date a Japanese girl.
I want to be the sausage in her hand.
That's awesome.
I miss you.
Did you get the photos I sent?
Of course I did.
Where are you now?
That doesn't look like your room.
Have you begun to learn guitar?
Yeah, look.
Are you dating
The mustache dude?
Is it that obvious?
Can dad tell?
I'm a macho man.
He's so dumb, how can he tell?
You must be happy, since it's a new relationship.
How long has it been?
Almost a month.
I love you.
Taiwanese song?
Yeah. Can you understand Taiwanese song?
Don't understand my foot.
What does that mean?
It means I'm full, thanks.
What do you say when you finish eating?
Then... what about now?
That's impolite.
This is impolite?
You snoring at night is polite then?
I don't.
Yes you do.
No I don't.
I'll record you the next time you snore.
Let me show them.
Say that again...
Don't do it.
Don't do it!
Don't do it!
Don't do it!
Don't do it!
Don't do it!
Even though I don't want it. But I like it.
I love Taiwan even though I'm Japanese.
Even though my hair is pretty,
It's actually... a wig!
Good, good.
I think we've gone through just about everything.
Now I have to tell everyone something.
And that is at our language center,
There is a tradition...
At the end of every semester, the foreign students...
Are asked to perform at the gala party.
I love performing.
So for this year's gala,
I want to recommend a song to perform.
The song is...
Love You Ten Thousand Years!
Does anyone...
Know any band...
That could perform with us?
OK. We sing this song all the time.
We're very familiar with it.
Thanks, Cross-eye.
Who's cross-eyed?
It won't do.
Why not?
I already told the instructor you guys can sing it.
And I designed the new clothes and hair style.
Who are those four sissies?
I like you guys better like this.
We are an old-school rock band,
We don't need to pretend to be cute.
The important thing is...
I don't even like this song.
Every time Qifeng sings this song... Woo.
Every time he sings this song it's always...
Always what?
Something bad will happen.
Something bad?
He rejected me for something like this.
It's alright. You just have to think of the good side.
Now that you've dated for two months,
Still in the honeymoon stage?
When you should ignore each others' problems.
How can I ignore his problems?
He has way too many.
Bad habit's not such a big problem, is it?
You know what?
You're out of toilet paper,
And soap.
Can you at least tell me next time?
Your pee dripped on the floor again.
Can you sit on the toilet and pee,
Or at least stand closer?
Like this.
Is it that hard?
Got it.
What's the matter now?
I already told you many times,
Push the faucet nose down when you finish.
You check every time?
All excuses, you lazy bum.
Wu Qifeng.
You've got to fold your clothes before you put them in.
Can you not just stuff them in?
Subtitle by Aldi Arman
Let's see, I'll go return the comics first?
Okay, wait for me, I'll be done in a sec.
Miss, we're just going for some toilet paper.
Do you really have to spend all that time?
This is being polite, and saving you face.
Make up is essential for the convenience store too.

Don't come in.
I just cleaned the floor.
I'm just getting the key.
I'll clean it later.
If you need something...
And you don't want to take off your shoes,
You got to... do it like this.
You got it?
I can't take this anymore.
- Bam! Bam! Bam! -What are you doing?
Bam! Bam!
This is Rock and Roll.
Throw it there, throw it here!
Pee everywhere?
To be honest, I really wanted to do it right then.
You guys be the judge,
Isn't she a little too over?
She's trying to control too much.
Yeah, yeah.
That's because she's bored and got nothing to do.
Just break up with her then.
Then you can throw your underwear anywhere,
Not take a shower,
And not wait for her to leave.
And then, you'll do everything yourself.
After that, your guitar skills will get better.
What are you guys trying to get at?
I'll say it for you.
Hey, what are you doing?
Liar, I've had enough of you.
Let's break up.
- Don't come back and cry to me. -Give it back.
Sorry, forgive me please.
Oh, he's gonna cry.
Oops, it's sent.
Let's make a bet,
Would Mikan call?
I bet my cakes. Impossible!
I bet porno DVD, Impossible!
I like your wager.
What does it have to do with you guys?
That's true.
Pick it up.
It's my fault...
Forgive me please.
Didn't we agree we were going to go on that show?
notice is here...
Do you still want to go?
I do.
How come you get nervous so quickly?
Let me teach you.
First, straighten your back,
Hold your fist.
And then, stare straight and say...
I'm really big.
What's big?
Courage and self confidence added together are big.
Try it, come on.
I'm really big.
I'm really big.
Even louder,
And drag the end longer.
I'm really big.
You two, can you keep it down?
Love, Go Go Go!
Greetings to all of you audience out there,
Welcome to the most popular show on out network.
This week's topic is Love : Cross- Nation Style.
Let's introduce our lovely challengers this week...
First, the handsome Wu Qifeng, from Taiwan,
And then the beautiful Sakura da Mikan,
Straight from Japan.
Hello, Hello!
And now, the true tension begins...
First question...
Where did you two meet for the first time?
Please answer.
Here are the answers...
Open Bar. Open Bar.
What is the girl's favorite Taiwanese delicacy?
Please answer.
Oolong milk tea with Boba, no ice and less sugar.
Fried chicken.
Missed on the second question already.
That's retarded.
This is ridiculous.
Teresa Teng.
Wu Bai.
I think you two are about to say goodbye.
Diabolo! You two are just pathetic.
Next question.
Andy Lau.
Ricky Martin.
Confess. Did you two just meet?
On the bed.
Are you sure you two are a couple?
Only couples can be on this show.
Last question...
You've got one out of nine, good luck.
Where will you two be in ten years?
Here are the answers.
Oh! Too bad.
We still have a consolation prize for those who lose.
Two of our " Heart on Heart " necklaces,
For our contestants today...
Mr. Wu Qifeng,
And Ms. Mika n.
Round of applause for them.
How can he understand so little about me?
Do you understand enough about him?
Actually, I don't.
We were never meant to be together.
A long time ago,
Who mixes green tea with a yogurt drink?
Such a strange combination.
But now...
Try it!
It's really good, its on me.
Welcome back, master, what are you looking for?
These dolls are all really cute.
And they all sport a recording function.
If you like it, you can pick it up and feel it.
They are all nice to the touch.
Welcome back, master.
Sorry, master.
I would not intervene in your life anymore.
It's my fault.
Good morning, how many of you?
Looking for someone? Take a look inside.
Wu Qifeng.
How much did you drink?
Not much.
Are you okay?
I'm great.
I can't be any greater.
I'll never,
ever, ever, ever, ever bother you anymore.
That's great.
I was just about to tell you,
I tattooed another word, would you like to see?
Not really.
Take a look.
(Great Peak)
Where you going? I've been waiting for a long time.
I'm lost, where are you?
Where are you now?
I said I'm lost, I don't know where I am.
It's all your fault? Why didn't you pick me up?
I've been here, and my phone is almost dead.
I don't care.
I'm going home.
Hello... hello.
Please leave your message.
Sing a song for me.
Can we not do this?
Do what? Sing a song for me.
Can you not do this?
Wu Qifeng,
Who do you think you are?
You are a cheater. A jerk.
You cheater.
How dare you treat me like this?
After I've done so much for you?
Why are you treating me like this?
Vivian... Can you calm down please?
What are you doing?
I'm giving you two my blessings.
Didn't we agree
Not to go through each other's stuff?
I'm just making sure,
That I saw the same person.
It's a misunderstanding.
There's nothing going on between me and her.
She was just selling grapes. Look.
Selling by lips?
One million.
Breaking up within three months...
What that statement means is that...
We cannot betray each other within that time frame.
I don't care if you believe me or not,
But I wasn't going to betray you.
I was going to give you a present today.
But if you don't want it
I can throw it away.
How are you? Please take care of yourself.
I'm really big.
I'm really big.
I'm really big.
Are you Ms. Sakurada?
It's your turn, follow me.
What's... your purpose of learning Chinese?
I liked Stephen Chow since I was a kid.
I think his language is amusing,
So I picked the Chinese major in college.
Only to discover that he was speaking Cantonese,
But I've already learned the language.
I only have this one specialty,
If I pass the exam,
My company will send me to Shanghai.
I used to have no confidence,
But I met some interesting people and things here.
He gave me strength and courage.
My Japanese name " Mikan "
Means " orange " if you translate it.
I really like this Chinese name.
Orange symbolizes good luck to the Chinese.
They also say one's life changes with the name.
I hope my hard work will help reboot my life again.
How about one song a night?
I don't think so, you know how I have to work.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Don't lean it on Nana 's butt.
Oh, no,
It took me so long to meet Y a o Y a o,
I'm a sking her out on a date.
True, true.
True what? I 'm not taking you.
Let me buy you a meal.
You always go back on your words.
No I don't.
You've already broke up with her.
What are you doing? Huh?
I just want to give her a good memory,
Before she leaves Taiwan.
This is the
First time I really fall in love.
I just want her to remember me,
So that we can have a perfect ending.
Is that right?
Your mom send this. It's not food.
I can't close it.
Isn't that too short?
You're joking.
Jerks. You're all jerks.
Don't say we don't support you.
Electro Monkey Boys.
The next program is prepared by foreign students,
Comprising of members from eight countries.
Ladies & Gentlemen! Welcome!
Electro Monkey Boys and our students.
Excuse me, this song,
is a song that I thought I wasn't going to sing again.
Until a girl appeared in my life,
She gave me the best three months of my life.
It is because of her,
That this song became special.
She is at back stage right now.
Thank you.
Love You Ten Thousand Years.
As the cold wind brought in the rain,
The storm revealed my memories.
Like a small boat searching for shores,
I cannot forget you.
Memories of love, and reminiscence...
Memories of the foregone past.
Like a flower in fears of withering,
I'm willing to give my blessing.
I love you, and my heart belongs to you...
Forever immovable.
In my heart, there is no one...
Able to take your place.
I love you, and I'm dedicated to you.
I'll never falter.
So for me, please reconsider...
I've decided to love you ten thousand years.
White gloves?
Taiwanese dance.
As the cold wind brought in the rain,
The storm revealed my memories.
Like a small boat searching for shores,
I cannot forget you.
Memories of love, and reminiscence...
Memories of the foregone past.
Like a flower in fears of withering,
I'm willing to give my blessing.
I love you, and my heart belongs to you...
Forever immovable.
In my heart, there is no one...
Able to take your place.
I love you, and I'm dedicated to you.
I'll never falter.
So for me, please reconsider...
I've decided to love you ten thousand years.
Love you ten thousand years!
Love you ten thousand years!
Love you ten thousand years!
I've decided to love you ten thousand years.
I want my final boba milk tea, no ice less sugar.
Are you going back to Japan?
To Shanghai.
Why isn't he here to see you off?
I told him not to come.
What's the point? We broke up already.
You don't really want to break up with him do you?
Don't be sad.
If he really loves you,
He will come to chase after you,
If he doesn't come to chase after you,
Then it's better to break up anyway.
Us girls,
We have to grow some backbone.
Good luck.
Have a seat.
What are you doing?
Isn't Mikan getting on a plane soon?
You're not going to see her off?
Can you butt out of my affairs?
It's not like we're forcing you to bring her back.
You ought to give her a last surprise.
She might just stay after she sees you.
Will you guys stop being annoying?
I'm telling you,
If you don't go now, you won't have time.
Just leave me alone, okay?
Don't you understand...
The meaning of " cherish "?
Qifeng. Don't be irrational.
You don't know how to ride a motorcycle.
Or I'll go with you.

What are you talking about?
Why am I here?
What do you think?
Where's Mikan?
She's gone.
She's gone.
She's gone.
You guys don't have fate on your side.
Here. This is for you.
What is it?
As long as you're okay. Eat up.
I need to talk to the nurse about something.
Ah- Yan, bring it to me.
Is it a letter from Mikan?
Hurry up.
Invoice for motor repair
This is the Shanghai branch office.
Sorry, the President is in a meeting.
May I take your name?
Chairman Zhang?
I'll be sure to let him know.
Okay, good bye.
Ms. Sakurada, Ms. Oota, allow me to introduce...
Mr. Lin Kaihong, our most valuable supplier.
He just came back from Canada.
Hello, I am Lin Kaihong.
Hello, Mr. Lin, I am Sakurada.
Hello, I am Oota.
Mr. Lin's family has ongoing business with Japan.
And his business is getting increasingly bigger.
Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Beijing.
Not one manufacturer would disrespect Mr. Lin.
Should you two ever get the chance, learn from him.
Qifeng, come with us.
The lounge is really big.
You guys go right ahead.
Aren't we best friends?
Stop it. There's still me.
You're kidding.
If Qifeng does not go, we won't go.
Girls, let's go.
Come on, don't leave just yet.
He's only joking.
Don't overestimate yourselves.
Let's play some games first.
Come on, wait, wait.
We can teach you how to play music.
Come on, don't go.
He'll teach you how to play the flute.
Are you done?
Not yet.
Do you really need make up for going to the store?
I'm not going out without make up.
What if I meet some handsome guy?
Just face him without make up.
Obviously I can't, so I have to put on make-up.
Is that so?
How much longer are you going to take?
5 minutes.
10 minutes.
Around 15 minutes.
It's taking longer every time.
Never mind, I'll go by myself.
Wait, I've just got the mascara left.
Wait. Wait.
Dude, how many times have I got to tell you?
Don't walk around your home,
With just your underwear, okay?
It's ridiculous...
The nose of the faucet.
Did you put it back to its original position?
Oh. Okay.
How many times do I have to say this?
I told you, no smoking in the house.
What's with smoking now?
Lift up your feet.
Put some newspaper under if you're eating cakes.
Who are you really?
What happened to that scruffy,
Freedom-loving Qifeng?
You always viewed women like disposable items.
Can you not bother us just because...
You can't get with her?
If you miss her, can you just call her?
Miss who?
Who is missing her?
1 2 1 0
1 2 5
1 2 20
1 2 25
I'll drink for her!
You can really hold your drinks.
I'll drink for her.
You're really good at this.
Where is the restroom?
This way.
It's no problem, take it slow.
Excuse me.
It's okay.
I'll go wash your suit.
It's not clean yet.
Are you sure you don't need dry-cleaning?
No problem.
Sorry, the clothing is too small.
It's okay, it's warm.
Please take care of Miss Oota.
I'm going now, see you.
See you.
Why did you drink so much, you retard.
You're the retard.
Why didn't you let Mr. Lin stay?
You can take your mind,
Off of that immature brat, Qifeng.
There's no way, I'm in love with him.
I told you not to put real emotion into him.
Love needs to be reserved for someone like Mr. Lin.
You like Mr. Lin, don't you?
There are some words that I dare not say.
I think after you hear them,
you would exclaim :
How is this possible?!
Wu Qifeng.
You've repented?
I am repenting.
Being with you was like eating cotton candy,
And silky...
Yet after awhile, you get surrounded...
Surrounded by happiness.
If at all possible,
After a year,
If you still like me.
And I do too,
Can we try again?
Come back to me...
I just want you to know that,
Without you,
My life in Taiwan would never have been a s ha ppy.
Even though we were only together for three months,
I'll never forget those wonderful days.
Meeting you was the greatest joy in my life,
Thank you.
You can go meet other girls, since we've broken up,
If you still like me, after a year,
And I do too,
Then we'll try it again,
I miss you.
Why didn't you tell me you were back?
Do you know how much I miss you?
Wait! What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Ms. Judy,
I... I want to extend my lease with you.
Thank you.
Ms. Sakurada,
Still busy?
Mr. Lin, long time no see.
I'm going to go eat with Ms. Oota, want to come?
Eh... I've got overtime work.
Sorry, I'm ready.
Okay, let's go.
Hey, Mikan.
Haven't called home in awhile, how's everything?
A little busy.
What's going on? You sound tired.
A lot went on.
What's troubling you?
Is it work? Or is it that boy?
You two seemed great together.
It's great to be in love.
Everyone needs a significant partner, the other half.
Like your father and I.
You fight on daily bases.
Mikan, I am very happy.
I am very happy living with your dad.
You two are from different countries.
Therefore, you need to put in more effort.
Because of the effort, love becomes more precious.
Listen to me,
It takes a long time to understand someone.
Then what should I do?
If you don't know what to do,
Then leave it to fate.
I don't believe in fate,
With fate, you have to wait. I don't like waiting.
What do you like then?
I like you.
It's too late.
Too late for what?
Too late for practice.
Will you stop cheating the audience?
My god. Why is this so heavy?
Will you do the trumpet today?
Qifeng, will you do the trumpet yourself today?
Are you doing the trumpet or the computer?
What's this? No need to prepare?
Take a look and see if it's big enough.
You're kidding.
Did you hear me talk?
He's gone crazy.
I can't take this anymore.
I have to go see Mikan.
I am going to Shanghai,
I'm going to Shanghai to see Mikan,
I'm going to go see Mikan in Shanghai.
Hey, where are you going?
Who's going to sing with you gone?
Sorry Ms. Judy, I'm really busy now.
Ms. Judy?!
Did I really get that fat?
What... are you doing?
You still live here?
Your room... it's so much tidier.
You've got a new girlfriend?
I cleaned all this myself.
What are you wearing?
None of your business.
Why... are you so clean?
None of your business either.
Where are you going?
I'm going to walk around outside.
Why are you going to China?
I want to see the Great Wall, what's it to you?
It says Shanghai.
None of your business.
What... what are you doing in Taiwan?
So did you miss me?
I'll tell you if you tell me first.
You first.
You first.
You go first.
You go.
You go.
You go.
-You go. -You go.
Hello everyone, I am Da Dou,
Since our lead singer Qifeng is not here,
So we're not Electro Monkey Boys anymore.
We are... the Cross-Eyed Ones.
And the song we are presenting is...
My friends, do you want to love?
Do you want to rock?
Come on! Love you ten thousand years.
As the cold wind brought in the rain,
The storm revealed my memories.
Like a small boat searching for shores,
I cannot forget you.
Memories of love, and reminiscence...
Memories of the foregone past.
Like a flower in fears of withering,
I'm willing to give my blessing.
I love you, and my heart belongs to you...
Forever immovable.
In my heart, there is no one...
Able to take your place.
I love you, and I'm dedicated to you.
I'll never falter.
So for me, please reconsider...
I've decided to love you ten thousand years.
As the cold wind brought in the rain,
The storm revealed my memories.
Like a small boat searching for shores,
I cannot forget you.
Memories of love, and reminiscence...
Memories of the foregone past.
Like a flower in fears of withering,
I'm willing to give my blessing.
I love you, and my heart belongs to you...
Forever immovable.
In my heart, there is no one...
Able to take your place.
I love you, and I'm dedicated to you.
I'll never falter.
So for me, please reconsider...
I've decided to love you ten thousand years.
Love you ten thousand years!
Love you ten thousand years!
Love you ten thousand years!
I've decided to love you ten thousand years.

That was " Love you ten thousand years "...
From out familiar Electro Monkey Boys.
And now, Dennis presents to you...
Another famous and popular song,
By the lead singer Wu Qifeng.
He wrote the song when thinking of his girlfriend.
" I fell asleep thinking of you. "
I know you'll love it.