Henry Ford Health System-24th Annual Quest for Excellence

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Created in 1915 by Henry Ford, innovator and icon
of American industry, the Henry Ford Health System has remained
true to its founder's vision and outside-the-box thinking.
Founded as the Henry Ford Hospital, it has grown into one
of the nation's largest, most diversified,
and most successful integrated health care systems.
[Schlichting] We've actually doubled in size
over the last ten years going from about 2 billion
in annual revenue to 4 billion.
We've gone from about 12,000 employees to 24,000.
We've gone from 800 doctors to about 1300 doctors
and we've also grown substantially in the patients
that we serve across the entire region.
However, that region, a tri-county area
in southeast Michigan, including Detroit,
is one of the most economically depressed areas in the country.
This sets in clear relief the challenge facing the Henry Ford
Health System every day,
the quality of its growth and success.
[Schlichting] In the city of Detroit,
half of the population is either on Medicaid or uninsured.
So, it's not easy here and I always tell our employees
and our physicians when they come to us, I say, "you know,
this isn't for the faint of heart".
The key differentiator for us
at Henry Ford is we believe we can do it.
That belief is consistently turned into reality
through the role the organization is playing
in the re-birth of Detroit and its environs and in its delivery
of health care to the region.
The Henry Ford Health System operates 140 sites
at which it serves over a million patients a year--
many more through its collaborative efforts.
These sites include 5 hospitals, 33 ambulatory care centers,
affiliated physicians practices, a research
and education component, the Health Alliance Plan
with health coverage for 600,000 member,
91community care operations, and a broad range
of retail operations such as optometry
and home medical products.
Long a leader in patient safety, and taking a "zero defect,
zero excuses" approach toward that safety,
the Henry Ford Health System's medical centers exceeded the
90th percentile satisfaction level for southeast Michigan
in a 2011 Press Ganey survey.
Press Ganey is a company
that uses innovative data collection-- and other methods--
to help health care organizations improve outcomes
in all performance areas.
Approximately 75% of patients said they were very likely
to recommend the organization.
What makes the Henry Ford Health System work so well--
maintaining an "A1" bond rating
from Moody's despite the economic difficulties
of southeast Michigan--
is a system-wide dedication to innovation and entrepreneurism--
innovation to find new and better ways to do things,
entrepreneurism to implement imaginative ways
to generate revenue supportive
of the varied the health care services it delivers--
many of them uncompensated.
In 2009, the amount
of uncompensated care the Henry Ford Health System provided was
173 million dollars.
In 2010, 200 million.
[Schlichting] There are a number
of areas we have been entrepreneurial and, frankly,
I think the most important word in my vocabulary to create
that environment is 'yes',
so our culture really invites people to come to us who have
that can do spirit and those
that don't stay probably don't have it.
So, that belief system, overcoming those obstacles
and having great strategy, again to differentiate ourselves
in the market, to balance our portfolio economically,
have really allowed us to succeed against the odds.
Henry Ford would be proud!